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Recent connection issues with our website and FlyFF

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  • Recent connection issues with our website and FlyFF


    Recently we - as well as you guys - observed several connection issues with our website and the game itself. Our investigations showed that the origin of these issues rather can be found at the IDC (Internet Data Center) where our services are hosted.

    In detail it means it is an external issue at one of our service providers. Especially EU regions are affected. We can absolutely understand the frustration you might feel about these continuous connection issues. Unfortunately we can't do much to solve this problem ourselves. We have to wait for the IDC provider to solve the issue.

    We'll keep an eye on the happenings and try to keep you up to date. Please be careful with using time based premium items when experiencing these connection issues. Due to fact that the connection issues come from an external origin, we can't guarantee a replacement for these items.

    We deeply want to apologize for the current inconveniences (even though it's not our fault) and hope the IDC provider will come up with a solution soon.