Enjoy our brand-new costumes of the kings! Only until the 3 of December 2018.

Whether you're a tank, DPS or just want an EXP bonus, select the costumes that fit your playstyle with the powerful set bonus:

Azurite Noble Set

+15 to all stats

+10% Movement Speed

+10% Attack

Dark Prince/Princess Set

+5% EXP Bonus

+10% Movement Speed

+15 All Stats

Regal Set

+10% Critical Damage

+10% Hit Rate

+10% Movement Speed

Emerald Set

+10% Max HP

+10% Ranged Block

+10% Melee Block

+10% Parry

But not only do those costumes look pretty, they also have great stats:

Gloves: +7% Attack

Suit: +7% Critical Rate

Hair: +7 to all stats

Boots: +7% Movement Speed

Any set (4 pieces) can be obtained from the cash shop for 6,800 Wcoin.

Have a great time in Flyff!

Your Flyff team.