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  • Time Attack EU Regional

    Hello Citizen of Madrigal,

    The Time Attack Tournament event is back! This competition features the strongest Teams of all servers competing against each other for amazing rewards. If you don’t participate to the competition don’t feel left out! Each run will be streamed with giveaway coupon codes!


    During this PVE tournament, the participating Teams will have to beat waves of monsters as fast as possible. The tournament will be separated in 2 rounds, during the semi-final the 2 teams with the best time will go through, in the final the best time will win the tournament. The list of mobs will be different for each round and posted in advance on this topic.

    EU Regional

    The EU Regional will feature a maximum of 4 teams that will compete against each other during the following rounds:

    Semi-final Thursday 25th of October 5pm – 7pm (UTC +2)
    Final Friday 26th of October 6pm – 7pm (UTC +2)

    Since the players are not competing simultaneously, we can make teams compete against each other even if there are from different servers.
    Make sure to show up at least 10 minutes before the start of your run at darkon 2

    Please specify in your application what time do you prefer (5pm-5:30pm-6 pm- 6:30pm The Avengers)

    How to participate

    To participate to the Time Attack EU regional, you need to post the following information on this topic:

    -A team name.
    -The name of the 8 characters which will compose the team during the tournament as well as 3 characters which can be used to replace missing players. The players within a team don’t have to be from the same guild. Make sure you have back-up solution if one of your players is missing!
    -The server where the team is from, all the registered team will have to be from the following servers: Clockwork or Meteonyker.

    Only one post per application. Application period will end the 17th of October. First posted first served, the 4 first applicants will be selected for the event. However, we keep ourselves the right to deny what we consider as troll applications or team composed by accounts owned by the same person.


    During the event itself any attempt to cheat will be severely punished (and don’t forget that the event is recorded). We keep ourselves the right to refuse the application of certain players which are have been banned in the past for cheating.
    We will keep you informed by PM about any players that might have been refused in your team.


    The EU regional will have the following rewards:

    1st 8 regional Winner FWC costume set (1 per player), 320 Bolo Boxes Deluxe (40 per player) and 1 Skeleton cloak
    2nd 40 Qamp (5 per player), 240 Bolo Boxes Deluxe (30 per player) and 1 Skeleton cloak
    3rd and 4th - 8 Qamp (1 per player) and 80 Bolo Boxes Deluxe (10 per player)

    Good luck to all of you

    Your Flyff team,

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    4 random noob guilds sign up real quick because you don't need to set a actual time in the collosseum to enter this and everyone with actual chances of winning will be excluded as this is FCFS.
    ~ The realest.


    • NoSignal
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      l o frickin l

    • Klaig
      Klaig commented
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      Just in case you missed it:

      "However, we keep ourselves the right to deny what we consider as troll applications or team composed by accounts owned by the same person."

      If you are still worried, we proceeded like this for Time attack French and Germany and it went fine.

    • Pabo
      Pabo commented
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      Okee so No Qualification process for this EU Regional Attack, .

      Qualification Process
      To be qualified for this event your team will need to do the Coliseum in Legendary mode and post the results on this topic.
      The 8 best scores at the Coliseum will be qualified for the event.
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    We have decided to participate in this event.
    Team Name: The Avengers.
    Team Line up:

    We agree on 7:00 PM (UTC+2) On both dates.

    If any problem occurred Pm me.
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    • Klaig
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      Ok so it is 6:30pm start of the run so you need to be at darkon 2 around 6:15pm

    • Klaig
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      The character "Gilette" doesn't exist on the Clockwork. Please give us a correct player name.

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    Quick update, the dates on the OP were wrong the Time Attack will be on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th.

    Sorry about that.


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      Teamname: Team Solid
      - ILoveTheDex
      - FiraBlade
      - SausageDoge
      - Laikor
      - MasterHunter
      - kaatje24
      - Peur
      - BelgiumTank

      Back-up players:
      - RedderOpAfstand
      - SeaSalt
      - Karnak

      Our time of preference will be the latest possible


      • Klaig
        Klaig commented
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        Latest time is 6pm so I will expect you around 5:45pm at Darkon 2.

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      Metro doesn’t even have enough members for a team unless we get some old players on. And can we also use the bot if needed?


      • Klaig
        Klaig commented
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        No, you can't. All participants must be actual players obviously.

      • Jammey
        Jammey commented
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        I couldn’t do it anyways that 11:00 am my time and I am at work then.

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      Hello people,

      The Team Solid and The Avengers have been well registered!

      Considering the low participation we had to change the schedule and the rewards for the event:

      Final Thursday 25th of October 6pm – 7pm (UTC +2) 6pm Team Solid 6:30pm The Avengers

      The EU regional will have the following rewards:

      1st 8 regional Winner FWC costume set (1 per player),40 Qamp (5 per player), 240 Bolo Boxes Deluxe (30 per player).
      2nd 40 Qamp (5 per player), 80 Bolo Boxes Deluxe (10 per player).

      Thanks for your understanding and good luck !


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        Here is the list of the monster for tomorrow:

        20 Yggdrasil Armor Bug
        4 Basilisk of the Great Maw
        3 Yggdrasil Queen Ant
        3 Green Meteonyker
        4 Guan Yu Heavyblade
        150 Hit me vagrant one more time (aibatt with 1 million HP)
        1 Flame King Meteonyker
        1 Contaminated Yggdrasil Tree Branch

        Good luck for tomorrow!


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          Congratulations to Team Avengers for winning the Time Attack EU !

          Rewards have been given if there is any mistakes please tell me on this topic. Team Solid will not receive any reward since they were not able to complete the run (if you want to receive a compensation please answer on this topic with the complete list of players who played).


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            Hello Klaig,

            I think Team Solid should receive a participation prize, anything to make them want to become stronger.


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              Hello, I would like my team, Solid, to receive a prize. Only very few players participated to that event and I think it is sad and undeserved we don't get the rewards.
              I know we didn't go far at all, but we tried, we really tried our best.

              I think it was a lack of respect to bash us and our team name on Twitch the way you did. Others might think, it was a joke but that was not really something called for. I understand we didn't fight well during the time attack, but we tried.

              I know it might not change much for you or for Webzen, but one of our guildmate (that was in team Solid) took a break from Flyff because of that Time Attack unfortunate occasion.

              This being said, I am aware we maybe do not deserve the full rewards, but I think we do deserve a little something, first for participating and second as a compensation for everything that happened on Twitch.

              Team Solid was composed of :

              FiraBlade .

              I only gave the names of 7 as the 8th just left at the very beginning of the Attack, I am not willing to ask any prize for him.

              We participated with the best intentions and hoped we could make fun and also win but it sadly is not at all what happened for me or my friends. I hope you will understand me and be able to make things a lot better for us.



              • Chiili
                Chiili commented
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                hey sweety

                first of all i think it was great you guys joined, even if you maybe wasnt prepared for it
                second..dont listen to the folks out there saying this n that...what ever...they all just a bunch of trash talkers, thats all

                if you think about come only 2 teams signed up? caus the trash talkers to scared to show them selfs (you know what im trying to say)

       happy you got something out of attempting the time attack <3

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              Hello Loethsome,

              Me initial reaction was more a human reacting towards the awkwardness of the situation, which was caused by a lack of preparation as a group not your lack of skill as players. We are sorry if some of the comments hurt you, the intend was to make fun of the situation not make fun of you .

              Thanks for giving me the full list of the participants. As an apology you will receive the full second place reward.


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                Thanks a lot, that definitely makes things a lot better for us.

                With the Q amps, I hope we will be high level enough to have great results on the next year's Time Attack


                • Klaig
                  Klaig commented
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                  Hopefully . Great failures create great champions.