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Patch Notes of the Maintenance 18/09/2018

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    Now that the baruna slots work, there is no more 6 line awakes and the NPC description are fixed, when will asal be actually nerfed? Also, when will the NPC CS stacking issue be fixed? 2 major bugs still exist and they need to be fixed asap.


    • Klaig
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      Maybe no as much as you wish , but it has been nerfed.

    • XSlyth
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      What has been nerfed Klaig? Asal was not nerfed at all. Decreasing atk % on asal does not work. I just wish that they would test the changes before they implement them. Such an unprofessional company.

    • RMCR7
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      Wait wait asal is nerfed? Are you kidding me? I've tested with 5 different bps and their asal is 5-10k less than it was before. You call that a nerf? Be serious right now.

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    Ok I read down the list of all these people bitching and crying about not being able to siege every week also noticed some comments of idea's others posted.

    I think the nerfs and limits should be more, people saying only 2-3 guilds who siege couple things wrong with siege all together I think for one limit to how many players can siege also levels of those players and the amount of money these no-lifers spend on there accounts to make them to powerful any legit player is unable to beat. also the 2-3 guilds that siege are really only 1 guild full of people who wanted to siege so they broke up into smaller siege guilds to control siege if they wanted to they could fill up siege list with alts guilds keep you from even signing up I've seen it happen several times before.

    I suggest make 3 types of siege something everyone would want to work towards.

    make it to where every guild that plays siege gets a reward first place gets biggest amount of the reward and last place guild gets the least. not fun for anyone to watch someone else always win and control the game, actually ruins the experience.

    Next I would suggest cool down timer on siege to be no same single player can take part in the same siege in 3 weeks that 1 person for the 3 weeks of siege could only do 1 of each siege each month or 3 weeks so the same guild can sign up each week for same type of siege but no player that is on cool down can sign up. so each siege its different 10 people.

    Example first week of siege: Siege , 1v1 siege , tower siege = 30 different people able to siege that week from 1 guild 10 guilds that's 300 players getting to have fun instead of the same people each week controlling the game with there bought accounts.

    I would also suggest for tower siege make it to where no level requirement to win like no matter ur level u hit 1 damage like the cute invasion mobs pretty much need great teamwork and atk speed and run speed to win. or just make different level sieges the mistake that webzen and developers make over and over is that they only reach out to small % of players the game should be for everyone not just people who spend thousands of $$ on there account. since you already have a level margin like masters that 60, 70,80,90,100,110,121 make more that 1 siege arena for each level of players. u could divide the play list by colors silver up to gold like the master and hero's icons.

    I think it be enjoyable to see a game message Silver Siege winner this week was (whoever) silver u would know that was all people of level 60 that battled out no one higher than 60 but you could instead make it lvl 60-80 for 1 play list not much difference in a lvl 60 vs lvl 80 in pvp.

    But have a gold siege that's lvl 121+

    Its nice your trying to reach out to other players but that's not enough reach further webzen don't forget the little people.


    • ManusDeii
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      TheGodOryx, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this forum is now dumber for having read it.

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    Odd, isn't siege kind of the thing that attracts the most players? why nerf that of all things? I'm actually surprized it's not yet a daily event... along with the rainbow race (anyone even remember that? XD)

    I mean with this new set up, it doesn't even matter if you upgrade your gear or not... go siege clean and still get basically the same reward as the top guild, while all the top guild gets is a free reward for the siege they're banned from. Seems like a terrible business move as you risk losing out on all those upgrade and cs purchases.

    Don't get me wrong, it's great that they though about all of us that aren't top end siegers (or trash siegers altogether), but this is a terrible implementation. Why punish players for playing the game? Rewarding participation and then rewarding victory with something extra would be much better than banning the winner from every other event just so someone else can have a reward.

    Also as far as BPs go. It's not asal that's the problem (other than the fact that it's affected by DCT when it's supposed to be an FP skill). I'm actually fine with a skill that can 1hk someone under the following conditions:
    1. Have a high CD... so a good nerf to asal would be an increase in cd (20-30 sec, don't know, maybe leaving it at 10 would be enough with the following).
    2. Remove instant, full HP recovery items; at the very least from pvp (mantis, eldins jar, etc). This makes it so that the BP can 1hk someone, but then has to actually survive for the duration of the CD before being able to do it again. (with mantis and jar in the game, the CD is mitigated by simply holding down the 'heal' key, then proceeding to one-punch the next closest thing)

    The problem in pvp isn't the lack of dmg of other classes (classes need a major overhaul, but we all know talking about that is beating a dead horse). The problem is
    the ability to instantly heal all of your HP without any drawback; more so given the insane HP ratios nowadays. It's things like remantis and eldin's jar that should be removed. I imagine these are also the reason why monsters in dungeons hit as hard as they do.

    Anyway, that was my 2 cents, as far as the cheaters and whatnot that Kiesle is so keen on... that should be fixed, not be poorly patched over with mechanics that punish the player base.


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      Sylphyd, how many times do we have to repeat this, Siege was NOT nerfed. Nerfing something means that you make an item in a game weaker than what it was. Since there are rules against it, I won't mention which guilds weere involved, but there were two guilds that were sharing the one-two punch in Guild Siege, preventing other guilds from participating in it. I happen to know that a large number of guilds had gotten tired of it and had been complaining to Webzen about the stat-hacking and the illegal mods and illegal gameplay going on during siege. One of the more popular methods from these guilds had consisted of the sending of direct messages in the game to players who were participating in siege to get them to lag and to d/c. It was a major bug that either was not reported or that Webzen decided not to investigate because of their attitude that 'we need you to provide us with proof before we'll investigate'.

      The morale in the game itself has sunk so low that most players had stopped complaining to Webzen about it and I don't blame them. I was received the same kind of messages from Webzen Customer Support. Unless the problem is a serious issue involving the servers or the behavior of another player, Webzen simply won't investigate on their own just on the word of another player.

      While I understand that Webzen is busy, they don't realize that players no longer care about the game. Far as the siege goes, a lot of guilds stopped participating because some of the cheating guilds would sign up fort every slot, locking out other guild members, or that their cheating was so bad that other guilds stopped wasting their time with registering for siege because they knew nothing was ever going to be done about it.

      While banning guilds after their second straight win is a step in the right direction, it was seen as a "slap in the face" to players. That restriction should have went further than that, either one win per guild once per month or once every 90 days. That would have had more of an effect. Banning the third week win is just slapping a band-aid on the crack of the Hoover dam. It won't hold for long, because the same two guilds will still be able to monopolize the guild siege and it won't fix a damn thing.


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        so Kiesle lets just forget about GS being any kind of a competition thing and forgo the battling completely, just award the win to whoever hasn't signed up for GS in last 4 weeks. the crowd goes wild over this weeks random pick horaaaaaay!!!!!.

        lets all just hold hands and take turns being on top. since GS isn't about trying to be the best anymore it's all about taking turns.

        I don't disagree with you Kiesle that some can abuse the system and win that way but I disagree with you on how to correctly fix that problem
        ban them perm if need be.

        as long as a person or team wins the right way, banning them from participating is WRONG
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          After verification we had to amend the patch notes slightly for 2 changes:

          1. Radiant Glory/Winners Fame Buff: Both buff are for the winner of the Guild Siege. For the first week of winning, guild get the Winners Fame buff. If they win a second time in a row, they get the Radiant Glory buff.

          2. Pet/Costume inventory: Against to our patch notes, the developer has not doubled the amount of empty slots, just added 3 new rows, which increases the amount of 24 up to 42. Until we have a confirmation this is intended, 42 is the correct number.

          We are sorry for any inconveniences.

          Best regards,
          Your Webzen-Team

          Community Support:

          What Player think i do.

          What i really do.


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            I don't understand why people still play this game almost no new player base only players are pretty much old players who return create a new character or something to remember the past good o days. really nothing to do anymore in this game level up <-- Why even at 150 without spending tons of money on your characters any hard dungeon bosses can 1 hit kill you without spending IRL money to strengthen your account be like fighting final boss with sticks and stones lol.

            Events? - most of them are lame or require u to spend money for best loot - yeah everyone like to play event that forces you to spend money IRL.

            Arena - fun at first trying kill people but really what's the point no reward nothing to gain flyff use to have nice pvp system where you could earn cool title's years ago but it was changed to something really stupid never understood why new title's are so long and ugly to have them seen next to your name.

            Siege <--- no legit player or players can win mostly or even get a kill, I always thought it was more satisfying to would hard grinding for your own gear the legit way not spending thousands of dollars IRL to be the best you know what this game is lacking a hardcore player mode a unique character class that cannot trade other players or buy items from vender cannot buy cash shop items every items you get scrolls, armor, money, weapons, must be earned by grinding out everything urself. also if in a party u receive no exp from leveling when someone is close by. truly legit character. There is a game that has done this and its been really successful and popular people love the challenge of showing people that created this monster account without any help lol. also have a character that if u die with that character the account is dead for good. game im talking about is runescape. they did it don't see why flyff cant also do it if that was released I be first person in line to play lol I like challenges.


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              So many people lost interest in this game after all these updates which brought alot of bugs, missinformation, and of course stolen win chances for siegers.. is not funny to leave guild after each 2 Wins and join another.. I like to see my 2mil++ contri to the guild I'm in :/


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                you wonder why people are still playing this game?

                oh, maybe it's actually because of the 30k euros/$/pound they spent on this game and they feel forced to keep playing?

                like, it's just nothing else xd