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Patch Notes of the Maintenance 18/09/2018

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  • Patch Notes of the Maintenance 18/09/2018


    Please find details about the weekly maintenance below.

    Maintenance date and time: 18/09/2018

    Game Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 12:00 [UTC]
    • UK: 08:00 - 13:00 [UTC +1]
    • FR, DE: 09:00 – 14:00 [UTC +2]
    • US: 03:00 am – 08:00 am [ET]

    Portal Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 09:00 [UTC]
    • UK: 08:00 - 10:00 [UTC +1]
    • FR, DE: 09:00 – 11:00 [UTC+2]
    • US: 03:00 am – 05:00 am [ET]

    • Servers restarted.
    • Asalraalaikum (Billposter Skill):
      • Attack reduced by about 30% when used in PvP.
    • Pet/costume inventory extended up to 42 slots.
    • Pink/Green Cake as well as Gold Pills are available at the Emporium.
    • Guilds are only able to win twice in a row. After winning two times, they are suspended for one week from any Guild Siege activities.
    • Guild Siege participation fee doubled after winning the Guild Siege.
    • New Reward: Guild War Coins!
    • Every participant gets a Guild War Participation Box, which includes 1 Guild War Coin, a Guild War Participation Cloak as well as a certain number of Red Chips!
      • Guild War Coins can be exchanged for rewards via the Guild War Merchant.
    • New buffs for Guild Siege winner
      • Guild Siege Winner's Buff (Week 1) (Winners Fame):
        • HP: +10%
        • Parry: 5%
        • Melee & Range Block: 5%
      • Guild Siege Winners Buff (Week 2) (Radiant Glory)
        • HP: +20%
        • Parry: +10%
        • Melee & Range Block: +10%
    • New box for each member of a guild that wins twice in a row: "Guild War Champion Box (Double)"
      • This one contains:
        • 2 Guild War Coins
        • 1 Guild War Compensation Cloak
        • 189 Red Chips
    • Guild members leaving a guild must now wait 7 days instead of 2 before being able to join a new guild.
    • Guild members leaving a guild must wait now 7 days instead of 2 before being able to create a new guild.
    • Baruna armor can now be pierced by using Cosmo Stones and Scroll of GProtect (Baruna).
    • Each piece of armor can be pierced up to 4 slots.
    • The slots can be used to add Element Cards to the armor.
    • New 15% Baruna Element Cards:
      • Volcano Baruna Card 15%
        • Gives 15% HP when placed in a Suit
      • Ocean Baruna Card 15%
        • Gives 15% MP when placed in a Suit
      • Vacuum Baruna Card 15%
        • Gives 15% FP when placed in a Suit
      • Lightning Baruna Card 15%
        • Gives 15% Attack when placed in a Suit
      • Earthquake Baruna Card 15%
        • Gives 15% Defense when placed in a Suit
    • New NPC which trades 20x 12% Element Cards for 1x 15% Element Card: Card Trader Pang, next to the Buff Pang in Flaris.
    • Jewel sockets can now be added to Baruna weapons, which can be fitted with a Diamond.
    • Upgrade Level:
      • +12 – 1 Slot
      • +14 – 2 Slots
      • +16 – 3 Slots
      • +18 – 4 Slots
      • +20 – 5 Slots
    • You will need an Upgrade Spirit to pierce your Baruna armor or add Diamonds to the Baruna weapons.
    • Beginning of a less-than-cute invasion (see news for more details).
    • Baruna Smelting Bonus (increased Baruna Smelting probabilities).
    • Buff Event (Atk: +1,500 ; Def: +800).

    • Translation update

    We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance, and are subject to changes.

    Kind Regards,
    Your Flyff Team

    Community Support:

    What Player think i do.

    What i really do.

  • #2
    Guilds are only able to win twice in a row. After winning two times, they are suspended for one week from any Guild Siege activities. This is just straight trash, giving good players a penalty for being too good? Honestly the only thing I care about on this game is Siege, giving a good guild a penalty is just unfair. In most servers there are only 2 or 3 guilds participating, that means after 2 times winning it a row it will most likely be death next siege.. Please cancel this stupid penalty!

    Please Webzen, don't mess up ur game.


    • #3
      RIP GW
      This is the worst decision ever.
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      • #4
        Dear Webzen,

        Turning point 3 is coming, unfortunately a large amount of players are dissatisfied with changes in guild siege. Im talking about not being able to participate in guild siege for a week after 2 wins in a row. Its not solution to attract more people to try siege. We dont want reduce players participating in guild siege.Most servers have only 2/3 guilds that can siege and this update completly ruin population. Siege is not only about winning,Its about having fun and this little change might ruin fun for many players. Another thing is guild crown. Why weaker guild is supposed to hold crown for a week only cuz other one cant participate. It doesnt make sense.I suggest give potato guild logo for guild that won twice in a row and let them keep this logo untill they lose so people will have this as reward for not being able to participate every 2 weeks. You shouldnt penalize people that put money,effort and time in their characters. I really hope Webzen listen community. Better avoid problems than fixing them later.


        • #5
          Ill have to agree with everyone else. Suspending a guild from sieging after 2 wins will kill siege. You shouldn't punish a guild for being too good.


          • #6
            Dunno how i feel about this new seige limit changes, can't say i like the seige participation suspension. Otherwise all good except how on earth is it expected to make 4 15% cards, people will have to legit sell their kidney on the black market and they will still not be able to affoard 80 12% cards. Make so dungeons drop full 10%-cards or more s card peices because this simply aint realistic.
            Last edited by Sebbe991; 17-09-18, 05:42 PM.


            • #7
              I don't siege so I don't know too much about sieging. and maybe shouldn't comment on it, but going to anyways.

              but to say:
              your too good, you can't participate this week is a bunch of trash.

              I understand your trying to give people that aren't quite as good as others a chance to have a taste at a win. but if I was actually sieging I wouldn't want to win just because you banned the number 1 team from participating cause they were too good. teams win cause they earn the win, if you win cause the number 1 team was banned that week all you really did was won 2nd place. but stole the 1st place prizes.

              as far as the 15% cards I agree with Sebbe991 unless the drop rate changes and increases 10% pieces or actually changes too 10% card drops then the 80 is pretty much unrealistic, you might as well put a sign on the 15% cards that reads "You can look, but no touchy"


              • #8
                Webzen did you lose your mind?

                In what earth does a game punish good players because they are good in their game?

                I disagree with the whole approach of this patch and let me state the reasons. Your approach is "Punish good players" which is completely the opposite of what a game should do. Also, you have specific ratios for 10 years for people to build their gears based on them to nerf them? talking about asal. I never had a bp but this is ridiculous. The better approach should be to buff other classes so you can make siege more competitive and give a chance to all the classes to participate in, e.g. blades, yjs, psys.. classes that are completely pvp-dead.

                Also, the only alive thing in this game is the weekly guild siege. Punishing again good players on that weekly event is just a very very bad decision. Sorry to say that, but you have zero idea of what the community wants and what the game needs. You have a team of people who have never played the game and never tried to play it as a normal player. The whole approach of this patch IS WRONG.

                Please, as people said above, reverse the decisions and take the opposite approach. Help classes in need, and reward continuously winning guilds so the guild siege becomes COMPETITIVE. For example, if a guild wins the guild siege consequently, they get better rewards? isn't that a better approach?

                WEBZEN or GALA (i don't even care) you destroy the game.

                Also, giving higher % cards on barunas is stupid because you again destroy people's current gears. WRONG APPROACH.
                Last edited by XSlyth; 17-09-18, 08:03 PM.


                • #9
                  Webzen I know your intentions are good, but banning a guild after winning twice in a row is a mistake. In most servers there are pretty much 2 top guilds that compete (and then ofc some smaller guilds). If one of the top guilds win twice in a row, the other guild will just end up getting a free win, since the smaller guilds cant compete anyways. So at the end of the day, even if your intentions are to make siege more active and include more guilds, are instead making it less active in the long run. Please re-consider the idea of banning the guild that has won twice in a row.

                  When it comes to the asal nerf, I think the better option is to buff the other classes instead. Classes that could need a buff are yjs, psykeepers, and blades.
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                  • #10
                    You all are insane, the idea of having a guild only win 2x is a good thing in my opinion, Now I don't care about siege but the idea of a guild being "good" isn't the issue here its about the guild being "pay to win" I never once believe any guild is better than another it just comes down to equipment and really that's awful way to go about in determining who wins. Most guilds don't participate because they know they'd lose cause they don't spend buckets of money on equipment and for most part til now and still to be determined not really rewarding in the first place to siege anyway was just a way for ego inflated players to go and brag about how so called good they are. The only thing that's stupid is the new cards like as if 12% were a thing to get so easy, but I loving the idea of asal nerf its been something everyone wanted ages ago but now its like meh. The guild war coins depending what you can get from it might also be a reason as to keeping a guild from winning more than 2x I would treat it like a cooldown like a dungeon if the rewards are good if not then I suppose its not as necessary but still I like the idea.


                    • #11
                      Let me share my 2 cents.

                      - Thanks for the Asal nerf. Took a few years for that to come full circle.

                      - The guild siege suspension is a very bad idea. I understand that Webzen might want to prevent specific guilds form hoarding siege rewards. But I don't think that's a good way to go about it.

                      If you want to "limit" siege for successful players, I'd recommend making siege twice a week. I believe Webzen had this arrangement before, back in 2016 (on Saturdays and Wednesdays).


                      • Pabo
                        Pabo commented
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                        "making siege twice a week".
                        Good suggestion, I am not sure if many players are free in mid-week. The best way is to try it.

                    • #12
                      My opinion is that Webzen should have opened an discussion thread with the community before the update!
                      I am not satisfied that my Force Master will be weaker in pvp after the update. I worked hard to come to the point of being able to defeat the number one Force Master at the siege and now i won t be able to kill his hp points again.
                      • Each piece of armor can be pierced up to 4 slots. --> am i dreaming? We will be able to pierce gaunts, helmets and boots as well? That means completely new world of gears. Everybody will be able to use asal in a way better than bp used it before.


                      • Moribito
                        Moribito commented
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                        I think what they are trying to say is you can put elements on gaunts, helm, and boots but as for the % stuff its just for suit only it even states when placed in a suit for the % stuff. I just wondering is it even worth putting elements on or if they are going to do something different about elemental resistances.

                    • #13
                      Oh wow. lol That 30% decrease in asal captured my attention. Got to love it!!!

                      Next...Increase other classes by 30%.
                      Last edited by Egyptianspirit; 18-09-18, 03:36 AM.


                      • #14
                        Hello Flyff Players,

                        We notice that player who has already Baruna Weapons +12 or higher has no jewel slot in the Weapon right now.

                        We are aware of this issue and forwarded it to our developer. They promised us they will fix it as soon as possible.

                        Please be patient,


                        Community Support:

                        What Player think i do.

                        What i really do.


                        • #15
                          Everyone here is insane. Banning guilds from winning more than two sieges in a row is the best idea Webzen came up with. It was about DAMN time that someone at Webzen stopped guilds from monopolizing guild siege. If nobody remembers, as I sure do, there were some guilds who were stat hacking and would win guild siege for months on end, shutting out other guilds who wanted to participate and win. There is a lot of illegal cheating that goes on with guild siege and this is just the first step in Webzen coming down with their ban hammer. To be honest, I think Webzen should expand their new guild siege bans to where a guild can only win once every 30 days.

                          Thank you Webzen, for doing this.


                          • Cafe
                            Cafe commented
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                            You are right! =)

                          • Kiesle
                            Kiesle commented
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                            Thanks, Cafe. The best thing that replies to this topic should have done was to remain silent. I seem to remember an old adage, "thou doth protest too much". It means that people who protest too much about a change in their habits is generally found to be guilty of taking advantage of a situation. I was waiting for how long it would take before everyone started complaining, or whining about this new guild siege rule change. LMAO. I'm also congratulating Webzen for increasing the timer cooldown for joining a new guild. I love the seven day wait period.

                          • Huum
                            Huum commented
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                            Win every once in 30 days.. FUNNYY, if there are only 2 guild participating siege its gonna be 1 siege per month? Your probby just some hater who is too bad for siege lmao