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[in-Game] The Return of the Secret Drop Events

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  • [in-Game] The Return of the Secret Drop Events

    It's time for one of these again! You all know the drill...we're activating the Secret Drop event once more. A list of the items that can drop from any monster during the event duration (24/07/18 - 31/07/18) can be found here.

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    can someone tell me how this event works? been farming for 3 hours still havent got any good drops just blinking of shaduwar and volcane.


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      kinda on the same lines as Gianting, once someone kills a certain giant its gone for awhile, spawns back in after a random given amount of time. then anyone can kill it again.
      what that means if your not finding anything that mean someone else already nabbed the items and takes a random amount of time before they spawn back in on any given mob.

      the best way to get items on this event isn't to pick a mob lvl and kill them for hours you will get next to nothing this way

      but kill everything, every lvl, all the time (not sure if this is accurate or not but in doing this I stay within 9 lvls of the mob I'm killing)
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        thankyou for the info big help bro!

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      Lottery Boxes have a very low drop rate. Just keep playing. Last year, it ran for two or three weeks and I barely got 60 of the boxes. You just have to put in the time to get the boxes. They don't have a drop rate like equipment or food items. It wouldn't be fun if everyone was getting a Lottery Box every 5 minutes, it would actually devalue the cost of scrolls on this server, and Gala has said before that they aren't going to interfere with the economy of any server, since the scrolls aren't soul linked.

      WEBZEN seriously needs to update the entries at the link. Lottery Boxes drop a soul link card as well as 30 scrolls.

      One important thing to note here, there is no guarantee that anyone will get a lottery box and they do not drop once per hour. They drop fro0m regular monsters, there are no special unique monsters that drop them. The boxes drop randomly so you never know when or where they'll drop. Just keep farming an area until they start dropping.
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        I play on meteo and the World Cup trader is still there and if I don’t relog about every five minutes I stop getting drops.
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          What the heck is wrong with this event? It's activated for one hour and disabled for an hour? I thought these events were supposed to be activated until the time for the maintenance patch ends the event. Plus, two days and no event drops?


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            if your using your commented means of farming of (just keep farming an area until they start dropping) then ill repeat what I already said about that, that you will get next to nothing doing that. instead, kill everything. don't stick to just 1 mob class or lvl. while keeping within 9 lvl difference of the mob your killing.


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              There is something srsly wrong with drop rate and it its very buged.... So if you log in and kill first mob you get ton of event drops this sometimes gose for next 2-3 mobs and then 0 event drops for 2 hours??? hmmm... ?! Change server from 1 to 2, first mobs same amout of event drops after the first 1-3 monsters they just stop! Relog to 3 server, same thing. Relog back to server 1 and kill first mob and you get nothing again... But If you wait 20 min between relogs to diff. servers youll get 1 mob with event drops. I have never complained but this bug is just too much!! I dont want to relog just to get some guarantee event drops which I would not get at all if I would grind for 2-3 hours.... I want to play the game to enjoy some extra benefit from event... Why is that 1 mob have 100% event drop rate on fresh server ?? I got 3 flesh charms in 1 min just by doing relog.... and I got no flesh charms while played for 2 hours.... This anti right fix it!


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                It's working perfectly IIvarsLV

                this is NOT like a normal drop event where everything above 45 just has a 5% chance on dropping an event item. your trying to put this event into the style of other drop events and it just isn't. there is actually a pattern to the drops you just have to be keen enough to see it. so when farming now that you know to be on the lookout for a pattern maybe that can help you.


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                  A very sad drop rate of the event I and my guild for 6 hours agriculture and we got only one box 🙁
                  Right now we're going to stop playing as soon as the event ends and a new event starts because that's the way it can not be


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                    once again this isn't about drop rate its about being at the right place at the right time which is why I keep telling people to kill everything so if your in the wrong place you could kill for 20 hours and get absolutely nothing

                    which yes Snip means your guild was in the wrong place lol

                    ps. ok don't just kill everything but take notes as well you might start seeing a pattern
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                      frankly to me this event is the best event WEBZEN has ever come up with.

                      the problem is everyone gets stuck on the name of this event (The Secret Drop Event) and tries to relate it too regular drop events. which it does not resemble regular drop events whatsoever. it does not drop from any mob with just a low % chance, so you can't just go to any mob and have a chance at a lotto box from killing for hours. that's not how this event works.

                      so I'm going to give you a big clue at what this event really is.

                      by suggesting the name be changed of this event that better describes what I think it really resembles. then maybe people will stop wrongly relating it to other regular drop events.

                      "The Secret Scavenger Hunt"

                      It's all about what you kill and when you kill it.

                      not in how long you kill for.
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                        Yet, you failed to answer what I posted. Apparently you don't know why the Secret Event gets turned off, which is what I asked. I never expected a reply regarding the drop rates. :lmao:


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                          IIvarsLV and Snip3R4Life had posted under your post about the sucky drop rate, not every post from here forward is all about you.

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                        well I know that once a day the event goes through a reset where it says the event has ended then a couple minutes later it says it has started again. but it's only off about 2 minutes not an hour. (is it possible that you just missed it when it said it had started 2 minutes after it stopped?)

                        but you stated that it went off for an hour, well I never experienced it going off for an hour so there was no way I could answer your question on that matter so I didn't try. since you said it was off for an hour I felt it was more then just the reset I mentioned above so I didn't give you that answer.

                        not sure why its a fail not to give an answer if I didn't even know the event got shut off for an hour. or how I could of have been expected to give an answer to that I didn't experience or even know about. I wasn't able to farm the day you posted that it had went off for an hour. Tuesday evening I farmed for 6 1/2 hours and experienced no stopping of the event at all. after that I have no clue what the event did or didn't do.
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                          Is there a limit/maximum amount of boxes to be dropped on a particular spawn? At first I received 3 boxes for all 3 channels but over time I only got 1 box instead of 3 for 3 channels. While I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one farming that spawn.