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Updated stats of the Yggdrasil weapons and armors.

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  • Updated stats of the Yggdrasil weapons and armors.

    Dear players,

    Many of you reported that the preview didn't advertise the right stats, here you can see the corrected stats for the Yggdrasil weapons and armor sets:

    Arcanist armor:

    Crackshooter armor:

    Force Master armor:

    Harlequin armor:

    Mentalist armor:

    Seraph armor:

    Slayer armor:

    Templar armor:

    One handed axe:

    Two handed axe:

    One handed sword:

    Two handed Sword:









    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your flyff team

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    The effects are horrible really.
    Also the weapons not working as intended is a huge failure too.

    Ya'll should listen to people who actually play this game.
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    ~ The realest.


    • Klaig
      Klaig commented
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      If there is any bug concerning those weapons please report them on the forum with screenshots or video and as many details as possible.

      For the effects they have been designed by GALA, hopefully the rework of the Baruna piercing will make them more attractive.

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    Ranger needing more critical on a suit, well set lvl 45 is still better nice work on those more powerful sets, blades they got 50-55% per wepon 100% crit or 110%, lets add 35% more on their suits and the parry stat it was useless, that changed now?, 200mp on arcanist suit that overpower lel

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      Aaaaaaand the one handed knight sword?


      • Klaig
        Klaig commented
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        Same stats as the Slayer one.

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      Generally the fact that they are baruna which means not being able to combine and not being able to put diamonds on them is a huge fail (not to mention that you cannot pierce them, yet). Generally a bit dissapointed, I am glad that there are new weapons and sets, but there should also be new skills, new lvling areas etc. Also, the yoyo looks awful compared to the rest of yggdrasil weapons.


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        Stumbled over this thread today. Old thread but I regret the spellbook effect change since some months now. It was announced with 20% Hp, which is even way under the effects of the Knight shield. However the spellbook would be really cool with these effects, but 2000 Mp?!? Seriously, there is absolutely no use case where a Psykeeper needs this effect, and no, Spirit Bombs Damage isn't increased by this effect! It's completely useless. Why the hell did Gala put that on the spellbook?

        Psykeeper is way behind other classes for years now. I really can't understand this. I would appreciate if Webzen asks Gala to change the 2000 Mp effect again. 20% Hp is good, but also 10% Atk or something like that would be nice, since the 2000 Mp is like no third effect.


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          1) Do something with Jesters please. They are no match for any damage class. The ability to partically ignore blocks can possibly revive them. Or just give to their weapons the strongest ICD rate. Or give them good aoe at least.

          2) Change aggro sistem. The fact support class being better tank than TEMPLAR is ridiculous.

          3) Now about those sets:
          >Change Arcanist's MP bonus. Seems like a bad joke. Even decreased mana consumtion rate will be better than that.
          >Give attack range for Crackshooter's set instead of critical rate. Naked full DEX 150lvl Cracks have almost 100% crit already.
          >Force Master's set should give attack or or ICD instead of useless DEF bonus (or range block bonus).
          >Harle's set should give much more ICD. Even 90lvl set gives more ICD than end game set, that's ridiculous too. Give attack bonus instead of hit rate bonus + remake Harlequin's Greeting (make that skill give direct block ignore). + Let Pandemonium be AoE skill.
          >Slayer's set need some changes too. Parry and Critical rate are useless, better give Block rate and may be decent STR bonus?


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            Basic stats of the knuckle still isn't correct


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              Very clear the imbalance that currently exists in the game, and since GALA does not even explain the reason for these messes, when it is more than obvious that the gears that present us here are not optimal for how the game is currently oriented, if what you want to go up to level 170 for most would be impossible with those stats, and even say the instances can not be used, if the bp has a fist that is noted for a character 1vs1 because they do not have a set that complements it, or if, on the contrary, what they wanted to do with him was a tank character, why put those statistics to his fist? Why? By the way, his attack is so unbalanced that his 1vs1 damage has no comparison against a blade or even a harlekin, actually 200 mp in the suit of arcanist? And that more or less what does it mean? If an arcanist wants to get ahead needs to be today 100 intelligence xxx sta with 200 of mp that are proposed? Why not make that set like the mentalist's at least it would be more useful! 2000 of mp in the book of spells for the mentalist that's nothing! Put percentages friends apparently the only one who is well and their gears correspond to what is your class in the Templar! I suggest that you make an analysis of how the game is oriented today and develop more diverse weapons and sets as it was before! If a ranger wanted to set aoe, he simply put on set 105 and used the angel bow, being aoe for a ranger is more difficult because the bow does not have gears oriented to that branch and could extend me but I think my idea was clear, thanks in advance for the answers