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First level 170 Slayer reward!

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  • First level 170 Slayer reward!

    Hello Citizens of Madrigal,

    If you believe you are the fiercest Slayer step up and show us what you’ve got!

    As you probably know the new expansion Turning point 2 raised the level cap to level 170. You already know how difficult it was to get to level 155 and now you can only imagine how hard it will be to get to level 170. Therefore, we would like to reward the most hard-working players for each region and class.

    We also understand that the time to level up is drastically different depending on the class you play. We decided to reward each class individually which results in a much fairer chance to get the ultimate rewards.

    This topic will focus on the Slayer class, if you are the first Slayer of your region to reach the level 170 please post a reply in this topic as soon as possible.

    The reply must contain the following elements:

    -Your character name and server.
    -The exact time and date on when you reached level 170.
    -A good-looking screenshot of your character.

    As a reminder there is 4 regions:

    -Europe (Clockwork and Meteonyker server)
    -North America (Kargo, Tanuki, Mocomochi, Lykan and Yetti)
    -France (Illustre and Euphoria)
    -Germany (Hydrosn, Murano and Devos)

    This means that there will be 32 winners rewarded, 4 players for each class.

    Once you have replied to us in this topic, and after verification, you will receive the following rewards:

    - We will add your name on the banner above, the first across all region will be placed on top of the list.
    - We will make a Facebook post with your screenshot, so all of Madrigal will know that a new hero is born (please tell us in your reply if you don’t want us to do that).
    - 15 Purified Yggdrasil Tree Branches, 15 Purified Dryad's Spirits and 15 Yggdrasil Leaves.
    - 5 Emporium Tickets (15 days).
    - 10 Scrolls of Gem reversion.
    - 5 Premium Batteries (20 days).

    We are eagerly waiting for you to step in!

    Good grind!
    Your Flyff team

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    So rewards are like 500 wcoins worth of items and a Facebook shout out. Meh


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      5 Emporium ticket = 650wcoins*5=3250wcoins

      10 scroll of gem reversion=250*10= 2500 wcoins

      1 day premium battery=50wcoins *14days= 700wcoins*5=3500 wcoins

      For a grand total of 9250 Wcoins.

      Plus the free new piece/weapon which is a lot of farm.

      Also notice that we are rewarding 8 times more people than usual.


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        and it does not seems that apealing,

        -The emporioum its only owrth for the key almost every one got enougth keys for a life time, teleporter? better got one for guild house and everyone can use it (on the guild ofc)

        -10 scroll of gem reversion=250*10= 2500 wcoins this seems nice

        -The batteries are not that apealing for me thougt

        -New Baruna weapon, no card socketing, no fusion.

        I think a new Fashion of their choice since it have more resell value, or maybe a christmas set of their choice, maybe perfect a awakes.

        BTW thaks for the reguards.


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          Just a thought

          No one has to grind to 170. If you want to get 170 and you are first of your class, you get free stuff. If you don't like the prizes then do not try to win the award. Seems pretty simple.


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            Being the first one to reach a huge milestone like 170 takes a lot of time and amps. And the reward is to sit in the collecting field afk for days and maybe upgrade an item? I agree with acdneo the reward should be more permanant like a fashion set or a new cloak that distinguishes them as the first 170 player. I was interested in getting to 170 thats why I was the first to comment on this topic. If the rewards were changed I'd definitely go for it. This is a forum open to discussion within the rules. If you don't like it don't read it. Seems pretty simple.


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              GALA is planning to improve the Emporium as well as the Baruna system. So hopefully this will make the reward worth it for you.


              • ACDNEO
                ACDNEO commented
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                dont get me wrong Klaig and guys, even if i complain for the reguards, i know that they are not your decision, and im glad that there's something news, events, on the game, and its nice to know that emporium will be improved, i only hope more people do their feed back so our game can improve.

              • Klaig
                Klaig commented
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                The reward for the level 170 is our decision. But everything will look more appealing once the baruna and emporium are improved.

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              1st 170 Slayer US server
              Server = Lykan
              Ingame Name = Enviga
              Time of 170= 9/2/2018 @ 6pm pst


              • Pabo
                Pabo commented
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                Grats! Enviga
                Last edited by Pabo; 05-09-18, 03:27 AM.

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              Congratulations Enviga for your achievement and thank you for your great screenshot.

              You will receive your reward today !


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                Klaig i recieved everything except the emporium tickets?


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                  there are three things I want to address:
                  1. Germany (DE) has 3 Servers not 2: (Hydros, Devos and Murano) => (it is noteworthy since the highest Slayer in German server currently is from Murano)
                  2. The date on the banner will be according to when the post + picture is published (in this case 09/04) not the actual date of the accomplishment ingame (09/02) it seems?
                  3. The reward 5 Emporium Tickets (15 days) and 5 Premium Batteries (20 days) does not seem to be consistent with the corresponding reward on German server for reaching 170 => 5 Emporium Tickets (14 Tage) and 5 Premium Batteries (14 Tage).


                  PS: I apologize for asking German related issues on EN/US forum.
                  Last edited by Athione; 06-09-18, 05:23 PM.


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                    1. Sorry about that mistake, obviously all Webzen servers are part of the event.
                    2. Basically you say on your post when you leveled up 170 and we will verify if it's true. Try to post the day you reached 170 it's easier for us.
                    3. It's 15 days for the emporium and 20 days for the battery for everybody.

                    I will correct the mistakes.


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                      servido: US /Tanuky
                      Ingame name ChileanPlayers
                      time of 170= 05/01/2019



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                        Congratulations for your achievement Losquiero. You are now part of the very small club of players who reached maximum level on Flyff!

                        Unfortunately the level 170 rewards only concern the first player who reach 170 for each market and not each server. Therefore you are not eligible to receive the rewards.

                        Have a great day and congratulations again.


                        • Losquiero
                          Losquiero commented
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                          I am satisfied with a congratulation on facebook

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                        As per the original post, there will be "4 players for each class", so who was the 4th player that reached lvl 170 in the Slayer's Category, as the name was not posted in the above banner. Just wondering


                        • Jammey
                          Jammey commented
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                          There is no one because no one on the eu is 170

                        • Chrysalis
                          Chrysalis commented
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                          Thxs for the response Jammey.

                          Well, geographically speaking, France and Germany are part of Europe. In other words, "Europe" has 3 sections, while North America has 1. It doesn't seem quite fair, oh well...

                        • Jammey
                          Jammey commented
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                          Eu has 3 sections because it has 3 different servers