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First level 170 Seraph reward!

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  • First level 170 Seraph reward!

    Hello Citizens of Madrigal,

    If you believe you are the most passionate Seraph step up and show us what you’ve got!

    As you probably know the new expansion Turning point 2 raised the level cap to level 170. You already know how difficult it was to get to level 155 and now you can only imagine how hard it will be to get to level 170. Therefore, we would like to reward the most hard-working players for each region and class.

    We also understand that the time to level up is drastically different depending on the class you play. We decided to reward each class individually which results in a much fairer chance to get the ultimate rewards.

    This topic will focus on the Seraph, if you are the first Seraph of your region to reach the level 170 please post a reply in this topic as soon as possible.

    The reply must contain the following elements:

    -Your character name and server.
    -The exact time and date on when you reached level 170.
    -A good-looking screenshot of your character.

    As a reminder there is 4 regions:

    -Europe (Clockworks)
    -North America (Aibatt)
    -France (Mahtolle)
    -Germany (Yggdrasil)

    This means that there will be 32 winners rewarded, 4 players for each class.

    Once you have replied to us in this topic, and after verification, you will receive the following rewards:

    - We will add your name on the banner above, the first across all region will be placed on top of the list.
    - We will make a Facebook post with your screenshot, so all of Madrigal will know that a new hero is born (please tell us in your reply if you don’t want us to do that).
    - 15 Purified Yggdrasil Tree Branches, 15 Purified Dryad's Spirits and 15 Yggdrasil Leaves.
    - 5 Emporium Tickets (15 days).
    - 10 Scrolls of Gem reversion.
    - 5 Premium Batteries (20 days).

    We are eagerly waiting for you to step in!

    Good grind!
    Your Flyff team

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    Will be giving it my best but dont see it any time soon. Should have bought more than 3 days of Qamps lol.


    • Klaig
      Klaig commented
      Editing a comment
      Good luck on your way to the top.

      The grind will be long but the glory will be eternal.

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    hi all

    - Tonga
    - server: US Tanuky
    - oct/12/2019 17:26 pm UTC/GMT -4 hrs


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    Congratulations Tonga!

    The Flyff team is extremely impressed we all know how difficult it is to farm with a Seraph. And you did it without a recent XP event!

    You will receive your reward today.

    You can now rest well, congratulations again!


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      Hello everyone,

      with this project I peaked my nostalgic journey! After Slayer and Psy I finished my Ringmasters level 170 . The name of this char was the name of my very first char on Mia Server (name of the first crush actually xD).

      -Name of Character: oOVickYOo
      -Server: EU Clockworks
      - 07th June 2020, ~19:00 server time


      Greetings, durandal / CenGuard / oOVickYOo


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        Congratulations, 3 characters level 170 this is a huge achievement!

        You will receive your rewards today and we will post about it later this week on Facebook.

        Great job!