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Turning Point Part 2 : Feedback thread

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  • Turning Point Part 2 : Feedback thread

    Hello citizens of Madrigal!

    Turning Point 2 is finally out, and we're glad that after more than 12 years the game keeps getting new content.

    This is the place to express yourself and tell us what you liked or disliked in this expansion, so we can report it to the developers. Negative points are essential, so GALA can see what to improve, but positive feedback is also important to highlight what went right.

    This new version also comes with its fair share of issues, so if you have encountered any bugs, you can add them to your feedback. Please try to focus on issues that haven't been noticed yet.

    To make your feedback as easy to read as possible for us, please adopt the following structure in your post:

    Positive changes:

    Negative changes:

    Technical issues:

    Thanks for your precious feedback.

    Have a great time in Flyff!
    Your Flyff team

  • #2
    Positive: pick up pet filter, new lvl cap

    negative: event rewards seem lackluster, emporium seems kinda useless unless u want lvl 20 buffs and teleporter

    technical: pick up pet filter not saving the settings, cancel is spelled wrong, stats overlapping


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      Thank you WebZen for an amazing update <3

      Positive changes:
      - Buff Pang emporium (great for fast buff for Hero+ chars, i do have my own INT seraph but this feature makes it even easier)
      - Fashion Fusion (love the option to swap your fashion sets around)
      - i love the Rental Pang
      - The Teleport in emporium
      - thanks for adding Emporium tickets on logg in event so all can have a looksi around new area <3
      - Overlook on Stats under Character window
      - the new frames around green/ultimate/baruna parts.. great over look over inventory

      lets just say Positive list is long..and so-far i loved all the new updates of the game..and i haven't even got the time to try everything out many NEW cool features <333

      Negative changes:
      - I say the Golden Key are to cheap, they should cost more (and considering what comes from using the Keys it would make more sense)

      Technical issues:
      -Treasure Box opening (impossible to chat first days since Golden Keys are available)
      -Pet-Filter Window (i suggest to change setting under Options-Menu)
      -The Templar skills to keep the Boss monsters in New dungeon on target, Makes the Tank class well outdated and The ''darn'' seraph more valuable (im so over the STA-support class tankers)

      Wish list:
      - ADD MORE FASHION <333
      - make baruna weapon pierce-able
      - for Emporium area a special shop to buy Pink/Green cakes or (high MP and FP re-fillers)
      - Bring Giant-Hunting back (like rather than legendary tokens..collect tokens XXX trade= for emporium ticket)
      - new high level Premium area

      thanks again for everything! You guys put a big smile on an old-school flyffer <3
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      • ACDNEO
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        Bunnies 149 are 155 now

      • Chiili
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        yeah i heard about the Bunnies over in Dark Tresia having higher lvl now, guess wishes do come come true..
        but.... im greedy so what about my NEW more Fashion wish? hihi

      • ACDNEO
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        There are 3 new fashion and a green casino

    • #4
      Positive changes:
      The pet filter is very nice.
      The buff limit increased to 21 buffs is great aswell.

      Negative changes:
      Change the pet filter so you press a key and it comes up because right now if you run to far away from pet, it spams opens on you and its kind of annoying.
      For the stats displayed on H window, we don't need parry since its been broken for years. I suggest replacing it with ICD.

      Technical issues:
      Flyff keeps crashing after Flyff logo pops up.
      After putting 5 fashion pieces in the "Enchant Absolute Scroll Fusion" it gives you back a new fashion pieces, which it should not.

      Other than those, great job on the expansion, and hopefully we can capitalize on that and get that merge that every one wants


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        so far i haven't been able to really test the new expansion but i like that there is progress , i wish there was more focus on gameplay and bug fixes but its a nice start

        Positive changes:

        - love the fact that we finally have a pet filter

        - i like the rental bang , at first i wasn't happy with it but i got over it and from 1-60 its good

        - loved the fashion fusion for the first hour

        - the level cap increase is nice i guess

        Negative changes:

        - pet filters doesn't save settings

        - fashion fusion in the long term is gonna be a problem , a long time ago fashion used to cost so much and was very rare in the server . and then it flooded the server with all the events and everyone was able to get nice fashion and even give their alts some . but now we are getting back to that era of very little fashion around and its so expensive now . we need a middle ground . not too much fashion but not too little

        - fashion fusion not working on soul linked fashion sets like the mummy set and others , i understand why it doesn't work on timed sets but why not on perm soul linked ones too ? and this fashion fusion is probably introduced to remove most fashion sets and now we'll only get soul linked ones from event probably .

        - the 3rd job quest for slayer and templar require an items no longer exist , the one that was in mars mine

        - emporium is very lackluster and not worth it besides the keys and even then its not worth the price of a ticket , more needs to be added to it to make it worthwhile

        - lackluster launching events and vague explanations and announcements , you need to share more details about these events , also when you do share details they are wrong and misleading ( the list for level up rewards marks things non-soul linked but all rewards are soul linked )
        - new premium battery is just a bad idea , and poorly explained as well

        Technical issues:

        - many ppl have a problem launching the game after update . they keep crashing whenever they click start and no help from gms , players are the one trying to help

        Wish List :

        - revise and finalize the story

        - make baruna great again

        - update the green armors already present and make them useful again

        - remove useless food from the drop table please

        - remove F L Y O R U N cards and replace them with the full cards dropping so ppl can actually use the coupon bang , and update it with the new cards like 10% and S cards at least .
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          Finally no more bullshit items in my inventory 10/10 update!!!!


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            Originally posted by AdoreMe View Post

            - the 3rd job quest for slayer and templar require and items no longer exist , the one that was in mars mine
            From the German Patch Notes for the extraordinary maintenance.
            I hope it'll be the same for Flyff Gold:
            "Now the "Cloak for the Disciple" (Master's Cloak in German version) drops in Ivillis Dungeon.
            Quest text has been changed accordingly"


            • AdoreMe
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              thank you very much for that . i'll check it out

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            The feedback thread is not here to post giant screenshot of issues, please respect the feedback structure of the OP .

            To report issues please use the issues/feedback category.


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              Positive changes:
              - Pet Filter - I feel like the game needs more small long needed adjustments like this (e.g more space in fash/pet inventory or when stack size increased)
              - Character Stats - This is really cool, hopefully it gets fixed and maybe has ICD added in the future.

              Negative changes:
              - Guild Siege rewards not that appealing
              - Still no client resolution increase for US

              Technical issues:
              - Entered Guildhouse in the Emporium, tried to leave Guildhouse and it made me appear in some kind of blue/sky area not back in the Emporium, had to use the 5min teleport to get out.
              - Slayer Quest broken
              - Discord makes my client crash (not a big problem really)

              All I can think of for now :P
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                I wasn't overly impressed by this part, the first one, too was lack luster but I guess I just hoped it would be something to bring life back to the game as it once was if I had to pick out anything to speak on it's how the grind on leveling is still boring as there is very little reward in it, as a blade you need money to play and frankly unless your farming the events that rarely occur your not making much the monsters use to drop plenty of weapons and items that could be vendored for decent cash even if only for some penya it was still nice to have, sure blues drop again but nothing like before.


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                  Positive changes:
                  -I like the fact pets have a filter now, that's pretty dope. That's probably where the hype ends for me.

                  Negative changes:
                  -These are not new changes however the block rate for mobs 130+ killed the game for me, as a blade player the game isn't fun anymore it's very boring and unless I want to keep switching from aoe to 1v1 it's just not worth it. I knew the new monsters would be the same but I still had hope... Sadly I was correct and the game still just isn't fun anymore. I sadly will not be returning to this game as there are much better games that reward you for your time better than this one! I will always miss the community and friends I have made here but it's just not worth it anymore.

                  Side note, still glad to see the game gets love and updates still! Enjoy the game the few of you left out there!~


                  • #12
                    Great job, Team. Here are my suggestions:

                    -The introduction of the Pet Filters is great. The thing is sometimes it does not work. Options not selected will still be picked up by my pet and as many have mention, the opportunity of saving our options.

                    -Emporium Market, I like it. I find myself going in every time I need a buff or need tele somewhere. Keys are amazing reduces the "pay to win" atmosphere. Wish their prices would be increased although. I want to suggest adding premium Food and Pills maybe Potions anything lower than the wcoin cost of buying a ticket in cash shop for example adding Gold and Mysterious Pills and Hot Ddukguk and Sweet Ddukguk. Furry Potions and Scroll of Sprint. Premium Batteries. Small items like that we can use daily. Great way to increase that penya sink opportunity. Please make sure they are expensive like 5m per consumable best way to aid our current economies.

                    I'd like to know if Flyff can fix the Guild Contributions, There is a window that pops up in guild bank that is suppose to show you who put what In, and who took things out. Id like for that to be functional again. I have members placing things in guild bank but can't reward them if I don't know who put those items and supporting our guild in that aspect

                    Character Stats. That's Bomb. (positive compliment). Only thing is that it gets jumbled up in small windows, and no inclusion of Increased Critical Damage.

                    Fashion Fusion. Its like fashion gambling lol. Maybe include Soul Link fashions, that's a big inventory saver.


                    • #13
                      Positive changes:
                      3 Buff lines
                      Pet Filter (BUT bugged like u cant uncheck quest items or mana potions he still collect them)

                      Negative changes:
                      still no Guild House fix!!!we want furníture!!
                      Still no Events updated like this easter u gather 100 eggs for one F$%& egg that last 8 minutes and its random ...
                      still nothing changed to the block rate its ridiculous

                      Technical issues:
                      random DC's


                      • #14

                        Positive changes:
                        -Pet Filter
                        -New items on collector (Premium battery)
                        -Drops on Ivillis
                        -Traseia Rework
                        -More stats on character window
                        -Fashion Fusion
                        -Fashion Upgrade
                        -7 more slots of buff now having a FM on The party isnt a problem

                        Negative changes:

                        - Pet filter does not save the configuration.
                        - Balance on the block of mobs i got a nice hit but its still a block fest, im not talking about the new dungeon but any mob lvl 121+, at least on DT check that but it ill will be nice on all levels, there's no ones on valley of risen and up because of this.

                        (PD all my Avatars are aoe but i think it will be a nice improvement for everyone)
                        - New weapons are baruna (have baruna system only)
                        - No diversity on weapons (i still miss my hp Lusaka bow), and the new weapons are the same to all ultimate.
                        - No diversity on armors:
                        No ICD Crack shooter set
                        No ICD Force Master set also no dct Force Master set
                        No ICD Knight Set
                        - No ICD on status
                        - Emporium not that worth:

                        Gold Pill to Emporium or better mysterious Pill (we already can get this items on game)
                        better food refreshers and fp consumables or Fresh Ddukguk, Hodt Ddukguk, Sweet Ddukguk
                        Two weapon fusion NPC to Emporium
                        Fashion composite NPC to Emporium
                        Fuel to Emporium
                        Blinks to any area to Emporium
                        1 Day full shout, 1Day bag, 1Day Silver battery, (already we can get this items on game)
                        All blue weapons and armors for sale

                        - WE can get Dragon set for old fashion some soul linked fashions cant be fused, also there's no sale of Dragon cloaks and masks it was wasted opportunity to make money for the game.

                        Technical issues:
                        - Status windows isnt well placed
                        - Soul linked mummy set cant be fused
                        - Pet collector still collect Refreshers when u mark to not collect potions.

                        Wish List:

                        No onetime restriction on Clock works, and maybe one day to rest the dungeon
                        Level range restriction on all dungeons
                        Enable normal guild wars, really really miss that

                        New levels, no new Skills
                        (No taunt on Knigths, no better AOE on RM,, no new aoe on FM, no new aoe on Mentalists, no aoe for Halequins? how they level up?, nothing to burn our 100-200 skill that still remains unused)
                        Stat scroll, now weapons and armors can drop stated, bring back those scroll

                        Make giant hunt wort again (no tested XD )
                        Make Normal collector field worth (S ans 10% card pieces) (no tested)

                        Make an scroll to retrieve used cards on weapons and armors, or u still think people will buy Card S 10% at 2000 wc when we can get them for like 100 wc- 400 wc ingame

                        Maybe im drunk but i want lvl cap on all stats like dct 200%
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                          Technical Issue:
                          Pet filter not working for MP pots, I deselected potions, but pet still pick up MP pots, also the stats i clustered and needs widening of window and repositioning of texts.
                          -Soul linked stuff should be able to fuse, also cant fuse masks even though they end up in fashion tab -.-

                          -Event for OMG cloak and Risen sets like back in November ( should be done this year too, last year the drops were horrible for gauntlet and boots)
                          -The main quest (Renonan) is left incomplete with player receiving a cloak and it ends there with no closure, this should be continued and now the level cap is 170 so there is much opening for the main quest to get completed.
                          -Ease on the exp to get to 120 since the level cap is now 170 and not 155 anymore, its real hard to get to 121 H itself without Q amps, since cap increase it would be better to drop the gigantic exp needed to reach higher levels from 100.