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    Positive changes:
    - Finally some new content
    Negative changes:
    - I am disapointed that Forcemaster didn t get a new force gem. Templar got a new shield and Mentalist a new book.
    - Guild siege cloak reward lasts for 7 days. Players are spending billions on consumables.
    - Inventory space problem isn t fixed.Too many qi, eqi, sl stuff, sl armor&weapons etc.......
    - The current offer at the Emporium is poor. The keys are great, teleport and buffs are cool. Maybe some soul linked stuff could offer too?

    Wish list:
    - New prizes at the Colosseum exchange menu. If we have golden weapons why not making golden armors too? Change the color of rc armors to golden and change the armor stats to something useful that the players would like to have or use. Other prizes too should change because the prize and the number of tokens to get them doesn t make any sense(too much tokens for a prize that haves a low want).
    - Invisible CS set or a consumable(I like the look of bp set lv120, but if i wear a dragon set I can t enjoy the look of Grim set lv120). I would like to wear a Dragon set and have a look like Grim set. On another character i would like that my warrior hair looks like Khan mask.
    - Add some new content to the gold chips menu.
    - Once or twice a week guild siege arena should be open for practice to get combat experience.
    - Put in use the Floating fortress.
    - Create a scroll that can fix any pet level
    - Update the tower with new floors and mobs
    - Lord system update(Better cloak/set stats/effect/Lords house with special stated furniture for all Lord guildies)
    - Build new tower floors + build an actual tower. *-*
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      Positive changes:

      Negative changes:
      -i was able to dual log and even triple log in the ffirst 1-3days since the start of part 2 but then tonight default set up error occured. now i cant even dual log and sometimes it occurs even when im only using one window.

      Technical issues:
      - i was able to dual log and even triple log in the ffirst 1-3days since the start of part 2 but then tonight default set up error occured. now i cant even dual log and sometimes it occurs even when im only using one window.


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        its a pretty cool update i guess, but overall this update sucks coz you still cant change baruna pierce , so i am not at all happy with it


        • Klaig
          Klaig commented
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          GALA is looking to improve Bruna system.

          So wait and see.

        • Gingle
          Gingle commented
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          well they didnt do any good, still cant remove runes

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        Technical Issue:
        Pet filter doesn't seem to work for eggs, I deselected Pet but still get beads and eggs (not sure what its supposed to filter out, but pretty sure eggs should be out)
        In pet filter, I feel like "Stat" should be renamed to Element or something else, its sort of confusing since it filters element cards out


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          Positive changes:
          - New Buff Pang for Heros, new trading CS wears , Buff Pet new selected drops .

          Negative changes:
          - No wiki Flyff new treatments and guides setting for TP2 ...
          - Distribution continues being only for Flaris ... what about SM ? Darkon ? forgotten areas ?


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            Force Master buffs Ire of Ibilis (20% attack speed) and Bubble s Blessing (Increase magic attack power) are useless.
            A Force Master sta or str build doesn t need attack speed if it is already 100%. Can the developers switch to something useful? Like icd/Block/dct anything that we can actually use. The same goes for Bubble s Blessing. I don t have any idea on how can a Force Master profit of that buff? It is good just for mages in the party.
            I would like to get a decent aoe skill instead.

            It isn t really related to the recently update, but here is my complain. Maybe on the next update the developers can fix it?


            • Shaymin
              Shaymin commented
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              I would not say that they are useless.

              The attack speed buff helps them being independend from temporary buffs (consumables) or cash only options (like guild house furniture) especially since crit based forcemasters want critrate on their gauntlets not atkspd.
              The same goes for aoe forcemasters, as they tend to have even less ATKSPD
              The buff helps them to get to 100% consistantly

              The magic attack buff is actually quite usefull and a rather large one aswell.
              It may not be obvious at first but aoe forcemasters can use it to buff Bgvur Tialbold a magic based aoe skill.
              Include the fact that it - unlike the crackshooter and slayer buff - can be modified by ATK% and you weapon refinement and you
              have the second strongest dmg buff (right after Empower Weapon) in flyff history.

              All of those buffs are not meant to only help forcemasters. There is a reason why they are group buffs.
              What you may not have realized is that the developers tried to make forcemasters a type of "offensive support" in contrary to the "passive, defensive" support abillities Seraphs have.
              Which is actually quite the smart move if you ask me. But unfortunately they (the developers) did as they always do.
              They started something but never finished it.

            • ChochoWar
              ChochoWar commented
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              The attack speed buff helps them being independend from temporary buffs (consumables) or cash only options (like guild house furniture) especially since crit based forcemasters want critrate on their gauntlets not atkspd.
              The same goes for aoe forcemasters, as they tend to have even less ATKSPD
              The buff helps them to get to 100% consistantly

              I don t know about other Force Masters, but my Force Master full str haves 100% attack spead without Ire of Ibilis without attack speed awakes. When i switched to full sta, my fm still had 100% attack speed without Ire of Ibilis. That is why i don t see the point of that buff.

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            Positive changes:
            - pickup pet filters! Have wanted this one forever!
            - Emporium area (though it would be nice if emporium ticket could be purchased for penya – appreciate the “free” tickets in the event since it’s not available otherwise)
            (Buff Pang in the emporium & Teleport option in the emporium)

            Negative changes:
            - location of pet filter window (not every time pet comes out – would be better suited to Options Menu)

            Technical issues:
            - When entering tower siege last Sunday my character (and other guildies) locked up… ended up losing my 100M TS fee :-( Hoping that is fixed for next Sunday (don’t want to lose another 100M)

            Wish list:
            - Bring old Alchemy event back


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              Positive Changes.

              Very unexpected love that turning point 1 really got a follow up.

              I really like the new pet filter, which also shows i guess some suggestions have been taking in.
              Also the DTras rework on the levels of mobs is good.
              Raising level cap and upgrading fashion nice, not sure yet about how fast people level above 155... but if it takes time that is a good thing as well...
              Fashion conversion very nice move...happy about that one as well

              One small add, suggestion...

              Right now if you buy from Vendor RangPang, and its a big hussle to get stuff that is 2.1b priced...

              Can you take in the suggestion to leave prices in RangPang max 2.1b. But it be possible to have 2.3b in inventory... and possible to post 2.3b value in shops...

              This makes it a bit less hussle and at the same time not make a to big gap, what would drive up pricing

              Thank you for this update


              • ACDNEO
                ACDNEO commented
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                dont stop on 2.3, at least 4.2 or lets trade perins directly

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              Love the filter for pick up pets but there is some improvements that could be made to it:
              • Create a filter window that can toggled (similar to the buff pet bead window). When a buff pet is activated, the pet bead window can be toggled at any time. However, when a pick up pet is activated, the window cannot be re-toggled unless you re-summon your pet after un-summoning it. This can be annoying as hell.
              • Create a "saved filter options/clear settings" feature for pick up pets.
              These options would be welcomed by all players.


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                wow... as a witness of this cool retouch of my beloved Flyff, I couldn't help to notice the advancing of the AI into the game -sort of-, impelling me to pointing out the following:
                - positive changes: NPC are now able to speak out to express their disappointment, with a teeny misspelling (typo), about the ridiculous prices on their merchandise, via a well disposed flyffer.
                -(possible) negative changes: expect for a strike of NPC over the play time.

                Rhisis bless you all ;3


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                  Negative: Treasure Boxes

                  What we're missing is an NPC where you can buy Treasure Boxes. I don't know if Webzen or Gala have noticed, but ever since Turning Point Part 2 was released, Treasure Boxes have jumped from a worthless item to jumping as much as 300m per Treasure Box. This needs to be drastically fixed.


                  • ChochoWar
                    ChochoWar commented
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                    You are very lucky if that is the case.

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                  Positive changes:
                  -Daily log in prizes
                  -Events and new quests
                  -Higher level cap

                  Negative changes:
                  -SOUL LINKED ITEMS: Please stop soul linking the daily gift items.
                  -A lot of items don't have descriptions and it makes it harder for people to know how to use the item
                  -BAD customer service response to tickets: Copy and paste replies seem to be the majority of what everyone receives. Also, telling us to refer to the Forum for the answer DOES NOT HELP US. I had never used the forum until now, and I had to look through over 100 pages to find 2 posts from 2015 that were SIMILAR to my issue, and it still did not help me. We need better feedback answers OR at least ensure us that you understand it's a problem and you are going to look into it and TRY to resolve it. From a ton of pages and review websites, Flyff has some of the worst ratings for Customer Service and response to issues/tickets. That kills your popularity rating and it is really discouraging to gamers looking into your MMORPG to try out.

                  Technical issues:
                  -Glitching, which happens anywhere and everywhere on Mocomochi, server 1. The game freezes or tweaks out on the screen, sometimes flickering, becoming stuck on a screen and the image is streaked.
                  -Glitching causing my Guild to be DELETED and no longer exists. I am the Master and creatorf the Guild so I know I was not kicked out of it.
                  -Making a private shop, then having the whole game boot you as soon as you click OPEN: This happens just about every other day, 5 times in a row of attempting to open shop.

                  I am a returning player. I used to play Flyff when you were still with gPotato. I believe that was in 2009. I recently rejoined about a month ago, and I can see A LOT has changed in the many, many, many years that have passed. I made a new account and character. I am now a lvl 70 Ringmaster. I just started a second character who is a lvl 40 Mercenary. I think a lot of the older items need to make a better comeback. There are SO MANY new items, its crazy and it makes the market go all over the place with inflated pricing. It is currently out of control.


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                    Positive Changes:
                    • Max LV. is now 170H (im actualy normal LV. 103)
                    • Up to 21 Buff's (3 columns, its enough to do all that you can do in-game)
                    • The Emporuim Marketplace (A.K.A. "Old FlyFF Marketplace")
                    • Now you can make a good and usefull things of Masquerpet Treasure Box with the Gold Masquerpet Treasure Key (that means you wouldn't say anymore "Oh, look, another chest, this is useless garbage!"
                    • New Shaduwar zone unlocked (or I didn't notice if it was avilable right in Turning Point: Part 1)
                    • The new Greens/Ultimate/Baruna color squares for identify more clearly.
                    • Fashon Fusion system.
                    Negative Changes:
                    • Fashon Fusion need to work with Transmutated/Soul-Linked (is not fair that you can't fusion your Soul-Linked Fashion)
                    • Gold Treasure Keys need to be WAY MORE EXPENSIVE, because it worth TOO MUCH spend 12m and win 10b in just one chest (Clockworks here [if you are lucky enough])
                    • OH MY GOD, IT'S SOUL-LINKED AGAIN! Event (I know that is for the security of be aware that players don't make a Log-in and Make-cash trade, but its really unnecesary that ALL of Log-in event must be Soul-Linked [who would buy Box of Vital anyway?])
                    Technical Issues:
                    • Opening Private Shop may crash the game and forces it to close without any reason.
                    • Character stats window visual bug.
                    Future Updates (wish list):
                    • Party MAX members up to 10 players.
                    • Remake Party Skills (because you can't live with only 3 skills)
                    • Remasterization of Buff Skills Icons (nostalgia may be good, but sometimes you must know when you need to renew things)
                    • Add Low-Tier Accelerator fuel to Station shop and cooldown for it's use. (Do not work in Rainbown Race)
                    • More Reonan Quest/Historian Quest timeline (I NEED MORE STORY)
                    • Premium Area Tasks.
                    • Dungeon Quests related to their continent (sorry for Mars Mine Dungeon, it won't count) (I know that GALA is the only that can make this, but I would love if they can make Bloody Tripily Room reachable and ONLY accesible with a special card after obtained in a quest)
                    • Card's/Scroll's tab in Inventory (Store all your cards and Scrolls/Tickets here please)
                    • 2 more rows for Fashon tab.
                    • 1 more row for Pet tab.
                    • Make Arrow/Poster slot in inventory say "Quiver/Poster" instead of "Bow/Poster"
                    • Mark and Delete option in inventory.
                    • Off-Limits wall more accurate (for a full exploration map instead of "there is a zone that I can stand, but this stupid invisible wall doesn't let me pass through" (because passing through mountains it's hilarious and realistic thing)
                    • Flairs private shop overpopulation makes full lag entering the town, make they open their shops on the big flying thing that is above the town (put stairs so everyone can acces) or something related.
                    • 4 slots more for Private shop.
                    And last, but not least...
                    • MAX Penya on Inventory, Bank and Vendor up to 5 or more Billions


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                      For the Soul-linked item in event it is just to prevent abuse


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                        One thing I found that Gala ignored for the Pet Filter option is that Refreshers have been ignored by the Pet Filter.

                        Vital drinks are included in the "potion" option but that Refreshers have been ignored by the pet filters. Refreshers should been fed into the "potions" category. It's the only type of item that has been precluded by the pet filter.