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  • Madrigalaxy Event 2017

    Date: July 25th, 2017 - August 15th, 2017
    NPC: Vega
    Location: Flaris
    Level: 15-155
    Objective: Collect 5 Glass Bottles (from Monsters level 15+) and 5 Star Pieces (from Monsters level 15+) and bring them to Vega in Flaris. She will reward you with a Star Box 2017 !
    Riding Cloud (Light pink) A mysterious flying cloud. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h. 1 No
    Brown Tuxedo set (M) Brown Tuxedo set for Male characters 1 No
    Red Dress set (F) Red Dress set for Female characters 1 No
    Nymph Hair (F) Black Fancy black hair for Female Characters 1 No
    Luxury Hair (M) Brown Luxury brown hair for Male Characters 1 No
    Tiger Cub Young Tiger wich follows you overall and collect your items. 1 No
    Bridge Lovers' Gift Box A wide range of wonderful gift for you lover 1 No
    A Premium Box Hundreds of free gift are waiting for you! 1 No
    Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) 1 No
    1 Day Extra Bag Expands item carrying limit for characters. (Lasts 24 hours from activation, even if logged off) 1 No
    Friendship (A) Summon a player to you (30 sec: Casting Time). This item only works on characters on the same continent or in the same instance. 1 No
    FlyForFun Bundle Box Contains a Fly, For, and Fun card! 1 No
    The Seeds of Love Increases Max HP by +150 for 1 hour. Once expired it becomes a Love Sprout. 1 Yes
    Rhisis Box Treasure box that has Rhisis's blessing 1 No
    Green Root Beer Increases your Speed by +5% and your HP by +100 for 10 minutes. 1 No
    Basic Furniture Set (Red) (7 days) Basic Furniture Set in Red 1 Yes
    Pink Cake I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake. Recovers 9.999 FP. 8 No
    Green Cake A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. Recovers 9.999 MP. 8 No
    White Cake Not quite a Chef Duff masterpiece, but it does the job! Recovers 9.999 HP. 8 No

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    Hope the droprate is good.
    ~ The realest.


    • #3
      Nice! No collector field farming. Also some slightly different prizes from 2015 / 2016 Madrigalaxy Event. Drop rate is OKAY.

      Wonder what's in this box? Bridge Lovers' Gift Box


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        Oh oh nice event I am wondering, does anyone know what is in the box below?
        Bridge Lovers' Gift Box A wide range of wonderful gift for you lover 1 No
        Thank you!


        • #5
          Nice a Three week event.
          We have to Find out What is inside that box. "Bridge Lovers' Gift Box".
          Keep it secret but share it with your love one : )
          Couple Ring may-be and more ..
          Last edited by Pabo; 25-07-17, 10:48 AM.


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            Well Bridge is a card game, possibly jack cards etc?


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              It seems that star pieces can be collected. Just found 5 of them on my afk collector )


              • XDreamTee
                XDreamTee commented
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                Oh yeah! You aren't actually wrong. You can in fact collect star pieces at a rate of 10pcs/30mins As opposed to the 1v1 farming 30 star Pieces / 20mins. That's rather low rate. Everyone would be complaining again including me that's probably why they made it be dropped by mobs this time. Which is better.

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              A little disappointed since the Red Dress, Brown Tux and Tiger Cub were so prolific during the Easter Event.

              But hey, at least this time not everything is soul-linked unlike the Summer Box.


              • #9
                Anyone any idea at the Bridge Lovers' Gift Box? Curious what is in it....


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                  I was disappointed in this years event prizes as well. Webzen and Gala seem to be colluding to dump Tiger Cubs, Brown Tuxedo sets and Red Dresses onto the servers. What happened to the Wedding Dress and bridal Tuxedo sets that we had been getting with this event?

                  I'm registering a complaint about these particular items because they seem to be getting included with every event, or just about every event, and they are devaluing the server prices on these items. I thought Gala was so concerned about not wanting to interfere with the server economies? The same thing has happened with the Couple Rings. I don't mind these items in events but stop including them in *EVERY* event.


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                    Hello, is it just me or the drop ratio seems to be 3 to 1 Glass Bottle/ Star Piece? Thank you,


                    • XDreamTee
                      XDreamTee commented
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                      Yah i noticed this too.

                      Also, why is there a "crystalized soul" event questie?

                    • Tigerian
                      Tigerian commented
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                      It's roughly there, however collect overnight or during farming. It'll even out. Collection rate is about 6-9 per hour.

                    • Pabo
                      Pabo commented
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                      If I am not mistaking.
                      My playtime 1v1 for 2 h + 24 h AFK in the collecting field The total drop rate is 300 Glass Bottle / 300 Star Piece.
                      Edit correction.
                      Read 300 / 300 (not 100/100) ==> 1v1 for 2h + 24h in the collecting field with a collector + 5.
                      (The drop rate over the monsters could be higher).
                      Last edited by Pabo; 28-07-17, 02:01 PM.

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                    Good event, i want the tiger cub!


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                      So what does the red furnitures actually do? They don't give out stats like the green ones?

                      So the bridge lover's gift box gives out protection scrolls? But very low rate to even get the box. i didnt get even 1 bridge lover's gift box from 100 spring boxes. My friend opened the gift box and he got x1 Apro not soul linked.
                      Last edited by XDreamTee; 28-07-17, 11:54 AM. Reason: Corrected. Less confusing.


                      • Zamasuu
                        Zamasuu commented
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                        I opened one and got a quest item for the white day event. Kinda strange.

                    • #14
                      Why crystalized soul in collecting area ?


                      • #15
                        Why is everyone complaining about Crystallized Souls? Thanks a lot for mentioning that in the forums. Are you guys aware of how hard it is to collect those things during the Spring event, when the drop rates are so low? So, some players had to mention they were still dropping? Boneheads. Ruin it for everyone, why don't you?


                        • Kiesle
                          Kiesle commented
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                          Furthermore, Crystallized Souls allow you to claim the Spring Boxes where you can get all of that free Yukata fashion sets, including thre male and female Mizu Yukata fashion sets.

                        • ZenVictim
                          ZenVictim commented
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                          Ohhh really, Spring ? We are in Summer and normally it"s a Glasses Bottles drops wich are gone with Stars Pieces to get a Stars Box 2017... But there is true that we can collect them on market easily ;o)
                          Last edited by ZenVictim; 01-08-17, 06:51 PM.