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Next expansion confirmed for Europe & North America!

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  • Next expansion confirmed for Europe & North America!

    Hi everybody,
    Today we are thrilled to bring you some exciting news:

    Earlier today, we officially confirmed that the latest expansion, Turning Point Part 1, which was released earlier this year in Korea & Japan, will also come to Europe & North America!

    At this point we would like to share our official press statement with all of you:

    The highly anticipated new expansion "Turning Point Part 1" will come to Europe & America.
    Seoul, Korea – 21st April, 2016 – WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, today confirms that the latest expansion for popular manga MMORPG FLYFF – Fly For Fun will be released on European & American servers later in 2016.

    FLYFF – Fly For Fun, an institution among manga MMORPGs with over 60 million registered accounts worldwide, surprised its Korean & Japanese players in the beginning of 2016 with a brand new, action-packed expansion. Generations of Korean & Japanese players celebrated this extraordinary content update together.

    Following its very successful Asian release, WEBZEN is excited to confirm that preparations for a Western release have begun. In addition to new content, WEBZEN is also planning to publish further development & improvements for FLYFF players, which will be announced soon.

    Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: "We are delighted to confirm that we will be bringing FLYFF's latest expansion, Turning Point Part 1, to our players." He continues: "Players have been patiently waiting for new content, and we are very excited to be able to finally deliver it. Judging by the response of FLYFF's Asian players, we are extremely confident that all of our players will like Turning Point Part 1. We look forward to uniting old, current and new players alike!"

    Quite exciting, huh? As we said in our press statement, we will update you with details of the expansion release in near future.

    We can't wait to update you soon!

    Please use this forum thread to share your thoughts and questions with all of us.

    Your Flyff Webzen-Team

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    Woot! Finally some good news from Gala after many years! I can't wait for the new version, hope everything will be as expected ( pet filter, new dungeon and such). Just try not to bring a lot of bugs like usual? Tee Hee.


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      why delete my comment, i'm not allowed an opinion?


      • Prololz
        Prololz commented
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        You're maybe too bitchy to read

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      Flyff is Back !!! long time sea player here . Dis gunna be gud


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        Anyone has the link for what the Korean version got with this update?


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          I made a post about it here:


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            We look forward to uniting old, current and new players alike!"

            SERVER MERGE WOOP!
            ~ The realest.


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              Are the servers gonna merge? do anyone of us will lose items?


              • Nerve
                Nerve commented
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                There's in no way been any indication that there would be a server merge in this announcement so please read it for yourself instead of blindly taking over what some people post.

              • XXxPandaxXx
                XXxPandaxXx commented
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                ''We look forward to uniting old, current and new players alike!'' sounds to me like you guys gonna merge US servers together.. its all over the forums and facebook..

                sad part bout it is that the buggs and exploits arent fixed in the ''new expension'', nice pet filter tho, those came out 6 years ago.

                EDIT: hopefully we get the patched pet filter tho

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              Good News, but i would rather have the innocent banned accounts back before we start this. What can you guys tell us about that?

              slightely getting frustrated, i am never getting an anwser


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                I hope we no longer walk inside the water in v20, or on the magma on Darkon 3. Those parts are really embarrassing.


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                  The first thing that should happen is to miss and position bugs TO BE FIXED! Then i will be back with my friends playing the game again.


                  • Greyson
                    Greyson commented
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                    Amen, those position bugs can be quite irritating. Specially the passage to The Wildings, you literally go through the inside of a Mountain, and that inaccessible path near the entrance of Darkon 3 on the west that is quite irritating too

                  • PimpYetti
                    PimpYetti commented
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                    havent seen that bug since a year now on CW

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                  time to eat my words and lvl again
                  thought I'd never say that again lol


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                    omg I'm so excited the best news ever I don't care if there will be bugs or not I love that flyff is getting an expatiation I'm defiantly celebrating once its officially out!!
                    the fact that it is still running after all these years really is a wonderful luxury.


                    • DanaKolin
                      DanaKolin commented
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                      Totally agree with every word XDDDDDD its been too long, i really hope new and old players will come once again xD

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                    Well, we'll see if it's worth it to play


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                      This news has come as quite a shock to me. o-o
                      Hopefully everyone returns again, seems to be the general pattern.