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[In-game] J'aime le Chocolat ! Valentine's Day in Flyff! (02/02 - 02/23/16)

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    Valentine event is one of my favourite events.
    Almoust everyone are waiting for it because we can get apros and spros the main reason. After xmas event everyone needs to upgrade the xmas jewelery or other jewelery.
    Everything else is less importatn.
    I agree with Clockz garnets/lapiz and hairbands are not that much interesting right now. Maybe after merge when new rookies show up or return players garnets are gonna be needed and hairbands.

    If you can Klaig i wish this valentine event to be able to exchange bouquette and chocholates for boxes with chance to get apro/spro box.
    As well for male chars to get apro/spro box instead of hairband or you could put booth so ppl can choose which one they like more.



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      agree please make rewards choosable on both genders or give the same reward to both genders and dont link fashion to characters that recieve it cause getting male fashion on female and visa versa is annoying as hell and super unfortunate its like not getting a reward at all


      • Pabo
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        2016 Valentine's Day event.

        Lovely Ribbon and Luxury Hairband doesn't have a gender restriction.
        A male or female character can wear it, (*)
        (Soul Linked once equipped to your character)

        (*) As soon you wear it, the look will be different depending on your gender..
        e.g. Luxury Hairband.. Red for girl, Blue for boy
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      • Meanysword
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        im pretty sure that event the hairdband came sl in the first place and you had to unbind to make it not sl but i could be wrong