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  • C9 Gameplay Experience Feedback & Suggestion

    This is more of a suggestion than feedback but perhaps it's about the Master/Unique Guild buffs requirement for the specified item. For the span of the game's lifetime, I do believe that it would be impossible to get 100 pcs of a certain item required for the buff if the chance to get it from guild pouches is 1-3% more likely would become useless and would just remain as a design on your crafting tab. Aside from that the game haven't updated much focusing on the complexity of the guild yet. Altering is possible since you were able to change the unique buff before from the previous xmas event. So for the options depending on the scope of your system tools, you can change the items required when it comes to quantity, raise the acquisition rate or hold an event that would benefit guild buff crafting.

    In addition to that I would also want to state my feedback regarding your support over tickets, email and forums. There is a particular group of people that Webzen most likely assist immediately than any other customers players. I don't need to drop the name nor specify these group of people cause everyone knows who are they but anyway since the game is considered international, you should learn how to treat your customers equally regardless from where they are, then if you are not open to this you shouldn't have shut down the main server for C9 nor open it for International Access. My apologies if there would be grammar lapse in this but I do hope that ya'll would be able to comprehend well with the message that I am trying to tell ya'll.

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    true, there has been no guild that's able to craft guild master buff since the beginning of C9!
    they should also make use of the regular buff(those extra candles or chair or whatever of the same buff) as a requirement to craft the next better buff... they're just extra trash for now with no value whatsoever.


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      It's even hell difficult to craft perfect grade buffs just to get recipes. There's something definitely wrong with guild buff crafting system. There are many times when me and my guild mates farmed like hundreds times in one map and got 1 PIECE ONLY of crafting materials. Needless to say that most of the guilds are dead and only top 10-15 guilds are surviving in the forsaken land of C9. Even some players prefer not to even join a guild as they still find using guild buffs/skills has subtle benefit to the overall gameplay. The whole guild system needs to be revamped and more features need to be introduced to it.

      I'd like to add some suggestions in addition to revamping guild system. I'd really love to see HOME system as well, where players can have a virtual home that they can furnish (adds additional stats) and have a backyard where they can grow corps (in-game items) that will be useful for crafting or even get occasionally rare/unique stuff. In addition to the home system, I'd guess MARRIAGE & FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS or BOND SYSTEM for short, which will add more sociability among C9 community in addition to boosting players overall stats. The whole of idea of implementing these suggestions is to build a coherent C9 community where gaming is not about farming, clearing dungeons or cussing each other in PVP matches.

      The pet system was a good idea even though it's another money milking one. But I believe they should get rid of stamina potion from the cash shop and make it obtainable from dungeons/crafting. Yeah, Webzen won't like this idea because they implemented stamina system on pets to make players spend more money. I believe you could still earn more money if you make summoning pets permit-table to 2 or maybe 3 but they should be different. This way, players will still buy more pets and even spend more money on Brinstone to be able to get powerful pets. In the future, evolution system can be expanded to another level. The reason I make this suggestion because classes that suffer in PVE can benefit from this feature. And people won't be bothered about that alpha stage Nightstalker that the devs have never found a solution and will never bother about it as long as Mystics are ruling the world of C9 (I still love mystics).

      Next is Mentorship system. We know that mentors receive rewards from mentoring low level players, but who'd really bother about getting low level stuff as a reward. I believe rewards should really reflect the level of mentors. Mentors need more incentives to power level other players willingly.

      The game is not improving because C9 Developers and GMs don't really play this game, that's why they are not bothered about improving the social and rewarding systems.

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        Pfft how about fuck this game??? I bet you none of the gms or developers play their own game, hence why they will never understand the communities frustration. Plus they dont listen to anyone at all so its just a game waiting to die. Just when those coin buyers think for a second and see its a total waste of time and life, this game will die. I could list 15 bad points for every 1 good point about this game. My common sense says that ratio doesn't deserve a single dime out my pocket.


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          the point is, they should lessen the required matts for the Master/Unique buff, i mean make it possible or atleast higher the chance.


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            I think there should be a review on this one. it's too difficult to craft and discourages most players rather than really motivating them.. C9 Admin I hope you can have a look into this.


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              Hello C9 Veteranz Been playing for 5 years straight from SEA Server, this game is good based on my experience; here are some suggestions:

              1. For Level. 70 Players + up - Increase the Guild Skill & Buff Slot to 4/5.

              2. Cash Warehouse Key provide at least 1 so we can transfer acount bound item at our Inventory [Cash Tab].
              Increase Inventory Capacity to 180 like w/ Cash Inv.

              3. Event Update/Sales for Pendant of Time. Especially for Players who use Rare/Master/Unique Weapons w/ Limited Duration.
              from (Accel/Revival Exchange./Adventure Coin -Rewards/Jumping/Support Chest)

              4. Unique Weapon for Valkyrie / New Sub Class for Mystic[Str/Wis].

              5. Fix the Volunteer/Support System. There is an Error when you support a player.

              6. Redeem Code Limit incr. x2 character on Account / We need Resurrection Scroll | Reset /Skill Reset/PC Cafe/
              Extreme Potion Giveaway.

              7. Adjust the Survival / Increase Party Limit to Guardian Tower, Currently a Solo Dungeon / We need Survival Conqueror Chest Event.

              8. All Unique Weapons are good, (thats why its called Unique). but exception to other weapons-others need to be modified. ex. Wheel of Death

              9. At the New Dungeon, with +9 and below Armor, Cave Lapu/RaebinHarc Archer
              can kill you in 1 hit and its not easy to Evade thats why we need Extreme Potion Event(not Bound).
              We expect more of this Shadow Dungeon [Future Updates (Expert/Master Difficulty)] from Webzen

              10. Epic Items are good too, Useful at PvP & PvE. Please add an Epic Item Drop @ Endor Forest Nightmare and Water Dragons Haven Nightmare.

              11. Some Returning Players (from year 2012 |Beta Test|
              who became inactive until last maintenance have forgot their second password. we need fast response to tickets we submitt.

              12. Please update an Exp Boost GO Event @ Raebin Continent for all Lv 67. players who received Hero Support Chest on or before August 6.

              13. In the Akene Oracle System please make the Akene Coin-Bound to Account.
              14. Prelude Set/Eye of Storm Soul Set for Returning Players.
              15. Life and Death/Eye of Storm/Way of Aptitude/Sabrina/Sudden Onslaught/ & other Rare Soul Sales. Raleigh Secret Shop - 30 day soul.

              *** These are some of things i observed as an Adventurer in this Online RPG game. There are more positive suggestions to say, but other players may have better~
              This game lasted for 5 years & we expect more of this game

              "The only time you fail is when you quit".