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  • Feedback on current state of the game

    Hey there everybody

    So before I get into the topic,you (readers) need to know 2 things:

    1-What I'm going to write next is only related to C9 Webzen EU server and has nothing to do with SEA nor NA since I never played on those so I can't judge them.
    2-Don't judge the topic so quickly from its beginning.It might give you the wrong idea at the beginning but better read through all of it so you can get the full picture and realize my point here.

    That's all,let's begin then!

    -There is no saving this game. No insane company would buy C9 for expensive price when its dead and not very known to them as much as its known to Webzen.

    -Webzen knows how to profit from the community they collected here. Look what happens is like this:

    They choose mostly stupid or toxic people as VLs so they can attract a stupid community a stupid community is anti pros so in other words:
    if there is a pro or skilled player,they'll make his/her life hell because,everything they do,they'll call cheating because,they can't git gud

    So the smarter and skilled players will eventually move on to another game or go (almost) inactive. The active ones seem to be mostly the stupid players as of today,unfortunately.

    Stupid players pay more.
    They're more likely to pay to get through content than smart skilled players.

    Recently,they reduce invasion rewards and invasion gives only 3 palladiums and 1 rune box,now from what I've noticed.
    They make free player life harder because,they don't want free stupid players.
    Smart free players won't care as much since they'll find out a way around but they're more likely to be flushed out by stupid players.
    So in short,they want only the paying stupid players as those are most profitable for them.
    The stupid free players will just whine about how P2W the game is eventhough its not P2W.Its called skinner but gl explaining that to them.

    The stupid players have the mentality of "I've spent so much on this game so I'll have to spend more for it even if I'm not having fun." Smart players will go like "I've spent so much on this game but even then,its pointless to spend more on it because,I'm no longer having fun. The money would be more efficient if spent on something more useful whether on another game or something in real"
    That's why they don't want paying smart players because,they know when to stop paying

    So that's how VL system serves their strategy
    It attracts the community they want to keep in the game or their "target market" for the current state of the game which is "stupid paying players"
    But that also brings toxicity,scamming and much bs That's what is to be expected from stupid players,afterall.

    So say if someone plays a certain class in a skilled way,they decide not to see it and actually discourage their work and call him/her a cheater,etc or just mock their work for some silly reason because,they're stupid so they get jealous of better players rather than learning from them to get better themselves.

    That's the community Webzen have sought to collect and it seems they've succeeded in that for the most part. Hence,they've ruined this game from A to Z from technical play to social community.
    Webzen has condemned this game you guys say you love to a cursed state of undeath and rot rather than letting it die in dignity or be resurrected by capable hands and all for the sake to increase their profits.

    So to the stupid players:stop saying you love this game and mourning how it was.
    Stop being the ones who killed the victim and then walked in their funeral. Its not cool!
    And to the corrupt (S)VL(T)s (or 80%-90% of EU's volunteers),you said you loved the game and that you wanted to help it but all you did is "helping Webzen" not the game.
    You sold your voice and potential to Webzen in return for a non existent value (that you believe is something when it really is nothing).
    You betrayed the game and helped in ruining it more and all for your greed and personal gain and the fake fame in this dead game and for looking nice infront of the mostly stupid masses of players Webzen has collected within this game so good job! I hope you are proud.