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Witchblade - Slayer skill issue

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  • Witchblade - Slayer skill issue

    Hello Everyone!
    I am writing this because there is old issue related to Slayer class - i can't use primary dagger attack (LMB) when attack Fear Throw (<W>+<F>) is finished. Dagger just disappears from hand then
    Thanks for help in advance

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    That's not a bug. When you use one of your dagger throw skills, it consumes a dagger from your dagger stack, if you threw your last dagger in that stack, you will now have no daggers to use, either to throw, or use in melee. You can see how many are left in your dagger stack to the right of your HP, and MP bars in the upper left area of the screen, it's the mostly purple icon, before you used the skill in that video, your dagger stack showed only one left in the stack, when you threw the dagger, the stack icon disappeared, as you threw your last one. There's a command, or active skill (forget which it is off hand) you can use to add a dagger to your stack, check your skill list for it, as it's a default skill that all slayers, and base witchblades have. There's also a passive skill that allows you to increase the max size of your dagger stack if you like using dagger throw skills a lot, I think the default max size is three daggers, but if you remember to use the fore mentioned skill often, three should be enough.
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      OK, thanks for tip