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Getting Soulshards, and the new Class Unlock Sytem on a Whole

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  • Getting Soulshards, and the new Class Unlock Sytem on a Whole

    Considering how barren PvP pretty much always is these days (yes there's more doing it right now, but that's due to people trying to farm Soulshards, yesterday for instance, it was empty), it would seem safe to say that most aren't all that interested in PvP. Aside from that, the C9 player base is certainly lower than it used to be, so any form of group content, is harder to get going than it used to be. Due to all that, making getting new classes dependant on doing PvP, is going to be a turn off for many that are still playing, and could very well cause some of those that are still left, to leave the game.

    What makes things even worse is how low the odds of getting Soulshards is, and how long it takes to get a chance to get them. I opened nineteen of those Competitive mode boxes just now, I got Soulshards x3 once, Soulshards x1 once, and the rest of the "rewards" you can get, are a joke (10x Akene Coins, a 10k XP book, a 10k gold item, and PvP currency items). Next I tried Crash mode once, it costs 50k gold to start it, and because I couldn't kill the boss at the end, I got nothing from it. You need 400 Soulshards to get the new class item, and each round of Competitive mode takes three minutes, participation gives you one chest, and each round you win gives you one chest, so the whole thing takes about ten minutes (three, three minute rounds, plus the delays between rounds), just to get one, to four chests, that have a low chance of giving you what you want. After about an hour of messing with this system, I only got four Soulshards, I need another 296 of them (got 100 from the login event we just had), meaning if not for the 100 Soulshard head start, with that rate of gains, you could be looking at spending some 100 hours of doing Competitive mode, just to unlock a class, and that's only if you don't have to wait for someone to do it with, and you're winning basically every round, meaning it'd be far, far, FAR longer under normal circumstances, that's nuts, especially for someone that hates PvP, so I got really sick of this whole thing, real fast, and stopped doing it. If not doing this means I'll never unlock the new classes they have planned, then I guess that saves me money, as it means I won't have new characters to get stuff for.

    I'd say toss this whole class unlock system all together, it takes far too long, and it's just not fun, especially for those of us that want nothing to do with PvP. Although if you insist on locking new classes behind it, make getting Soulshards part of the general playing experience, that can be obtained through PvE, and PvP, or as just as an extra login reward. If you want to get more people doing PvP, first off you should try to get more people playing C9, then trying to get people to do PvP, that don't want to do PvP, just to get rewards that aren't PvP specific, is not a good idea. Just about every publisher tries this with games that have both PvE, and PvP, and I've never seen it work out well, as it just tends to turn people that don't like PvP off from playing, and the people that do like PvP, who actually do want a challenge, just get a bunch of people that may not even fight back, which even turns the PvP players off of PvP.
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    Ok so on the first day of the release of the Manacrafter there was usually about five rooms of people doing 1vs1 Competitive mode, at least on my server, Akene (US serer). One day later when I looked, there was usually only about one, or two rooms of people doing 1vs1 Competitive mode. Now after they changed it so Competitive mode requires at least six people, there's 0 rooms of people doing 3vs3 Competitive mode.

    I get the feeling you guys REALLY don't understand the situation with PvP in this game, or at least on some servers, or how few people there are left playing. There have been times where I've gotten even just unranked PvP as a Daily Work task, set up a 1vs1 room of Relay that would auto start when the other person starts it, and be over with just one round, then walked away from the computer to do something for maybe an hour, or more, come back, and find it still hasn't finished, as no one started the match, and that's even around more peak times for my server. Yet you guys figured that the way to fix the situation was to make Competitive mode potentially more rewarding, but require three times more people to start? No, that made things much worse, not better. Just get rid of that whole new system, and stick with the usual system of being able to just pick the desired class we want to play.

    I should also add that I refuse to buy random boxes in games. I may be slightly tempted if the new class looks fun enough to buy it outright, but there's no way I'd gamble for it.
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      Totally agree. You can only obtain that stuffs on PvP. The PvE users dont have a chance to get it. I like C9 but i not a PvP player, i am more like a casual gamer. Sorry for my english.