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Some Suggestions (To make C9 less tedious)

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  • Some Suggestions (To make C9 less tedious)

    Hello Everyone!
    I am writing this because there is a lot of really simple things, what are simple but extremely much used and like so time and nerves consuming. I am sure that i am not the only one with these small wishes.

    I am sure that IF ever changes anything regarding these, what i doubt, that will make the whole game system and mechanics much more entertaining. So here they are what i think you all know and aware of.

    Auction House: -buying an item from any page of the trade office, resets it to the first page. (Make it STAY on that page where i made a purchase! )
    -Item searches for actually all are soo limited. If i want to just look for example ALL hunter related stuff and i do not care about the type, i cannot. I HAVE to choose the type, otherwise i cannot search all hunter weapons, armor. But so i have to search for every single item one after another..(Make categories NOT Parent-child related databases, but individual and unrelated options. I know this one is kinda complex to rework as the actual system it is. But this is just a suggestion)
    -If someone sells a lot from an item, you have to buy all. Or try to reach the seller to sell to you smaller amount. (Let us buy from the bulk of items as much we would like to do. Maybe a similar system could be done like the number choosing when you craft items and choose the amount.)
    -Trading system fee is ridiculous. 500 gold max, and then you lose 10% of the total amount so you have to calculate more when setting price. And also the one day is not really in balance with the 10%. (Let players choose 24-48-72 hour trades, eliminate the registering fee completely, and make depending of the hour chosen 3%-4%-5% paid IN ADVANCEas fee, what is sent back with mail IF the trade was unsuccesful, but for succesful trades OR Cancelled trades ,it IS the fee and the seller will not get it back. Like so trade office.would not be full with absolutely ridiculous prices)

    Crafting and all: -Artisan chests stacking 10... i dont think i have to say whats the problem when you want to open 1000 - 2000 from these.. the random rolls also insane slow in large scale openings. you easily spend 3 hours of clicking for nothing. (Make the stacks as almost all items in game 9999.)
    -Make Alchemy converting IN BULK!!! 100 or 200 or even 50 at once would help... make ONE Elemental gem X you need 1800 shards...combining it one by one clicking is know..i do not say ugly words here...1800 first...then 900click second...then 450 click ...then 225 click. and so on...all one by one....(Make this stupid combining at least chooseable AUTOMATIC!!!!!! at least for the first 5 level of the gems...)
    -When crafting, and an item need another crafted item then clicking on the material item does nothing. (Make it jump to the item`s crafting section that we can craft it right away, and do not have to search in the chaotic crafting list over and over again. If it is a different type of profession then nothing changes.)
    - Equipment crafting same as like the trade office... make the roll down options individually, and unreleatedly chooseable..

    Misc: -I know none of the maps allow fishing. System should auto de-equip it when you enter a portal....
    -Magic primers, Chaos stones have still about 6-7 item code, DESPITE the webzen note in 2018 March. Like so we have 200 primer in 4-5 different type of stacks and of course unuseable so.
    -You DO NOT see how much Magic primer, Chaos Stone, Nether sand, Magic Seal stone or any these kind of materials needed when tinkering anything with equipment, ONLY AFTER you put one at least into the slot. (Make it visible to the player when he/she opens up the relevant window. Even a tooltip would help, or anything.....)
    -Enchants/Upgrades MUST SHOW the chance exactly what you have when enchanting!!!!
    -Combining is absolutely without player intervention. We click the combine and let the system decide if the god of random generated number shines upon us or not. This is absolutely pissing off the player, and the money pocket both. Especially when a level X gem fails after combining tens of thousands of materials. ( Triple or quadruple the materials needed but make Level X gems 100% success.)

    Thank you for reading
    have a nice game