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  • Video Settings Problem

    I can run the game in the low setting and the 2nd lowest setting, and it works ok, but when i get to medium or higher things go crazy. At medium the ground disappears and it seems I am walking on water. At high setting the ground is there but all objects are seen as if the ground is transparent, the rocks for example are visible on the surface and also the shape of them under the surface, and the same for structures that seem to have parts below the surface of the ground. The clouds are visible in front of the buildings and obscure view of them, but they are clearly small and supposed to be in the background. It might be playable but is just a bit too strange and confusing, as nothing looks real. The insides of buildings are visible as well as the outsides, overlapping.
    How can I fix this? I've tried running the game as windows 8 and windows xp-3. Can I adjust my graphics card settings a certain way? It is a AMD rx560.
    I would like to play with settings higher than low+.

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    Check your AA setting of your GPU