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I got issue on change email help pls :(

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  • I got issue on change email help pls :(

    I want to change my email but i forgot the previous one .. since i stop playing this game for a long time ..

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    Hello there

    In order to change your e-mail adress you should contact Webzen by submiting a ticket. >>here<<
    Email Change Account/Email topics
    Please provide the following information:
    Username: (Account ID)
    Registered Email: (You can provide a list of possible emails if you are uncertain or skip it if you forgot it)
    New email: (That the account will be registered on, make sure it was never used with Webzen/gPotato before.)
    Game: (games you played from WEBZEN)
    First login/account creation date:
    Last login:
    Last 3 payment methods used:
    Last 3 items bought Wcoin:
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    Rakhdan (EU)



    • Gedas
      Gedas commented
      Editing a comment
      hello admins i have tried to change an email for my account. i couldn't do it with the solution provided by you.

      i did 3 tickets in MU Origin Game and 3 tickets on Webzen. i feel like i am taken as a joke and who is taking care of webzen support sends me to Mu Origin Support while Mu origin Send me to Webzen!

      is just hilarious your Support on both platforms.

      this is the answer given by "support of Webzen"


      Thanks for contacting us.

      Unfortunately, this kind of service/request is not covered by our support. If you're still having the same issue, you may

      send another ticket about this to the designated team, Global MU Origin support in order for them to assist you.

      Here's the link for you to reach them:

      We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

      In case you require further assistance: Please don't hesitate to contact us again.

      Kind regards,
      Your WEBZEN Team

      and Mu Origin Support response is :

      We understand that you would like to change the email address of your MU Origin account. Please be advised that each login method such as Google, Facebook and Webzen have a different methods of changing the email address. Unfortunately, Yahoo is not available nor covered by our system. For your convenience, we have listed down the links to the instructions for each method below:

      * If you are using ""Log in with WEBZEN""
      * Request an email change by contacting the portal Customer Support:

      * If you are using ""Log in with Facebook""
      * Please visit Facebook's ""Help Center"" for the steps:

      * If you are using ""Log in with Google""
      * It is not possible to change the email address of your Google account as it is your Google Mail (Gmail).

      Please note that MU Origin does not have an account email change as it is using the account system of Google, Facebook, and the portal for logging-in to the game.

      We hope that we were able to clarify how the system works. Thank you for patience and understanding.

      MU Origin Support Team

      kindly look into this issue. and take action!

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    Hello, did you tried to submit ticket and choose gPotato merge then what if i forgot my old account ID, password, email?

    If you didn't try this way make it and give us the ticket number later

    Go to Knowledge base guide then Choose gPotato merge then what if i forgot my old account ID, password, email
    and answer as you can these questions :-

    • User Name (of the affected accounts):
    • The registered e-mail address:
    • If you cannot remember the registered e-mail address, give us a list of possible e-mail addresses with which the account may be registered:
    • The previously registered e-mail address (if applicable):
    • A new email that you wish us to register the account on:
    • The date of account creation:
    • Your date of birth:
    • The Webzen forum nickname:
    • Do you receive our newsletter:
    • Do you live in Europe:
    • Your first and last name:

    You can also send us a copy of your ID card or passport. If you're not yet 18 years old, you need the consent of a parent or guardian.
    • Has the account ever been banned, and if so, when?
    • The names, class and level of the characters in the various Webzen games:
    • The topics of any other tickets you have made to us, and the answers that you received from us:
    • Content of character inventory:
    • Payment amount and method (PaysafeCard, Sponsorpay, SMS) of the last Wcoin purchase you made:
    • What items were purchased in the premium store:
    • What places of residence (urban) was used for the account?
    • When was the account used for the last time you logged in?
    • What Internet providers have been used?
    • Other Webzen accounts created by you:

    [VL]Eagle1One Server: EU

    Youtube Channel:


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      I believe, the moderators who give you the details are accurate. You should have sent a ticket directly to C9 Support via

      You would be able to resolve your issue if you will provide the exact details that the 'Support Team' is requiring. It will be just an endless lope of declined tickets if you will not give the data required.

      Please try to read the 'Content' properly first, and send a ticket to the 'right category'.