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  • Second password

    I don't remember my second password.
    What do I do then?

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    Hello there,
    Please send a ticket to Make sure you choose C9 from the select game and choose Secondary Password from the select category. Also you will need to include the information that can be used to verify your identity as owner of the account. You can include:

    - Registered birthday
    - The region you signed up
    - Your email address
    - Last 3 payment methods
    - Last 3 items bought with Wcoins
    - Screenshots
    - Etc.

    Anything that can help to verify your identity. This information is needed so that the person processing your 2nd Password request can be sure that you are the actual owner requesting the reset. Thanks.

    The original response is from [SVL]Peejay

    Rakhdan (EU)