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Regarding the Event Calendar, Runes, and Palladium

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  • Regarding the Event Calendar, Runes, and Palladium

    The in-game event calendar was a nice idea, that they only made use of for a few events, and have since ignored. Now every time I log in a character, there's the blank event calendar opened up by default. Please either start using it again, or just remove it if you don't intend to use it any more.

    I like most everything about how the Runes system works, and find they make a noticeable difference to the strength my characters. The one thing I dislike about them is how verbose the UI is when equipping, and especially unequipping my Runes. When equipping them there's a pop-up window to let you know you did so for each one, then when unequipping there's two pop-up windows. I see no reason for the pop-up windows, and wish they were like Souls, where there is no such pop-ups each time. In this regard, Runes are like Skill Books, and Palladium, where all those pop-ups are also annoying, but I equip, and unequip my Runes far more often than I do either of those other two.

    With Palladium, either provide an in-game way to get them again, or at least make them bound to account, rather than character bound.
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