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  • Feedback : Enhance System

    So, this enhance system needs a rework.

    How it works:

    If it's a high level enhance (above +11), chances are:

    a) Your weapon will break. Must use sacred stones ( Gold sink part 1.)

    b) Your weapon will be locked. Must use magic primers (Most ridiculous part of this whole system - Gold sink part 2)

    c) Unlocked your weapon? Here, it's +9 now, the enhance level dropped. ( Gold sink part 3)

    d) Tried to put it + 10 after failing and locking at +9 ? Guess what? Magic primers are random, chances are, your weapon will be locked after the first failed attempt (happened to me twice - Gold sink part 4)

    e) Use lucky stones to try to increase the chance of success. But hey : Super low + Super low = Low chance, still. Chances are, it will fail, and you'll lose the lucky stone. Oh, and it locked again! (Gold sink part 5)

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is so frustrating.

    Why it needs to be reworked:

    Players need high enhanced weapons to face the end game content. I mean, 90% of players can't do Raebin survival until round 20, even in a party of 4 people. It's hard to find decent groups for everything, because not everyone can afford such expensive enhance system, or a transcendent enhance stone.
    But okay, with a lot of money it's possible to get a good weapon with a good enhance. But why do you need that weapon? To farm. To get more money. But how are poor players going to farm the huge amount of gold you need to purcharse a decent enhanced weapon? See, there's a paradox right here. It needs to be fixed.

    It NEEDS to be reworked. Magic primers shouldn't exist in the first place. At least decrease by a great amount the chance of your weapon locking, for gods sake.

    Breaking the weapon and enhance level decreasing is acceptable, even though super high enhance level drops are kinda lame.


    a) Remove magic primers system, or rework it, making it harder to lock your weapon.

    b) Increase the chance of enhance until +13-14.

    c) Show the success rate of each enhance in the blacksmith tab. Allow that rate to chance according to the Lucky Stone you're using, so people can see what their odds are.

    d) Supply the server with more Lucky Stones R3 +; Sacred Enhanced Stones Rank 2 + ; Transcendent Enhance Stones + 12 +.

    e) Value your players feedbacks.

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    Why even bother with this? Magic primers are the first and most money income in this game. Do you think that webzen would remove such an item just for the costumers?
    Also if it was that easy to enhance, many players would get bored and either quit or leave the game for some period of time making the game even more dead than it is.

    I aggree though that they have to show the % of fail succes and lock rate as u suggested but i realy doupt that they will do.


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      Originally posted by Butteater View Post
      Why even bother with this? Magic primers are the first and most money income in this game. Do you think that webzen would remove such an item just for the costumers?
      Because not saying anything surely won't get us anywhere. Saying something might not get us anywhere. So, it's better than remaining silent.

      As for ''if it was that easy to enhance, players would get bored''.
      I never said it was meant to be easy. In the current state, only super rich players can try it safely. I said it should be easer. It'd still be hard, but less frustrating. Less frustration = less players quitting due broken system. And I don't see why they would get bored:

      a) They could farm faster now, get richer and money would start to circulate in this game once more.
      b) They could form parties for challanges, such as extreme, nightmare, survival, with more chance of success. (Be honest, how many parties in this game do you think could complete R20 in raebin? )
      c) They wouldn't feel useless or excluded anymore. They can't farm, can't join a party ( because their damage won't make a difference) , can't do tower and have trouble to complete master raebin dungeons...
      d) They could attempt Tower accessories quests.

      There's no way that an easer enhance system would make the playerbase bored. Only good things would come out of it.
      I'm not saying '' Let them all reach +15 in the first try''. That's not it.

      As for primers, I know they probably will never remove, hence I said - Rework it.
      For example, make it impossible to lock your weapon for XX attempts after using a primer.


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        Well, WEBZEN purposefully moved Magic Primer to the top list when it was actually located on the 3rd page. So, it's obviously a major source of their income. What actually bothers me the most is the chance of weapon to get broken during enhancement. I don't mind if the weapon gets locked more frequently and the chance of success gets lowered, but this single frustrating factor is what makes players rage, I suppose. If they remove breaking chance and lower success chance while improving the effect of lucky stones, enhancement will be less frustrating, I believe. Still, they need to overhaul enhancement system if they need to implement such change. They could limit enhancement level of Magic grade weapon to +15, Rare to +20. increase Perfectto +25, Master/Ultimate/Unique/Epic to +30 and Legendary to +40.

        Game difficulty can be adjusted to counter these changes if needed. Also, normal Enhanced Stones i.e. Divine Stone will be obsolete after +10 and only Sacred Enhance Stones can be used. Since we have different levels of Sacred Enhance Stones, each level will work up to a certain enhancement level. For example, You can use Sacred Enhance Stone R1 to enhance weapons up to +15. From +15 to +20, you'll need to use Sacred Enhance Stone R2 and so forth. And to obtain higher rank stones, all we need is to combine Sacred Enhance Stones of lower ranks to get higher ones, i.e. Sacred Enhance Stone R1 x 10 = 1 Sacred Enhance Stone R2; Sacred Enhance Stone R2 x 30 = 1 Sacred Enhance Stone R3, etc. Rank 1 and Rank 2 should no longer decrease enhancement level.

        It may sound easy to enhance weapons with this new suggested enhanced system, yet we know that our enemy, RNG god, won't make it happen without having us invest our time. effort and money. Lucky Stone will be of a greater value here just like Magic Primer. However, Magic Primer should not be available only through the cash shop. We know that we rarely get Magic Primers from very few named events. Such events will be of great use that players will be actively participating just like in Dimensional Fissure Events. Of course, cash shop will be the fastest and easiest way to get enhancement items. WEBZEN should really think of ways to bring back players by removing obstacles that hinder players progress.

        One more thing, we need Currency Exchange System where players can exchange gold with Wcoin and vise versa. This way, those who don't have access to a credit card, can get cash shop items by trading gold with players who would spend real money.

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          The aging system of c9 is very bad. That starts from +9 has a chance to catch the item. To reach +12 in a perfect weapon often you spend 1 to 2 unlocked if you're lucky. I came to unlock almost 4 times my weapon when you come from +11 to +12, she goes back about 2 times.
          Not simply this, from +12 in weapon P Rare and +13 in Master weapon you have a chance to break the item. If you sacred, the item can go back instead of breaking. Such luck stone for me are the biggest fraud often used and not getting any results.
          Besides you have to unlock the weapon, you have to put sacred stone in each attempt to ultimately you have to again unlock the weapon goes wrong or else the weapon back.
          Few games I seen such a rough system Enhance as the c9! Extremely expensive, taking into account this pathetic economy c9 where "No one is sold, no one buys"


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            This will get ignored as usual, we've made many topics on this enhancement thing, but nothing's changed.. ex the primers used on dual weapons vs single handed weapons to make it half primers used for single-handed weapons but just ignored. well, good luckxD


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              Originally posted by RochellySantrelly View Post
              no one buys
              They are making +14 such bread cheese.

              Originally posted by Seraphiel View Post
              increase to +40
              According to me, +20 is enough for every thing, including the last ninth continent.
              I guess, trans +17 +18 +19 +20 will come out together with continents within time.


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                Originally posted by Hftdfgdm View Post

                They are making +14 such bread cheese.

                According to me, +20 is enough for every thing, including the last ninth continent.
                I guess, trans +17 +18 +19 +20 will come out together with continents within time.
                How easy is it to get +14 ~ +15 Trans Stones?

                Do you think +17 ~ +20 will be easily obtainable with the release of the 9th continent, at least at the same current appearance rate of +14 ~ +16 Trans Stones?

                We are not waiting for such thing to happen because the current enhancement system has already discouraged many players not to continue playing a game that solely depends on the cash shop. That's why I presented my idea considering different things and not only increasing enhancement level just to add more burden. If the situation remains the same, I doubt you will have the same feeling of accepting the current enhancement system. Since your joining date is July 2016, I can assume you that you have experienced none to less frustration than to someone who has been playing the game since its release.

                I'm not expecting such changes will take place, but I have to show my disapproval on the current system as a part of feedback which we wish it will be taken into account one day.

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                • Tr3ize
                  Tr3ize commented
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                  maybe when he said they, he's pertaining to Koreans in SEA server. Koreans here in SEA are PVE maniac, their normal weapon enhancement levels are +15 and up. rarely see Koreans below +15. I can say 80% of Koreans here in SEA have +15 and above weapon level enhancement.

                • Tr3ize
                  Tr3ize commented
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                  And yeah enhancement is really hard, it's not even easy to get +14 stones, etc must use cash with low chance of obtaining one. And thing that's annoying is the higher weapon level we get, more primers are required. so webzen must do something about it, at least they should let primers be dropped on hidden maps like 1 or 2 pcs per run or more.

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                Let's take a moment and take a good look at this:
                This lady spent over 150 dollars worth in primers.
                She started with a +14. Ended with a +12....
                Is this really fair, Webzen?
                Is that how you treat your players, your supporters?
                This enhance system is totally broken, and it should be reworked. Top priority.
                Jesus christ, don't you see that making the enhance too hard is not something that would make people spend money on your game? They know they'll fail. They know they'll lose their money. I, for isntance, would never buy w-coins and spend them on primers because I know that i'll most likely throw all my money into the trash can.
                Now, if we had greater chances, I'd totally buy primers.
                You have to balance it out. Find a middle term, where its good for you and for US!!