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  • Suggestion : Debuffs

    Hi everyone ^^ I want to know your opinion about this suggestion :
    So, we have skills with debuff effects and some skill books adds some debuffs as well ,such as decrease mobs defense.
    Thing is , on skill books, there is a chance that the debuff will trigger ,which is okay.
    But, the problem is : We never know if it's activated.

    So my suggestion is to add some sort of debuff symbol above mobs head or something like this ( similiar to the stun symbol when the mob is stunned). This should also happen on PvP , since some skills has debuffs as well. This could help a lot on survival , dim and other stuff. For exemple, in a 4-man party ,if someone uses a skill that has some chance of decreasing mob defense and it worked , the whole party and the skill user will know that the mob is weakened and will use their most powerful skills. It's a detail, but it would be great.

    What do you think ?

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    Yeah..that'll surely help a lot in planning next attacks effectively.

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      And it's such an easy thing to implement.


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        Still not implemented ? I have saw a new option in the "echap -> option -> other ", written in korean I think, which is supposed to let us see the debuffs, but... Errrrr, cannot see any difference.


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          The korean thing only shows a text when you yoursef receive a buff/debuff


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            They messed the buffs and debuffs, now they're positioned in weird way and I event have doubts whether all of them are displayed or not.

            As for the suggestion it would be helpful indeed, but first they need to also fix debuff stacking and some(if not all) skill book debuffs don't buff the following skill aswell, so I'm strongly inclined to think not all debuffs "buff" the other party members aswell.


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              Originally posted by Zobek View Post
              debuff will trigger ,which is okay.
              But, the problem is : We never know if it's activated.
              Excellent suggestion!

              I've been bothered by this for quite a long time now; that's why I always excluded Force Bomb (-1200 pdef) and Turn Slash (-2000 pdef) from my bookset as I could never tell whether or not they were applied; and I also always wondered if two physical defense debuffs would stack.
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