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    I'm sure there are many(not all) players who are tired of these weak sells that are few and far between like bringing back kitai . Or those other costumes that were just so horrible like popstar. The players want new items so why not have a little costume design contest there are probably some great artists or people who know great artists in this community . Even if the designs wouldn't make it into the game I'm also sure people would have fun with it.

    You can have players and gm's alike vote for their favorite submission . And have a winner for each Sub class . Could even set a theme to make easier to pitch to the developers or designers or whoever would be in charge of that.just a suggestion Q_Q

    Also since my other suggestions got lost in the deep of forums past I will restate them.

    1.New character hair styles and tattoo maybe even new face types and you can release them as premium so you have to buy a special ticket to select them .

    2.New town actions or emotes ya know throwing in a /dance you can just take a part of a k pop groups dance and throw it in there will make town more fun.

    Would be funny to creep on our GuildMaster Noctous with dances .

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    fun Xd


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      I'm down for costume designs

      Game Guide


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        That things would be great, but who cares ?