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C9 improvement and future events

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  • C9 improvement and future events

    hello good morning if not the appropriate channel to leave a thought on how pvp:

    PVP mode nececita urgent improvement because sometimes even in stages is not very pleased and many players leave to play for inaction in pvp modes , I propose the following:

    1) create clan warfare mode : where clans and earn respect through official awards which fights clan classification would depend on the total wins, including how to defend the base , take the enemy tower .

    2) pvp duel mode should have a meter individual wins and losses against each player so he would know who the rivals and intensify the battles and challenges

    3)Giant war mode : 2 teams must defeat the giant on the center of the map , the player who beat is the only thing that can lose life the giant of the opposing team ( blue -red ) . and the team that wins gets experience

    4) plant the bomb : 2 teams fight for victory red team must place bombs at the entrances Vimpeli Castle , while the blue team must prevent

    5) You can also include lv 63 players who earn the maximum fury invoke a single child per class ( like the ultimate fury ilusionist ) also motivate players achieve to reach that level

    6) Awards honor gold coins seem good though for the most exciting pvp coins can be changed by chests containing books related experience level also agree to encourage more people to play the PvP mode which is what would fail apply , and also bounty random chests that are not linked to the existence of a stable trade

    7) There are many people looking for open world games with the model of action of c9, super- serious it was created on every continent is a map whose difficulty level but nightmares amounts of monsters to regenerate where the party should be 8 to 10 people and the stage is long to keep entertaining people

    Thanks for your attention excuse the English and hopefully heard my thought, I love this game and that's the only thing missing will

    excuse my English

    by Moplo

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    Very interesting suggestions. We'd really like to have variety of PVP modes.

    Game Guide


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      if friend like me these modalities include some moderator


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        1. Great idea, it's been suggested many times already. Doubt it'll come any time soon.

        2. I would like that. I haven't seen that suggestion yet.

        3. So you mean 1 giant for each team and you have to race to kill each other's boss? That could be fun but it'll be mostly damaged with the most geared players wins. That's something out of traditional mmorpgs and I'm not a fan of it.

        4. Doubt that would work well. Just get 1 illusionist to the gate, they use their invincible sphere thing and they win. Or use a tao/reaper and use the SA buff. Not very fair to me but I doubt this would happen anyway since you can't initiate those types of actions in the arena. They'd have to make interact-able objects or allow for item usage in the arena.


        • AntiGravity
          AntiGravity commented
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          "team with the most geared players wins"

          Unlike anything in this game, right?

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        if but remember that only the player who kills the giant goes in the center of the map it is the only life you can drop the giant of the opposing team


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          The most important thing that should be added to pvp is the comp mode like the one in Dragon Nest,it just makes the eq useless since you'll just have the base stats of your level and nothing else. PvP'ing here is so much P2W and unbalanced with all that Player Resist and master/unique eq