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[Suggestion] Nightstalker Rebalance (yes, once again, just for fun)

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  • [Suggestion] Nightstalker Rebalance (yes, once again, just for fun)

    Apparently, some of NS bugs have been recently fixed, which proved that the developers care about our opinions "more than we think" and they are still working hard to fix the bugs; so bugs aside, I'd like to "voice" some of my opinions to rebalance NS in case they would ever do that. Feel free to let me know what you think about these suggestions but DO NOT raise hate and fight; I tried to make these suggestions least PvP-related so I hope it won't cause much comparison and arguments in that aspect either. Anyhow, thanks for your time and sorry for the broken English, peace!

    Some of these suggestions are based on Meomoe's, so check out his/ her suggestions in comparsion to mine if you like:

    1. Add condition: "can be only be casted if pets are alive" for the following skills: Absorb: Banshee; Absorb: Titania; Absorb: Diabolic Wolf ; Titania: Absolute Zero; Banshee: Inferno.
    This is just a minor suggestion to help NS players save skill stones since NS already consumes tons of skill stones with her skills. If the pets are not around, these skills should not be allowed to cast.
    PvE-wise: save skill stones and time waiting for cool-down.
    PvP-wise: these skills deal no to little damage and they are pet-cooldown dependant so I don't think this will at all affect PvP since pets' cool-downs are ridiculously long in PvP; also skill-stone-saving.

    2. Reset cool-down for Absorb: Harm, Destroy or Obliberate every time NS absorbs a different pet.
    Absorbing pets to cast skills to a great fresh idea of C9 so why isn't possible to make it into an absorbing combo? For example, NS absorbs Diabolic Wolf, casts Harm and then she can immediately absorb Banshee and cast Destroy. NS already has to pay a large amount of skill stones for her skills so I think she deserves the capability to make such combos. Moreover, this suggestion doesn't allow NS to spam the skill as she still can only cast the skill once per absorption.
    PvE-wise: more combos and Iframe corresponding to the high skill-stone consumption.
    PvP-wise: this does give NS new combos but in exchange she has to simultaneously sacrifice her pets; and with the extremely long cool-down of pets, NS can't really abuse these combos, she can't reset the cool-down if there is no pet to absorb. Furthermore, NS doesn't have Iframe for this skill in PvP so this type of combos still pose great threats.

    3. Add guard-break effect to Chain Fire Lord.
    PvE-wise: nothing changes much.
    PvP-wise: this skill requires good aim, does not have that great of damage and leaves NS vurnerable during casting so it at least deserves this effect. This skill only does high damage to hunter classes, which don't have, or don't rely on, guard to begin with; other classes that can guard don't receive much damage either. Thus, please make this skill more useful.

    4. Add at least 100% more to the damage of Gravito (209% to 309%+).
    This has been asked for several times because Gravito deals so little damage compared to the huge cost of skill stones.
    PvE-wise: worth 10 skill-stone cost and more damage.
    PvP-wise: this skill is practically just an instant 5-sec iframe skill in PvP, it has pitiful damage and obviously needs to have more damage; also, it is highly avoidable so it's not really a big deal if it gains a little bit more damage.

    *There should be an suggestion to remove skill-stone cost for Flicker Blade just because it is bugged but I said "bugs aside" so the 3 skill-stone cost is understandable given that the skill's bug will be fixed and the skill can successfully be casted at once.

    5. Reduce the damage of Death Blade (preferably by two-third).
    Since the last class rebalance, all the grab skills have strangely high damage and I don't really agree to this; a small poke has as much damage as Chain Fire Lord is just weird. I prefer having the guard-break effect on Chain Fire Lord to having this less-useful skill with illogical damage.
    PvE and PvP wise: This is nerf, why should you, if not NS, be complaining about it?

    6. Reduce the damage of Crazy Stomping (preferably by two-third).
    The same reason as Death Blade's damage reduction. I'd like to have this damage reduction in exchange for extra damage for Gravito.
    PvE and PvP wise: This is a nerf, why should you, if not NS, be complaining about it?

    *The following are new skills so I'll let my imagination fly.

    7. Additional skill: Enhance: Banshee [PvP disable].
    _ Constantly reduce magic defense of all enemies within area: 500 +100 (per Bansee level).
    _ Auto-cast : Banshee: Inferno (requires at least Lv1 of this skill to activate) upon death.
    PvE-wise: make NS more useful for party play.
    PvP-wise: this skill is disabled.

    8. Additional skill: Enhance: Titania [PvP disable].
    _ Constantly reduce move speed of all enemies within area: 50% +2% (per Titania level).
    _ Auto-cast : Titania: Absolute Zero (requires at least Lv1 of this skill to activate) upon death.
    PvE-wise: make NS more useful for party play.
    PvP-wise: this skill is disabled.

    9. Additional skill: Enhance: Skulljape-S [PvP disable].
    Skulljape-S holds a shield on its left arm, changes some attack pattens and gains new abilities.
    _ Skulljape-S will now be able to guard from frontal attacks (and protect any ally behind it).
    _ Change normal walks into shield charge attacks (similar to fighters' basic shield charge).
    _ New attack pattern: Provoke - Skulljape-S will periodically roar (similar to Diabolic Wolf's Roar) that deals damage to all surrounding enemies and draw their attention to Skulljape-S. (This can easily achieve by giving Skulljape-S a skill that is similar to Warrior's Lion Roar to gain attention and gives all nearby allies 3-sec iframe to untarget allies)
    PvE-wise: turn Skulljape-S into a Guardian (Yay!).
    PvP-wise: this skill is disabled.

    That would be all of my suggestions. Once again thank for your time and sorry for the broken English. Feel free to tell me what you think about these suggestions and don't start unnecessary arguments. Also, for your information, I come up with these suggestions upon having a lv67 NS; I'm using sarad perf armor set, set effect 2 sarad rare book set excluding Summon: Titania rare book, and +11 raebin perf wep; I'm not a pro PvPer so most of my suggestions are PvE-wise and my equipment is not that great so my suggestions are not wisely damage-based.

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    I am not NS and i totally disagree with 5 & 6 idea. about gravito idk if 100% each hit more would make it good, just balance the dmg that each hit deals 800-1k then its good
    Firstly this class is named Nightstalker not Summoner so why would you want to nerf ALL of her good whip dmg skills and buff pets instead leaving her dependant on pets?
    also please delete the delay after using jump> left mouse, it makes NS waste tons of eva dashes..
    what i would also do is making Skulljape-S HP bigger (wolf is good, skulljape isn't) most of times ppl just go in and throw their best dmg skill and kill him within 1 skill which is annoying as fhck
    Make Banshee & Titania's dmg 30-40% higher
    Lower Myu's cd on PvP (400 is too high)
    Rest ideas are good


    • Axorc
      Axorc commented
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      First of all I'm very thankful that your feedback is all about completely buffing NS.

      About 5 & 6: if all of the other suggestions could become true without any nerf required, that would be awesome. However, since I asked for some buffs, I thought some nerfs are also required; therefore, I made 5 & 6 as the sacrifices I'd gladly make to receive all the buffs. Of course, I don't want to nerf any of NS whip skills (Crazy Stomping is not even a whip skill btw).

      I'd be very happy if Gravito could deal 800-1k per hit (that would be around 450% in PvP) but there is a slight possibility that one will take all of Gravito's hits, and when that happens, Gravito would blow away up to 10k HP at once with 800-1k per hit. PvPers would be very upset about that.

      Can you be more specific about the delay of using jump>left mouse? Do you mean the two initial hits of NS Chains of Gravity?
      How would you suggest to "delete" that delay?

      The problem behind Skulljape-S, since I assume you don't fully understand or know all NS skills, is that Skulljape-S doesn't have the 100%-damage-absorb-for-18-hit mirage barrier like that of other pets of NS; his barrier only absorbs 50% of the damage and only for 18 hits, also his defense is apparently lower than Wolf's, which is why Skulljape-S dies much more easily than Wolf.
      I'd like Skulljape-S to have some soft of ability to prevent him from sudden death in PvP too but as for now, some classes have already been struggling versus the current Skulljape-S. My suggestions are mostly for PvE so I'd leave the PvP side for others (pro PvPers perhaps) to discuss.
      P/s: your idea to improve Warden's Mirage Barrier is cool too if applied, it would certainly save NS pets from dps skills but as for Skulljape-S 50% damage absorption, it wouldn't prevent Ranger's Aim Shot from one hit Skulljape-S.

      Banshee's & Titania's damage will no longer be the problem when the Enhance: Banshee - magic defense reduction effect is applied.

      Myu's cool-down reduction would be great too but they would have to somehow nerf Myu in PvP because Myu's attacks in PvP are currently very annoying (due to being unblockable) and his charge attack deals huge damage (it could be a bug but Myu deals much more damage than what the description says). Again, I'm not against NS buff but I don't want to mess with the aggressive part of the PvP community so I'd leave it there.

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    • Axorc
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      Too easy. Webzen prefers more challenges lol.