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Viking Feedback + bug list and suggestions for PvP

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    Lol did you not read the comments or anything? It's obvious that super armor buffs need disabled in pvp for all classes, I'm assuming you're new, especially since you're taking up for this buff haha, anyways, I don't have too many problems with it in pve with bad gears, this topic is about pvp some before posting please


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      ok found a major fail by trollzen all the epics do more damage than the master weapons
      the 43 does same daamage as 60 master.
      the 57 does more then 60 master.
      63 epic does more damage than the 65 master.
      if u look @ all other classes its not like this.


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        i fine with removing all stars from pvp they unfair anyhow. but why they @ it give viking more SA frames and make it so if i hit u in the face why ur trying to grab me 10 feet away u get hit instead of grabing threw the sword stuck in ur face.