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Viking Feedback + bug list and suggestions for PvP

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  • Viking Feedback + bug list and suggestions for PvP

    Alright guys, been playing Viking since release, and I have learned a decent amount of things about the class thus far. The class is pretty fun honestly, I enjoy it, but from what I can tell it has a few bugs and could use some slight changes to make it a more balanced class, as of right now I'd say it is a little weak. I won't speak about damage output as of right now, gear isn't good enough to decide that nor am I lvl 67 so my damage will change a lot in the future plus pres and stuff so Ill save that topic for a different time.

    It's a new class, so bugs are expected...things that I have came across so far,
    -Evasive dash used with "W" key, aka forward motion, leaves you stuck in one spot instead of dashing at all.
    -When using head cracker "SHIFT + E" you can't combo into press kick afterwards
    -Hit boxes on certain skills seem kinda derpy
    - A lot of skills that juggle opponent end up letting them get up attack in the middle of them, making it very hard to hold a combo on this class
    - Frost stigma does not apply to downed targets when using Frost Bash I, it only works on standing targets
    - Bash III does not freeze opponents in pvp while in frost stigma

    -Tactical Retreat : This skill has the word retreat in its name and it doesn't have a frame? it's also somewhat slow motion and leaves you very open to be countered, I suggest giving this skill an iframe( not sa or ssa because the class has plenty and has very few and low reliablity frames) and also lower the cooldown to 15 seconds in pvp.

    -Weapon Break: This skill is a great skill, BUT the cooldown for it is HUGE in PvP and it is a very necessary skill to have in order to make use of your dash Boreas. I suggest lowering the cooldown to 15 seconds in PvP and cutting the Debuff in half to balance it out some.

    -Boreas: I would love to see a skill that you can cancel with mid boreas other than Weapon Break, my suggest is allowing a grab like shadow dash

    - Charge Attack: Why is the only skill that u can combine while using charge attack, another skill that has a charge of it's own? I suggest giving this class a skill that you can use while charging with charge attack other than Deadly Strike

    - Furious Shout: Increase the iframe duration on this skill

    - Frost Skin: This skill needs to be disabled in PvP, good god will you guys listen to us? SA buffs and crap like that is NOT meant for the arena

    - Fatal Swing: Remove locked camera please, so I can actually use fast and furious after this skill easier and more fluently

    - Fake Motion(Q): When I back pedal block, it leaves me stuck in this skill, can't you make it like any other block?

    That's all I have for now, feel free to let me know what you guys think, also I am not suggesting to implement ALL these ideas, just some of them to balance the class out and make it better in PvP

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    Added a few more bugs to the list, if a GM or a VL can confirm that webzen knows about these bugs it would be appreciated!


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      Nice list ! There're so many bug in this new class

      Haha Fake Motion is a PITA, btw u can just hit Q again to get out of the animation.
      Frost Stigma - Bash III only for pve
      After head cracker chain to Deadly strike, people can use rising attack to get up. (HeadCracker can't chain to presskick)

      Tactical retreat i use it to frozen the enemy and jump back then > Boreas safely dash up to lower their dmg with weapon break...
      This skill have very low range unlike what u see on the screen, most of the time u can't hit x2 hits unless you're very close to ur enemies.

      The most annoying bug is the evasive dash, try evade the frost breath of warden or any slow moving AOE dmg skills or just get grabbed again.

      Viking is so fast but sometime u have no idea what to do because all skills are on Cooldown state lol.
      Also this class depend too much on AS and MS, if u get slow down all your skill will became sluggy as hell.

      p.s : yes disable frost skin in PVP, and all SA buffs from any class. Seriously when people running away from u it's boring as fuck!


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        Originally posted by BlackSwdMan View Post

        p.s : yes disable frost skin in PVP, and all SA buffs from any class. Seriously when people running away from u it's boring as fuck!
        all the classes......include reaper, taoist, I right? remember a godly reaper with SA buff in DeathMatch before in USA Akene server? LocalCat


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          Yes disable SA buff for ALL classes: Reaper, Taoist empower, Guardian Iron Skin, Demonisher Demon Form, and Viking Frost skin


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            Yes, disable SA buff + evenom like buffs for all classes in PVP, maybe PVP is balanced again then ^_^.


            • [VLT]ChaoticBlue
              [VLT]ChaoticBlue commented
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              Dont forget about Vice sword, silence , crossblitz and valkyria 2nd evasive.

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            Change it so that dots are affected by damage resist/player resist (including the flat 3000/4000 damage from bosses) = so many things fixed
            "Quote." -Person

            +15 battle maiden tower F1-F40 speedrun:


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              Originally posted by AntiGravity View Post
              Change it so that dots are affected by damage resist/player resist (including the flat 3000/4000 damage from bosses) = so many things fixed
              Overall good idea but it would destroy Unique Necklaces, and yeah they're called Unique for some reasons xd


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                Any 65+ vikings seen what kinda damage output they have in high level pvp?


                • WilkyWay
                  WilkyWay commented
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                  Depending on the amount of gear of the enemy, it's just like any other fighter. If the guy has 25% pres and only p-rare stuff, it's doable, however, mp consumption is real.

                  Certain people are unkillable for me in a 4 minute match.

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                So I just did a bunch of testing with a guildie for combo possibilities and it seems that a lot of combos that should work, end up letting your opponent use get up attack (for example, head cracker > deadly strike : the opponent can use get up attack) Hopefully if they do anything, they will atleast smooth the combos some, as of right now they are really bad


                • Sky111
                  Sky111 commented
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                  If u say rising attack berserker have the same problem for combo since ever, so I hope they fix both

                • BlackSwdMan
                  BlackSwdMan commented
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                  hmm seems like you didn't care to read my message, i mentioned same problem about head cracker chain to Deadly strike.
                  @sky111 : yes they have the same problem but i don't think they gonna fix zerk. All they do is nerf zerk many times ever since released, not 1 single pvp buff except the pve counter attack buff for all classes.

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                So any more thoughts on the class? Curious to know what others think


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                  u said all there is to say fix this handicapped class its funn but not funn being stuck in every AOE ability every class get cuzz u only have 1 eva


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                    I found another bug while I was messing around with a guildie, I guess you can rising attack after you have been grabbed in Head Cracker lol, the amount of bugs on this class is crazy


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                      FROST SKIN Disabled? u kiding me? in ARENA it lasts O N LY 10 seconds.... what about guardian super armor? so guadian reaper.. or whatevcer clases may eep their super armor booster skils.. and viking no? that part of ur sugesion is ribbish


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                        and have u tried PVE with viking.. this class really lacks damage in pve...... it needs some kind of booster.... or wait it has to be only pvp oriented? and can hrdly make through dungeons?