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[Suggestion] Converting Normal Sets to NM Sets.

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  • [Suggestion] Converting Normal Sets to NM Sets.

    Just as the title says.

    My suggestion is simple: at the NM set NPC, imagine we have a 3rd tab saying "Bloody Corps: Conversion"

    And there we can exchange our common Perfect/Master armor parts + a fixed amount of Traces of Nightmare to convert those "Normal parts" into Bloody Corps Set parts instead of having to keep them stuck on inventory or throw'em away.

    Lv. 65 Light-Blue P-Rare Armor part + 200~300 (just a suggestion ok?) Traces ----> Bloody Corps III part (Converting it directly to B.Corps IV isn't a bit op eh?)
    Lv. 65 Master armor part + 600~1k (just a suggestion ok?) Traces -----> Bloody Corps V part.

    Anyways, it's just an idea, what do you guys think?

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    How the hell would it be common and easy for all? You still have to spend traces, the base part will cost you more and if you're thinking about set V the master part costs a crapton on its own.


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      In my opnion NM will still be the most expensive set.. and since that converting will still require traces, I don't think that it could fill server with Bloody Corps V for every player, it's just a way to reuse our p-rare and master parts w/o having to throw'em away to having to carry them stuck on inventory.