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Huge Classes PVE Rebalance Suggestions and PVE Tiers for Classes

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  • Huge Classes PVE Rebalance Suggestions and PVE Tiers for Classes

    Ok after I see the pvp tear topic I also wanted to make a pve tiers for classes and suggestions to make them more balanced. I’ve been playing this game since the CBT and I tried all of the classes. I played most of them a reasonable of time so I can say I know most of the classes good and bad sides about the PVE. First of all I guess we cannot consider any class without books anymore as whole game pve system depends on them right now but what should be done is more about balancing the skill books of the classes mostly. To do this I think all classes should have the similar skill book set effect as guardian according to their class (This idea is not originally mine I saw from someone on the forum but I forgot whoose topic it was sorry). Also I think 50 lvl books should be deleted from the game and Raebin and Sarad books should be used in the same set effect so no need for 3 continent book set effect as almost no class needs Raebin or Okapia set effects (There are exceptions of course) .
    The set effects can be like this :
    Set effect 1: Attack speed,cast speed, crt damage, phy def
    Set effect 2: Fury bonus (or they can delete all the fury bonuses of the skill books and put something usefull)
    Set effect 3: %25 phy or mag attack according to class
    Set effect 4: %50 phy or mag attack according to class
    Set effect 5: mag def, phy def, elemental resist reduce
    Set effect 6: 500 base stats

    Now lets start the tiers of Classes
    Above God Tear
    Guardian: This class was probobly one of the worst classes in the game for pve before the skill books but now almost every player got a guardian. Main reason is the skill book set effect but also the skill books themselves are also very good and even the rare ones are sufficent enough. This class is OP at PVE yes but I dont think it needs to be changed that much. The change could be like lowering its damage a little bit and giving some aggro for him to lure mobs to himself and be a Tank (Which obviously should be the real case as it is a GUARDIAN).

    Valkyrie: This class has a ridiculous amount of damage even without any books a full hit gale shot can hit like Fire Support and it is not the only thing she got. It is ok her to stay as it is right now but if the skill book sets changes she really needs a NERF to most of her skills.

    God Tear
    Illusionist: This class is also not that good without books but compared to guardian you have to have prare books as they do way more damage than the rare ones and also you need 29 star to have %50 mag attack. About the books Mindflash and Ascend prare books are so powerfull (Mindflash hits 8x ascend 4x compared to original skill) that they can hit more than most of the classes most powerfull skill and they got 10-8 second cooldown. To achive these you need either a godlike luck or thousends of dolars. Also this class has one of the best ultimate fury skills in the game and it is obviously best for Bardiel. But if the set effect system changes it would be enough for this class I think.

    Scout: Well this class is an exception actually to skill book set effect OP ness because what makes this class really good in PVE is Find Weakness which almost makes the def of the monsters 0 and all the other team and the fire support can do the damage. You might consider this class High tier as it cannot clear the small mobs in dungeons and very hard to lvl it. I choose the god tear because it is great for Survival and Nightmare mods and they are the most important dungeons on this game. To balance this class I guess they can add some AOE skill or a Suck skill to collect mobs as the traps are obviously not enough to clear mobs.

    Elementalist(shine): This is also one of the “it is nothing without books” class. But this class probobly got the greatest books in the game. 1st one is Salamander book of raebin which changes your salamander from 4 hit to 25 hit and does insane damage. 2nd one is Mana Cannon this makes your mana cannon hit 25 times and does almost the same damage as salamander. 3th Lightning Cluster not as good as salamander or mana cannon but pretty decent. The others are Mindflame and Soul chaser as they give a pretty good amount of magic attack. The problem of this class is not having a skill book set effect as you will use different types of skill books but that shouldn’t be a problem with the new skillbook set effects.

    High Tear
    Gunner: This class has decent amount of damage, one of the most mobile class in the game, doesn’t need skill books that much but prare deep sniping is a very very good skill book. I don’t think there should be that much change to this class but it can get a little bit nerf as there will be skill book set effects to cover.

    Warden: Blizzard+Tempest a great combo and damage but I dont think its enough in most of the cases. I actually want warden to have more skills instead of only spamming 2 skill but with the set effects she should be OK as well.

    Reaperess: It is also similar to Warden always spam the reaping nothing more. I would also prefer reaperess to have more usefull skills instead of depending on one skill. %75 buff might also too much for this class so Reaping can be nerfed some.

    Battle Maiden: Similar to Reaperess depends on mostly destroyer but doesn’t have that much damage. She got booster finisher book which is OP. I dont really like maiden tried her with 50 lvl jump character but I am open to suggestions about her.

    Mid-High Tear
    Nightstalker: I think most people will say Ns is a low tear class but it is not that bad imo. The problem is she still got tons of bugs (flicker doesnt work,ufs camera stuck, gravito passive doesnt work etc.) Her pets actually does a pretty decent damage but it is not enough I agree with that. It is also slow to clear dungeons as you need to wait pets. Why I put her in mid-high is simply its an easy class there is not that much to do with a NS and you can play safe depending on the pets (Not the most efficent way but it works). With set effect buffs she should be OK too (without the bugs of course).

    Demonisher: She got AOE skills transformation decent damage but doesn’t have any OP book and also damage is not that enough compared to elementalist or illusionist. Her basic skills are not bad but what she lack is better skillbooks. With better skill books and set effect this class should also be good I think.

    Warrior: With the warrior update its skills got better for pve but they are still not enough to kill bosses. Not sure but set effect should be enough for warrior too.

    Ranger: I couldn’t decide where to put ranger mid-low or mid-high actually. Ranger has some good damaging skills like divine multishot or arrow shower but he doesn’t have a short cooldown skill to clear little mobs. Also only AOE skill of his is arrow shower which is not enough to kill normal mobs in master with normal gear. This class probobly got the worst skill books in the game seriously why the hell ranger got chain strike or lift kick books with effect. Instead of that I think there could be a better skill book to barrage like triple the projectiles or blast the projectiles on hit. Adjusting the skill books maybe lowering cooldowns of some skills and giving set effect at 20 star instead of 29 should be good for ranger.

    Mid-Low Tear
    Assasin: Force bomb Wire,Multi shot he also got good skill books but still lack of damage. Cooldown of Force Bomb can be reduced and with damage buff I guess assasin would be playable.

    Blade Master: Got some damage, can clear mobs but not enough damage for nightmare,survival,bardiel. Skill books of this class is good but without set effect so again set effect should be enough.

    Berserker: Got some skill books got some damage but it is not that durable. Needs some Iframe in pve. I do not play berserker that much also I am open to suggestions for him as well.

    Phy Taoist: Got reaping like skill but without iframe and suck effect. The class that almost noone plays but everyone drops its books. Seriously what are the drop rates for books or items %50 taoist %50 all other classes? I think adding Iframe to start of the spirit rage and making its damage same as reaping should be enough for taoist.

    Wisdom Taoist: Already got mag attack set effect shock swing book is pretty good but it is not near enough. Spirit charge should be boosted and should have Iframe. This class deserves a mana ward I think but when they put it like that phy tao can also use it so the solution can be like elementalist shine/shade and then wis tao can get a reduced mana ward maybe the same as the illu. I think tao needs a huge redo to be able to played in this game.

    Erta: Poor little erta compared to her sisters nobody plays her. Well her skills are not that bad but she is sooo fragle. First her wheel dance skill should have iframe and lower cooldown and she also deserves a mana ward. Her raebin books are not that bad so with some skill adjustment she could be playable as well.

    Blade Dancer: This class is also doesn’t have any OP books and her skills are not doing that much damage. Needs better skill books, and her class skill should have iframe and boosted damage. Dark fallen grave should have more damage and lowered cd as well. And with the set effect she will be ok.

    Low Tier
    Shadow: I don’t even know how to make this class better seriously doesn’t have anything good by pve aspect. Solution a whole redo for pve skills and should have some OP skill books.

    Slayer: Just like the shadow no AOE skill no damage and doesn’t have good books. Needs redo or OP books.
    Elementalist Shade: Just delete this class nobody plays it anymore nobody needs it anymore all good books for shine why would anyone bother?

    Viking: This class is just released so his books are not out yet but still his skills are so bad. I mean how can Bash III hits more than most of his skills. His class skill is OK but still not enough needs a boost.

    Theese are my opinions you may be agree with me or you may not but something seriously should be done about class rebalance and I would appreciate if you give your opinions about rebalance. You may not be agree with me about balancing the classes with the books but suggesting to nerf books and lowering them would be really unfair to the players as most of them gives a lot of time to find them and the others give a really high amount of money. What I want to achive is everyone should be able to play what they desire not what they have to. For example I want to play erta but she is not a good character in pve. Of course class rebalance is not enough to achive that as some dungeons are not suitable for some classes. There should be dungeon balance too for every class to be able to achive something from a dungeon made for them. The other thing is RNG of this game and random skill book drop but I cant make all suggestions in a single topic

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    Giving opinion about few days char is just unfair . Let's wait. Warrior after rework is very good. Get charging Hammer skillbook and you're killing every boss 1skill spam. But most of it its true, i can say yet Erta is Low tier much worse than slayer for me ;f 0 def + fury bugged since release- webzen complety don't care i reported it after 2 days... 1 year fury bugged soon xD


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      I forgot the charging hammer ty for reminding me and even without it when I check it again warrior is better than BM or berserker so I replaced it. About erta well I am not that sure yes she is useless in most stuations but with skill books she is still better than slayer or shadow. For the viking yes it is early to talk but still even if its skills damage got increased Area of the skills are so small but with the skill books the class might be really different so I am not saying anything certain for viking I just put it how it is right now.


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        Battle Maiden is one of the best PvE classes in the game with no books, it has damage, mobility and damage resistance.

        Warden is not high tier, ranger has a lot more damage and is better overall, only upside for Warden is that it's a safe class.

        Demonisher is weaker than Sin in PvE, Sin has much better books and set effects.

        Ranger's melee skills can be more than useful in PvE, especially with books.

        Erta has a lot of magic attack and for regular dungeon clearing she is more than adequate, leveling speed passives are optional.

        Slayer has amazing books, you need to open your eyes and see them, cross combination edge, ringshear, deadfall, cloying darkness, heartbreaker are amazing books, they are just super hard to get and her set effect is not bad.

        There is no need to nerf classes, unless you want people to kill you in real life. Because they would.

        What book sets need is unique abilities tailored for said classes.


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          I had to log in just to post this because you all leave me no choice, none of you have obviously seen Erta with raebin book set, I watched Erta get to r18 on Sarad survival with +14 rare 57 wep and no other amazing gear...please do your research....also slayer is pretty good on pve with book set too, one of the better book sets in the game actually


          • Annike
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            Wrong post, sorry about that.

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          Increased maiden to high as she got an OP booster finisher book.
          I dont even want to argue about Ranger being better than warden.
          Slayer and erta is seriously not good guys you might finish dungeons ok but cant do anything at bardiel or Nightmare and if they were really good like you said you could have seen at least one or 2 erta or slayer in game but I cant see any of them.


          • Annike
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            That's because they are not on global server, all the good PvE slayers are on TH/JP servers. Same thing with Ertas. The biggest downside for all of this is the book rarity is just ridiculous. I've had high level erta myself and they are not as weak as you think. Forward and backward step books and Raebin set effects are good on her. Nobody plays them because it takes a little effort and brain...unlike guardian that can be just face-rolled and everything dies.

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          Maiden with no books has same damage as guardian with rare bookset, do your research.
          "Quote." -Person

          +15 battle maiden tower F1-F40 speedrun:


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            well .. there's this comment i remembered:
            so class are for pvp n some are for pve.. so if u want ur pvp class to op in pve then you're greedy
            quoted from the previous topic.

            assassin in mid-low tier?? u must be kidding me.. lol
            try the class again


            • [VLT]ChaoticBlue
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              I think you did quote it wrong because everywere you did type "pvp".
              Op said he based his opinion about end game dungeons so extreme, nightmare and survival and in all of those assassin is pretty much useless.
              I did many runs with sin who had books and +16 rentus dagger and he did nearly no dmg and if not for debuffs he would just make it harder for party instead of helping.
              Sin is quite decent in master dungs if your weapon is at least +13 but any class can do master dungs without mindblowing issues.

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              ops.... my mistake then.. i didnt notice extreme n survival in there

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