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Suggestion - Unleash (unbind) Pet

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  • Suggestion - Unleash (unbind) Pet


    First of all I would like to emphasize a PET is a good companion in DGN run, helpful and useful (or more useful).. if the RIGHT pet is accompanying you.

    Not only me, but some of my friends express the want and need to release/unbind pet for number of reasons, imo..

    1. Usefulness of Pet with an opposote stat character (ex. STR Lapu on a WIS class character)

    2. Duplicate Pet you hatch (or combine) in one character, (ex. x2 LAPU in same character) rather than combine again, waste of lapu ... Can transfer to other characters you like or "sell it" (Need unbind scroll from cash shop)

    3. Or simply, want to try other pet.. so not to get bore.

    Suggested process: C9 can add a Pet unbind scroll to their preference. I know it will have additional cashout from our pocket, but this is only optional to those who need or like to buy.

    Suggested Cost: could be something around 500-700 Wcoin. For example, 500 Wcoin for Rare unbind pet, and 700 Wcoin for Unique unbind pet. (If C9 prefer to have higher Wcoin amount, it's their discretion)

    NOTE: This is to follow up on my previous post - About Pet being bound to a character

    Guys, I know most players like this idea, please help push this suggestion. I know GMs and VLTs are reading forum, there's a big chance this can be implemented if have support from players and GM/VLT.

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    +100 to this, Yup this is an awesome idea, pets should be tradeable. After i saw that pets are binded to char, i stopped in buying pets anymore because it is just wasting my money due to the fact that i am getting same pets and pets that are not suitable for my class.
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      I agree, we should be able to obtain anything in-game without real money, there will always be someone who uses real money to earn game money through cash items like pets.


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        I like the idea of unleashing pets to look for another tamer. Sounds doable especially when there is a profit for Webzen. Adding an alternative way of acquiring a pet is also great but it should require some sort of quest series just like when you try to get special epic raebin accessories from Tower of Guardian.

        So, +1 for this idea!

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          yes. i like this idea too. is good. all time when we buy egg we have "x" % chance on good pet for us. i buy 15 eggs and combine this and all time got fck amber when webzen make this scroll we can buy good pet for us, sell bad other players or give he on other our char. this change little trade but this is low problem. good pets like draco, anubis or spiky be expensive. (i not think how much cost uniqe pets :d) but all be have bigger chance have pet coz shit pet like this fck amber (xD) be cost low. all have choice. buy egg and try luck or buy specific pet.

          + for idea too


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            Thank you all guys ^_^

            I just hope C9 management people read and notice this suggestion. I know even if they approve this, will not be instant, but at least they may consider including in next future patch.

            Cheers !!!