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[Suggestion] How about some Serious GVG!!

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  • [Suggestion] How about some Serious GVG!!

    Alright! Aside from how developers are handling this game, I still believe that this game is one of the best mmorpg that depends on strategies, techniques and actually using your brain when it comes to individual battles!
    There are some people in this game who can easily lure you and crush you to death in PVP, so let's widen that range and try to use these minds for a bigger battles.. A bigger WAR!

    So how about presenting some serious GVG material or something! I mean yea you can do that in relays but it's still 1v1 fights, and yea you can do it in death or team matches but it seriously lacks a challenging target.. a way bigger maps with wild design maybe! I'm talking about GVG like that one on Black Desert, Rift or even Smite! A Main Objective other than taking down the other team.

    Not sure If it's too late for what I'm saying.. but I believe something like that would revive this game for a decent amount of time.

    I'm okay with releasing new classes and all but maybe you should start boosting up the game by simply fixing it... A new class will not improve this game, Fixing bugs will, and presenting new PVP & PVE features will. and please, If you ever started thinking about my words someday, try as much as you can to exculde the person who thought of the "PVP Zombie Mode" thingy.

    Well .. I guess that's it.

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    I think we should focus for now on nerfing OP classes/skills in PVP and buffing weak pve classes in PVE.
    GvG would work 2 years ago when we had a lot of guilds but now even if you release it it wont be popular because of low number of pvp players in each guild.
    C9 is all about 1 vs 1 mostly and i think it should focus on it.
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      I totally agree.. but seriously who knows! I mean we definitely know how things usually turn out when webzen try to "nerf classes" or even release new ones! I'm basically rooting for any kind of idea that is coming from a different route for a change.
      I'm really not going all the way for the GVG thing but I believe it will be the reason people will start caring about which guild they join for a starter! and with some smart marketing for the new feature you can get more players to play this game and improve it somehow.

      maybe it's just me! but as I said earlier.. Seriously, Who knows!