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[Suggestion] Fixes for Scout and Nightstalker for PvP

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  • [Suggestion] Fixes for Scout and Nightstalker for PvP

    Okay so by now we all know about the class Valkyrie and how it has that "pet" that continuously attacks you but does not create knock back right?

    Well how about we do the same for some of scouts traps, like Spinning Turret and Line obviously this would handicap scout, and it needs some rework anyway so these are my other ideas...

    Firstly, all traps that have this new feature that doesn't create knockback, should have 3x the amount of health that they had before, so u can't just destroy them making them useless...
    Secondly, scout needs a few new skills to make it more unique, give it some edge, and let it compete vs ALL classes and not just certain ones...They need to have a dash skill, every class deserves atleast one dash skill in my should be unique to the scout class. I also think the class deserves to have a decoy of some sort, maybe they dissappear leaving a form that looks like the scout standing in place, and if u hit the decoy, it explodes, the scout can maneuver like an assassin/shadow decoy, no hit required to activate the decoy. The dash skill and the decoy skill should both have 15 second cooldowns. I also think they should have one more combo skill that elivates enemies off the ground. It should have a 12 second cooldown

    Nightstalker just needs all its pets to have the feature where they don't create knockback when attacking, but they target the enemy and attack more aggressively, maybe lower the cooldown for the pets some also, the rest for Nightstalker should be fine as far as I'm concerned.

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    i agree with nightstalker and only that scout part about traps having 3x the amount of health however it should be just for higher lvls since a high lvl char can deal massive dmg that can one shoot a trap


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      We talked about scout rework long ago... u can see in suggestions one really care


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        I cannot really say I fully disagree with NS's, but I guess I can improve your suggestions:

        1) Remove knockback from ALL pets could be the worst mistake ever, skills like Wolf's rolling attack will kill you in 1 second, or else ask SA classes, rolling atk is the phantom ascent of NS, in easy terms. Yet, removing it from skullrape tornado, would make him less OP I can say, same for Myu's flame breath.

        2) Cooldowns are sort of fine, except for Myu's 400 seconds cd, lol, but there just like you said, I would reduce its cd, and remove knockback effect from flame breath.

        3) Not mentioned, but fixing Flicker Blade activation ftw.


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          They could also just lower the damage of the pets if that's the only issue you think this idea would have...also the reason for the scout remake the way I'm talking is because some people actually enjoy playing the class instead of laying traps and watching people die to NPCs


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            As a NightStalker I agree. I think pets dmg are generally so "high" for the amount of hits of some skills, as wolf roll that half the hp of a full blood corps V reapers in super armor, jape tornado, and the real dmg and dmg in skill description arent the same, as myu tackle that easy takes 7-9k of hp with 79%+101 in pvp skill description.
            As well, as OriginSpirit said, NS still need bug fixes, as the double flicker stance (very annoying), and a "random" absorb skills, (like absorb Banshee, and get Titania absorb skill).