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[Suggestion]Masters 65 refine.

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  • [Suggestion]Masters 65 refine.

    Hi peeps, since its on top to post a suggestions now, i'll add my few pesos here. I thought of making use of transcubes, since not everyone can get unique neck (thanks cptn. obvious). So, to the point, did you drop master staff with str? Or maybe you were lucky enough to get da best wis dagger? There is no problem! Thanks to transcubes and our lovely blacksmith, you can combine ex. 10 transcubes and master weapon to get another one! Bound of course. I didnt decide if it should be done via aritisian crafting, or simple combine and you will recieve random weapon, up to you webzen, i know you're reading this! (ye of course).

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    +1 definitely agree with this idea, simply because of ex. classes with 2 weapons have worse times getting x2 masters with STR/WIS


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      Add a small chance for unique accesories from combining and it's perfect.
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        RNG based system is one of the essential features of this game, so why not!

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          Having full str or wis class is essential to be an OP player so I completely agree