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(Suggestion) Remodelling + Shadow Gear

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  • (Suggestion) Remodelling + Shadow Gear

    For cosmetic purpose, we sometimes prefer to use in-game clothing parts. But it bothers me that we have to remodel equipped armors which, later on, need to be replaced as we move to a different continent. So, my suggestion is to change the way remodelling works. The requirement will be the same (remodelling item + remodelling book) + corresponding shadow gear. That way, we won't have to bother to craft remodeling items again.

    The same should be applied on weapons. We will need another slot for weapon in which we add remodelling item to replace equipped weapon designs. Shadow Gear for weapons and probably a special soul (STR/WIS with Mag/Phys bonus) slot will make it more useful. It doesn't have to be related to soul sets that have been released in the game, It could be an optional slot so that it doesn't affect existing soul sets' bonuses.

    However, you will wonder how that will work equally for classes that use one handed weapon vs. two handed weapons. My suggestion is to add 2 sub slots and at least one remodelling item is required to activate weapon soul effect. If the class is one handed weapon, the second slot can be either used or disregarded but the effect will be active. As for 2 handed weapon user, the remodelling item will automatically occupy 2 slots. There might be other solutions but this is what it came to my mind.

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    Great idea in my opinion, +1


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      It would be pretty neat if I didn't have to pay 5m to make raebin weapons look different.
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          That's really good, it's enough to remodel once and not have to waste money in other remodellings