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[Suggestion] Improved Add Friend/Block System and more ideas for bots control

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  • [Suggestion] Improved Add Friend/Block System and more ideas for bots control

    I've been thinking of ways to reduce the time required to add friends and block unwanted people. First, I'll start with Adding Friends. We sometimes add multiple characters that pertain to one person/account. I believe it would be better to make this as a one time process. To make it look more organized, a player can choose one unique in-game name that's not necessarily the same as a forum name. So, what is shown in Friend list is that unique name + the character that is currently ON. Also, a player can have different options to choose from regarding his online status e.g. Online (default), Away (Busy) and Offline (Hide) assuming that some players want to have some privacy. This feature can be applied automatically to all characters in our account so that we don't have to re-add.

    Now, blocking system should be similar to adding friends. We don't want to be contacted by the same malignant person, and we will have to figure out if the person has switched to another character to continue ruining our day again, and that include Gold Spammers. It will be nice to incorporate this idea with this ONE. As no matter what VLs do to ban gold spammers, new gold spammers emerge. I believe VLs need to focus on other activities beside enjoying the game; they are not machines meant to be used for this purpose. They have greater responsibilities which are moderation and guiding C9 community.

    Gold bots/ spammers issue has become a daily routine for us to complain about and we got used to it. However, more and better strategies are required in order to reduce bots activities. I remember someone mentioned an idea about tweaking dungeons to have random elements that can confuse bots and make it impossible for them to progress further. Random in-dungeon puzzles between check points are good ways to achieve this purpose.

    In addition, we know that dungeons are too linear that we can blindly crawl without the need to figure out the way to reach our destination. But if we add dynamic routes in every difficulty mode which can change randomly, it will add some sort of challenge for bots to go further. It does sound like a lot of work but it looks more effective as this feature acts as an obstacle. Besides, it will be more fun to have conditions in order to progress in dungeons to reach our destination.

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    maybe this will be an off -topic comment but

    i think you are just wasting your time mate.. I mean i like your suggestions i really do but no one cares. those game owners don't have any fu**s to give about what we players think/want


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      Let's just hope for a miracle to happen!

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    Despite that some C9 actionists try to demoralize you, you still show some enthusiasm to have your suggestions implemented. It's true that Webzen tend to ignore feedback made by players who really thrive to take the sense of enjoyment to another level. meanwhile they work on newer strategies to depopulate the servers and destroy this game. My only hope that they wake up from their deep slumber and start to really care about sustaining the life of this game.

    Good luck