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important to improve the way pvp and clan war

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  • important to improve the way pvp and clan war

    Hello brothers c9, I would like that my opinion was considered and thus improve pvp incorporating new challenges such as: War leaders: is that it must protect some of the players at random which is considered the boss, has more stamina and strength than normal which would be a challenge for the enemies and the mission would I protect it for a certain time, destroying summary objects which a number of points before the time limit runs out. War giants players have at their bases an ally boss to which we must protect, but to attack the enemy boss must defeat the boss center which only the player who can destroy the enemy beat boss while his friends protect clan war: two clans must battle to conquer the enemy castle which would be an editable map similar to the clan house to which towers are purchased, guns, pets which would prevent total destruction, clans earn points and winning clan get lv booty according to the participants (only 1 battle every 2 days) one day preparation another day battle. all this added to each defeated enemy an amount of experience which would be ideal to complete the missing percentage of experience to level up would be granted I have many more awesome ideas just want to communicate with the creators of c9 to assist the project by Moplo

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    Hi, Moplo it's great to see a new optimistic face in the c9 community, though you are being a little bit over board.
    1. If you want to get some attention to your idea, you should write it down in a two sentences, so everybody could understand it
    2. The idea is good, but you are going way too deep in to the details you should make a list or something
    3. Do you imagine how it is hard to create this, your idea to be correct... It's like a new game mod. It would take ages!

    Don't get hyped up about it. Because people don't have time to read big complex texts and webzen would not take this, because it would be like creating a new game.


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      It does not do it all at once , if not keep adding new content more dedicated mode pvp future