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    Hi, here some suggestions to upgrade the game !

    Shaman Gear : Most of the shamans' gears are nice except for one thing : the headpiece. Around 90 % of shaman head put the hairstyle so ugly. You should add more nice cap like witchblade with long hair (not just a ponytail).

    Skill Books : You should add a new slot in the skillbooks just for the fury skill book. So this way we could use the ultimate fury skill book + our set effect and it would be way more fun

    Skill Books in Bardiel : Its so hard to get the books you need. You should able to select at the begining of the dungeons 2 race (ex. Shaman + Hunter ) and the books in the dungeon would drop only for thoses 2 races. This way, it would cut in half the difficulty to have the perfect books we need and it wouldnt be that easy too so just perfect rate. A lot of players are farming since years and dont even get the books they need still today.
    Also, the unknown books in extreme should have a low chance to drop perfect skill books.

    Jin Set : I did bardiel runs so many times and jin set armor are so hard to get from the bosses. It almost always drop a rare armor. So basicly you need to get the chance to get the perfect armor first from the boss which is very hard to get. Then you have to be more lucky to get the perfect armor of your class !!! If you count as an average of 22 classes in this game, its taking for ever to get the armor you need. So at least make the armor rare dissapear from Molleck, Creios and Rebbeca and make it 100 % drop perfect armor like Bardiel.

    A new way to farm Gear set in some different dungeons : It would be interesting to have a new dungeon like an extreme that we can farm old gear set for free !

    Master Weapons Drops : There should be a new way to get master items drop 65. For example, inventing a Master Weapon Ore lvl 65 or Master Armor Ore lvl 65 that you could drop in any dungeons of Reabin instead of master weapon. With this master weapon ore, you could combine it with other items of the crafting artisan to craft the weapon of your choice with the stats ( Wis/Str) of your choice. Because at the moment if some one get a master musket or bulwark or staff its the big gold !!! But someone that is getting a master rod eww its not worth compare to master staff. So this way the weapon ore would be at same price for every class like 1-1,5b and it would be equal and fair for everyone. Also, you can get a master staff (STR) in drop which is very which is very bad because nobody use STR on a master staff....

    Thanks !

    Server : EU

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    1- Shaman Gear: I think they should add a hairdresser to the game with tons of hairstyles. They can be purchased with Wcoin but can be changed anytime without paying again for previously bought hairstyle.

    2- Skill Books: I'm still supporting the idea of allowing all region based skill books to be equipped. That way, people will still make use of Okapia skill books along with Sarad and Raebin. I know that could make the game way easy but they can adjust the game difficulty accordingly. (elementalist and taoist skill books sets have to be reworked to be as equal as other classes)

    3- Skill Books in Bardiel Seal: They need to replace unknown books with known books (rare and perfect at very low rate)

    4- Jin Set: All they need to do is make Jin pieces unbound and tradeable (people will still have to clear bardiel to get pieces that convert lvl 57 hell set to lvl 63 one)

    5- Free Gears! I think you are asking too much here . They can just hold events from time to time like Mix and Match with variety of gears.

    6- Master Weapon Drop: Somehow I agree with this suggestion but I still think it needs to be done in a better way (too lazy to make more suggestions at this moment). Oh, and they should make master weapons drop in okapia and sarad as well (lvl 54 and 60 Master weapons)

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      Very nice suggestions i hope that webzen will look at this post and do them but the idea with master weapon drop is not that good because i have a lot of friends that dropped like 2 - 3 weapons in masters of raebin


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        Those are really good suggestions! I hope webzen will consider this... and also they are easy updates.


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          Yes but when you drop a master weapon and its a staff Strong or a demonisher orb that nobody get no money


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            Thank you for your suggestions. We will forward this to the proper department for review and discussion.


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              Woah! GM GAURI, YOU ALIVE? :O


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                a gm is on the Forum ! Sound the alarms, The elder times ar back!
                YouTube Channel:
                Got Steam+Skype, Pm me if you whana play/talk together =)) !