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[Suggestion] Revamped Enhancement System

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  • [Suggestion] Revamped Enhancement System

    We all know that many C9 players have been suffering for decades that they can't upgrade their weapons beyond +9, and enhancement system has kept people dissatisfied due to low success rate even when using Sacred enhancers that most of the time fail and people get discouraged from playing this game. Therefore, I came up with an idea that will benefit both Webzen and their customers. My idea is to add a slot to Enhancement System. This slot can be used for adding what I can call it 'Enhancement Fragments' or something like that. These Fragments can increase enhancement rate as well as reduce breakage rate.

    The Fragments can be obtained by completing dungeons on expert or master difficulty either from bosses or beads and/or by doing daily quests. The drop rate of fragments differ from one region to another; the higher the level of region/dungeon, the higher the number of dropped fragments. However, to make it more challenging for players, the number of fragments required to reduce enhancement drawbacks will depend on several factors which are: equipment level, equipment grade, enhancement level. For example, in order to upgrade lvl 51 rare weapon from +9 to +10, you'll need, for example, 2000 fragments to get 100% success rate. Of course the factors that I mentioned before will have an effect on the number of required fragments in order to achieve higher success rate. In other word, if you want to upgrade the same weapon from +10 to +11, you'll need, for example, 2500 fragments and so on.

    Now, how will Webzen benefit from this new Enhacement System? Webzen can add a cash shop item that increases or doubles drop rate of fragments as there are obviously people who will be willingly paying for it in order to get higher enhancement rate faster. Either way, this will attract more people to play this game as it will make them feel that this game is, well, not a Pay to Win.

    Looking forward to hear your constructive feedback.

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