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  • Suggestion, new system for fun

    Hello GMs and Devs

    Hmmm this is to suggest that we should have an additional system of Pet Wars (like pokemon or digimon, lol) as a past time if we're bored/tired of doing dungeons since i think pets are commonly used to loot golds in gold room dgs.

    so for this pet wars, there's a dungeon where we can duel with a player with our own pets or like a pvp room for pets, and there's a pet reward coupon where in we could change it to pet weapons, costumes for pets, brinstones, avatars (to make our pet look more cool) or anything pet related. And I think you can make this as a profit too, like include pet costumes at cash shop and others.

    Isn't this nice?

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    This is nice idea , but there is problem. The pets are 2 kinds: Offensive and Defensive. So idk how def pet will attack ^^ Otherwise its good idea.


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      To begin with, pets will need a set of offensive and defensive skills. Those skills should be obtained automatically as you level up/upgrade your pet. Moreover, pets like Nyx and Lapu need to be nerfed to the level of other normal pets in PVP to be balanced. We will also need more different pets; something like earth type pet and pets that attack using ranged physical/magical damage. And as you said, pets need to be personalized in shape by adding costumes and avatars.

      I wouldn't recommend going for weapons and armors for pets as we will again have another issue with balance in PVP. Pets should basically have same defensive and offensive stats. However, they may add things like Pet Gems which can improve pets performance in PVE. These gems can buff their attacks, buff existing/add more bonuses, accelerate stamina recovery and increase pets max stamina. Pet gems can be obtained rarely from dungeons, purchased from the Cash Shop or received as rewards from PVP. Other rewards could be Brinstones, Stamina potions and costumes for pets. The new pet PVP system will surely add a unique and different flavor to C9.

      Bonus Suggestion:

      The current pet system doesn't allow players to summon more than one pet at a time. I think they should permit at least 2 pets to be summoned at the same time. That way, players will even spend on pets to have variety of skills and buffs to help them tackle PVE difficulties. They should also add shortcuts (2 more slots in skill bars to summon/remove pets more easily)

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