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[Suggestion] New Class Ideas + Old Class Revamp

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  • [Suggestion] New Class Ideas + Old Class Revamp

    Previously, I started a topic on overhauling some existing classes as a part of advanced class system at level 70. You'll find more on this link

    But here, I'm presenting some ideas for newer classes and introducing some fix for older classes.

    We've been noticing that this game features many classes. So far, we have 4 fighters, 5 shamans with Elementalist and Taoist both have 2 sub-specialties, 5 hunters, 4 witchblades and 3 mystics. The current total number of classes is 21 and there are more to come. The reason why I expect that Webzen will keep releasing more classes is because their income depend on players spending on their favorite classes. By creating new classes, they get new and more costumers.

    For some reason, I noticed some similarities among the current classes which will be explained on this topic. Although the game is mainly gender locked, there is a possibility to make the community choose their classes based on their genders but retain the concept they have in mind about their favorite play style.

    Slayer vs Warrior:

    For example, Slayer is a female class that is fast as well as agile and has variety of grab skills. Likewise, warrior has relatively good attack speed with a good number of grab skills. This make them as a shared class but created uniquely both in shape and animation. From here, I can get more ideas for new classes based on the current classes we have now.

    As far as I know, there are 2 new fighter classes under development, one is apparently and axe wielder and the other is spear/trident according to leaked icons on the old forum which is not accessible now.

    Warden vs Poseidon:

    Warden has no counterpart class at the moment. By creating a male class with water attribute, we can have a class [Poseidon ]which is a male version of Amphitrite [Post-Warden]. Poseidon wields spear-like weapon[Trident] to cast water skills. The only problem will be is we will have 2 water based classes and we already have issues with warden when it comes to running water based continents. The only solution, however, is to make Poseidon, an STR class with water attribute similar to Gunslinger who has Air based skills but with physical damage. The postive thing about adhering to STR as Poseidon is you will still be able to have benefits from using other elemental gems. You may wonder that it might contradict his nature as an STR oriented class as he is a water spell caster. It is true but to make him more STR-ish, Poseidon needs to use his close-to-mid ranged skills with water effect instead of casting pure water skills e.g. Rain or Flood , but these examples can be used as Ultimate Fury Skills mixed with some kind physical attacks from his own weapon, Trident.

    Assassin vs Kunoichi/Bloodrayne:

    Assassin is one of the oldest classes that wield weapons similar to ranger and scout, which doesn't make him look unique although he still has some unique skills. A simple replacement of weapons at new advanced class quest could do the trick. The weapons of choice are the ones used by Van Helsing in his movie.

    Now, who is assassin female counterpart. Slayer? Already aligned with warrior. I thought of a new class under witchblade named Kunoichi (dual dagger) . The problem with Kunoichi is she obviously should wield two daggers which would resemble shadow or bladedancer. So, to make it special, we'll make this class have a unique dual chaindagger (not daggers used by native witchblade classes) and it only takes one slot from equipment similar to gunslinger dual gun. Also, the class will still be a WIS oriented class, retaining her magical features from her ancestors who used daggers that are imbued with high magical power. The class is as fast as shadow but also has good AOE magical skills using dark magic. She can also cast shurikens (illusionist blades) but a bit faster and also with magical effect (something similar to illusionist's raebin skill book effect).

    I remember seeing a leaked icon of a new witchbalde which seemed to be inspired from an anime called Witchblade

    This class which for reference I'll call her Bloodrayne is also fast and agile, and also specialized in stealing HP (Vampiric Touch is there for a reason I guess) from her foes. So, it is more assassin-ish from that description. This could be another demonisher style class. Who knows...

    Demonisher vs Shapeshifter:

    Transformation into a demonic form is something unique in this game and also a cool feature to have if we can transform our character to other different forms. So, I thought of a male class (Shapeshifter) who can also transform into a beastly being. The 2 transformation forms I have in my mind is Werewolf and Humanoid Reptile. We can actually have both just like Toaist with 2 builds. Werewolf is a fast and deadly beast that can bleed his victims to death [inflict bleed] and feed on them [absorb HP]. While humanoid reptile can poisons his victims and slow them down with his acidic phlegm. This class will be less dependent on humanoid form unlike demonisher which can be effectively used on both humanoid and demon forms. I think this is a good reason to have a new male base class with a different transformation concept. Oh, and his Ultimate Fury Skill could be transforming into...... Barbagus [Acuba's Nest boss if you don't know him. Yeah, kinda scary if you chase intruders with it]!

    Nightstalker vs Necromancer:

    Many people got disappointed for Nightstalker performance in PVE because 1) We got a downgraded version of JP nightstalker and 2) because of permanent bugs on her skills. Time to look for an alternative then. Necromancer is another male class that can summon an army of undead as he is purely dependent on summons and few dark magic (similar to humanoid demonisher skills) unlike nightstalker which can use both melee and summon skills. However, the devs should learn from their mistakes that skill extensions break classes. We don't need skill extensions but rather skills that can develop as you spend more SP on them. Something similar to when you upgrade a normal Skulljape; you unlock more advanced skills as you upgrade it.

    Necromancer gameplay (for demonstration purpose):

    Dragon Age: Inquisition


    Guild Wars 2

    Fantasy Frontier

    For ideas to fix Nightstalker, check the Suggestion Box under Class Rework and Rebalance

    Blademaster vs Blademistress

    As a blademaster, I find a buckler has no real use except to boost damage through its stats. So, the female version of blademaster, blademistress, will have only have one sword that takes 2 slots from character equipment screen. Blademistress could either use longsword with both hands or one handed weapon like Rapier. But the latter will be more similar to Witchblade main weapon, Blade. The class could be unique either way if they really know how to create new animation instead of recyling them. For Rapier weilder, it should go under Witchblade. But if it's like longsword, it would suit either shaman or mystic. Something similar to the picture below. Girls will have fans of a female blademaster.

    Ranmaru from Samurai Warriors


    Or Mitsuhide


    Guardian vs Paladin:

    The names don't seem different, but we need a female guardian yet with a unique look. Paladin will be a bit different here as she will only wield Shield which is connected to a chain. Paladin will be also a female class that goes under Mystic. Chainshield does not only provide defense for the wielder but it is also a massive weapon at a longer distance. A good illustration can be found in the video below.

    I know the gameplay of this game is terrible; I posted it for demonstration purpose

    Ranger vs Bowblader:

    I don't like ranger because his skills require from him to be more stationary and more dependent on his bow. His dagger has less uses which is more like a utility weapon similar to that of blademaster's buckler. Bowblader is a witchblade class that uses a convertible weapon, hence the name bowblade. Bowblader can also summon a monstrous Raven that acts like Valkyrie summon (forgot its name). The class can also use acrobatic skills that are inherited from her ancestors. So, the class has 4 main skill concepts: bow based skills, blade based skills, acrobatic skills and summon based skills.

    Illusionist vs Phantasmist:

    Well, I'm not sure if there are major issues with illusionist except her passive, wind skill doesn't get activated at will. Anyway, Phantasmist is a male WIS oriented class that uses means of deception to attack his opponents. He uses variety of skills such as traps, splitting into multiple decoys and conjuration. His main weapon is Card Deck or a Magical Book, and he can summon random monsters based on his level.

    Taoist vs Monk/Pugilist:

    Well, the male version of taoist have 2 options; either a Twin Hooks wielder or a pugilist type. The latter might not work with this game as Webzen tend to make classes weapons visible. Pugilist weapon which is either knuckles or gauntlets can interfere with class costumes. Unless, they make them equibable like swords. I personally prefer a Twin Hooks user, Monk, as he can mix weapons with martial arts. This class can be under a new male base class if not fighter.

    Erta vs Ninjutsu

    Erta is one of the fastest class, and so is Ninjutsu who uses Dual Chained Scythe. The video below should give you more insight:


    I also thought of a convertible dual scythe as his main weapon, just to avoid making it similar to Kunoichi chaindaggers.

    Shadow vs Bladedancer:

    Both of them are weak in PVE if not relatively. Basically, they need more buff to their damage output. Shadow needs to have more skills with longer ranger and wider area of effect.

    Battle Maiden vs Berserker:

    The only shared thing about these 2 classes is they both wield a heavy weapon. Since I'm more focusing on PVE changes, I won't argue more about battle maiden. Berserker is the one who needs to be reworked as he really sucks in PVE at higher level dungeons unless you have a highly upgraded weapon. I don't play Berserker very often but I can throw some ideas to improve him and I'll leave the rest for the experts.

    His weapon has -5% Move Speed Reduction while Battle Maiden doesn't. That's kinda weird! I believe they should remove that negative stat as 1) he doesn't have speed buff and 2) his stantce change makes him slow which is enough. Blood Lust points usage needs to be reduced by 50% in PVE. His rage skill is useless in PVE; you are also in danger for the duration of the skill as you can't avoid attacks that require from you to jump (Henko Crater and Norgant bosses attack).

    Elementalist vs Scout:

    Scout is not really the male version of elementalist but considering both classes feature fire and ice skills, I listed them in the same category. For elemntalist, I believe she needs to have her summons life and defense improved. They lose their significance as you play in higher level dungeons because they die fast in a single or few attacks. Needless to say that Ifrit's summon duration is too long. Scout's weakness is in his Find Weakness as it requires from him to cast it in a closer range to mobs and bosses which makes him vulnerable to get attacked/killed secondary to his low HP/Defense. So, I believe it should also raises his physical/magical defense for the first 5 seconds or have it iframed. These changes can only be applied in PVE only. I know he is still weak in PVP too but that need a more detailed topic to improve him from that perspective. Traps damage was swapped with its HP during Rakhdhan's Counter Attack, so I'd also want the old trap damage returned.

    Gunslinger vs Valkyrie:

    Gunslinger issue is with his skill books; they mostly focus on adding more defense or speed with a very slim chance to get activated. So, he needs more skills that buff his skills' damage. I don't Valkyrie has issues but I somtimes experience bugs during her ultimate fury skill which sometimes doesn't cause damage.

    I think that's all I can cover on this topic. For those who think that I'm wasting my time writing this kind of suggestions, it's only because I'm too passionate with this game. Just saving your time for not mentioning this point as I always hear it

    Finally, I really hope that this game get more attention from Webzen instead of focusing on milking money from their community for simply nothing.

    Game Guide

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    Wow, these are some really great suggestions on possible new classes, i will make sure this gets to the right hands and hopefully, something of this will be concidered of implementing in near future
    Thank you for the hard work on the suggestions, and keep up the good work :3

    Have a nice day!


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      Omg! I like most of your suggestions especially Kunoichi!
      . . .


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        We dont need new class, thx.bye.thankyu.Sayonara.arigato


        • Henol
          Henol commented
          Editing a comment
          I also agree with this too. We need fixing patches for existing classes first. For example: Nigh stalker Summon: Ese Med (ultimate fury skill) and Enhance: Gravito (passive skill) need to be fixed and same goes for the other classes that have bugs etc must be fixed first then it's ok to make some character (1 for witchblade and 2 more for Mystic).

        • Lashara
          Lashara commented
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          haha +1 to this..,

          hes right, first is fix on the current classes..
          second, if they just put in so many classes the balancing will become further unblanced and will not be fixed forever because of there are so many..,
          but oh well good suggestions.,
          they dont intend to fix anything anyway, might as well just put all classes they can think and players just pick which is the most OP and then go the hell with it.! ^^

        • Seraphiel
          Seraphiel commented
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          I did mention about the need to fix NS by adding a link to suggestions that were made before by me and other players. I just didn't want to re-post them here again because we all know that there are many things that need to be fixed/improved about nightstalker.

          You may have already found your favorite class that you prefer to stick with it as long as you want, but there are other players who want to taste different flavors because sometimes different is good

          We all need old classes to be rebalanced and I couldn't agree more. I'm just adding new ideas for future plans, and I also added some suggestions related to improving current status of the old classes, well, mostly in PVE to be precise.

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        Great suggestions, if I win the lottery I will make sure that the new c9 incorporates some of those ideas ._.


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          Necromancer is another male class that can summon an army of undead as he is purely dependent on summons and few dark magic (similar to humanoid demonisher skills) unlike nightstalker which can use both melee and summon skills.

          i i totally disagree to necromancer it may results too lazy to move or just walk through the DG farming, or pvp just stand and let their pet work for them unless those are pets are mountable to gain controls of their actions,, or pets are weak that easy to kill (Necromancer need to maintain to bring back ) or different species have high hp can act automatically (Maybe summon them one at a time) but it have a lot of cooldown to resummon again.


          • Seraphiel
            Seraphiel commented
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            There can be different types of summons; not necessarily traditional ones like Skulljape and wolf. This class is about summoning monsters from the underworld. It can also include traps that trigger the appearance of ghosts, or something like Summoned Hand which can grab foes from distance but last for few seconds. This, and of course he needs some army of skeletons/undead that their number increases as the skill get upgraded (maximum 3), but they should be easy to defeat as they are...., well, skeletons. And then, there's reaper like creature (Lich) which is equivalent to Skulljape-S. His ultimate Fury Skill is of course summoning Hades. These are few examples that can give clearer picture about this class.

            And of course, I mentioned earlier that he needs few dark magic skills that he can cast from distance. Examples of those skills are Soul/Demonic Chaser, Phantom Upper Cut (the one used by Ixion, not Illusionist), Mortal Coil, Corpse Breath, Soul Control and Soul Burn. He can also teleport through underworld gates to avoid being attacked as this class should have weak defense (probably the weakest) and with average movement speed for more balance with other classes.

            Edit: You can check the videos on necromancer that I added in the main topic under Nightastalker vs Necromancer.

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          I'd rather see all the old classes buffed and have new skills, most of them got their last skill at 45, that's over 20 levels with nothing new skill wise...if they are gonna buff classes instead of nerding op ones, they should give each class like 5 new skills when 70 cap is released


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            no offence but stop watching anime rly they seized ur brain


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              Gunslinger is OP already! He can keep his stupid defense buff of skillbooks or whatever to himself!

              Btw, when will all the bugs of Slayer fixed??????? These have longed since the Open Beta of the game?????????????????

              Your ideas are pretty good! But you guys have known WEBZEN already! :v


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                Just wanted to say there is no STR based class in this game which is elemental when you check the skills of a char go look for the damage it will say physical that is where the element gems come in to play the class only gets an element from the gems in the weapons other than that they are non elemental even if they have a bookset buff with an element it is not implemented unless the weapon is enchanted with said element and to close as i said phys and mag damage is affected by the elements in the weapons so check the type of damage on the individual skills and don't assume by the look of the skills any was you did make a few good suggestions there on new chars necromancer especially i actually named my NS that name due my thinking that was gonna be the "Divine" class name me referring to her after learning Eshe Med anyways havent played that class or Battlemaiden since level up events for those since they implemented class slot soon after and really killed my vibe of using more than 1 account


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                  i don't even bother reading this.Suggesting new classe releases while knowing that last class releases where the stuff that broke the game is just pure nonsense.Same for rebalancing old classes, didn't you see warrior rebalance?.


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                    WoW ... really nice, the only problem i see in this are the books .... i need my guardian/illu books !!!

                    I really like the necro and monk class features .. i would go for it!


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                      So, your main idea here is to make classes less gender locked but with different playstyles. Interesting! Actually that's how Black Desert classes are based, so I guess it's not a bad move.

                      The new fighter class, Dual Axe Wielder, is more like a replacement of Warden but with a completely different concept of Ice based class.


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                        Making classes that drive them out of the gender lock system is like playing Dragona Online. The classes in Dragona Online for example: Gunner is a male character who uses rapid strikes with an assault gun and Sniper is a female character who uses, of course, a sniper rifle to strike enemies from a longer range. I want the upgraded version of Witchblade too using the Vampiric Touch skill. She will have that Bloodlust skill as well like what a Berserker class has only with different effects: increase the efficiency of steal HP, agility rises up, and also attack rises up per steal of HP. Vampires get stronger that way right? As much as I want new classes, if not planned properly, it can result to more imbalances in the game and of course the more bugs!. I wonder that too, why the heck that spears and axes are not included in the game?


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                          I think maybe webzen should fix the old character issue 1st or make rebalance buff,no need for a new class to be added if added a new class thats mean added a new bug,so just focus on new dungeon continien 7,new wep and ammor set lvl70 disgn,new skill added for all classes.2016 now already why not.

                          Nightstalker vs Necromancer:i like the idea,but my idea for necromancer and ns is?to be continue.....