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Ideas to improve some of the game features.

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  • Ideas to improve some of the game features.

    Improving Ideas

    So again someone writes a topic about the flaws in the game. Q_Q for something that should be changed but still hasn’t and yes i will be writing such topic.
    Don’t get me wrong i haven’t stopped playing c9 but i still feel quite frustrated that in those 2 years with breaks some things still haven’t changed.
    I know that the game is altered in a few ways before it goes up for us (webzen c9) so by knowing that i’m sure that in the webzen company there are people who have skills enough to code changes here and there. I’m not shooting hate at GM’s or Devs rather I’m trying to get my feelings across the whole webzen part that is managing c9.
    You may like some of my opinions and you may hate some. Either way i’m still going to write the topic to get this off of my chest. I will be writing a summary with each point as well.

    List of things that could/should be improved in my honest opinion:
    1. So first of the most annoying thing is inventory space. C9 is a game where most items go to your main inventory and are bounded. Regeants have multiple grades which could lead to about 40 slots of inventory from either bank or your characters inventory to be used. And no don’t think (You should just buy a inventory expansion and stop QQing).This is exactly how you push people to pay for your game: a required microtransaction. Events come and go : Level up events , instance events , killing events or whatever always give the same stuff over and over again. I have 24 premium cafe’s in my cash inventory that are equivelent to the money i would have to pay to get few inventory expansion’s , so why is that they don’t add expansions to starting players chests or to some events? And i know every one of you who started playing c9 had almost if not full inventory after 2nd to 3d instance not knowing if you should hold those items or sell them.
    Choices of solutions :
    • Add another tab called "misc"
    • Improve intentory space on general tab
    • Add at least a total of 1 or 2 inventory expansion's to event chests or starting players chests

    1. Binding – Books, a feature to improve some of your skills. Books are …… bounded for. That is the most stupidest thing ever. You run a instance with your friend, get to the end and kill the boss and for some reason you forgot to change the loot type or even let’s say someone joins your instance when you are 50% done and the loot is going to be random. The rare book drops on the ground that you have been trying to farm for a long time. The random loot gives it to your friend and you can’t trade it. You leave empty handed and with rage.
    Choices of solutions :
    • Remove the binding of a skillbook (Yeah i know the economy could change because of that)
    • Add rolling option to skillbooks outside of hell as well just like they do in any other mmorpg for instances.
    1. Intrusion - So this point is hard for me to stay as a realist because i kind of know that they won’t change what i’m going to say but i still want to express myself. Everyone knows intrusion adds another 20% to your total instance xp. For me it’s hard to say no to xp boost. Omg assassins 1 shot me ( lol actually no i’m not going to QQ about that tho it’s real). What i’m annoyed by is that intruders are bast**** who after being killed intrude your instance even 10 times if they wanted , what do the lose ? Nothing …. Freaking nothing at all. What you lose when you battle that players who is pretty much always assassin ? Ressurections…and yes people who don’t pay 24/7 for the game have 5x scrolls if not + because of the lucky 3x scrolls from the instance beads. Intruder kills you and strips off all of your ressurection scrolls that lead you to remove intrusion and play without that 20% xp.
    Choices of solutions:
    • Add a "real" penalty to people who intrude , not some kind of half assed stat decrease for ex. Intruder has a daily limit of intruding or when you die as a intruder you cannot intrude the same person again until the next instance or for hour at most
    • Remove the usage of ressurection scrolls when dying from a intruder not by a mob.( This could actually make some cool PvP)
    • If PvP has the strongest spells dmg redurced then why does it not apply to intruders as well. In the end its 1vs1 = PvP , so what that it's in PvE map. Some classes 1shot you with every spell while you tryhard your face off.

    1. Reward chests : Honestly??? Are you mocking me? Are you mocking everyone who plays c9? You are a lvl 65 player who finishes master instance and you get about 2k gold from the end chest? Everything in this game goes for 3kk +. Even level 20 players have rare items from auction house going for about 2kk. So how are they suppose to even get that kind of money? Artisan Crystals price has gone up by abnormal amount to 1000 = 10kk and there are by no means of getting money other than grinding the same instance hoping to get that rare mob who drops something that could be sold for money ( and item stats are random which means you may not even get 300k) For some test purposes i tried intruding and holding onto the marks you get when you defeat intruder. Took the chest that costs a little less than the best one. So you are thinking what did i get? I got 5 potions that restore 600hp for a level 65 player….. such win much hp wow…
    Choices of solutions:
    • Improve the amount of gold you get from chests , beads or from the end of the instance by a great amount that scales with your level.
    • Improve the items you get from the chests that are harder to get in comparison to beads or instance mob dropped chest.
    • Money rules the world ( Still haven't find a cure to that)

    1. So another cool feature was added into the game called Nightmare mode. I was so pumped about it and came back because i saw that Update. I even did some research about it on the internet to understand how it works . First off they have noone to tell you the first quest is actually in Vimpeli castle… was it really hard to code such a small thing for high lvl players not in a need to go to Vimpeli anymore? Okay nevermind that. So i opened half of the first continent Nightmare mode instance. Held onto the last items from the chest that took away 10 inventory space …AGAIN?(STAHP!) Every time you finish the instance you get an item that can be traded for money ( remember this is only the case for 1st continent instances). Did i get pumped up to get 30k gold from high lvl instances? Not knowing what i could get with the instance chest rewards i traded in 2 chests = 10 items. I got a total of 100k (60k reward and 40k reward)…… That’s is the most biggest time waste i have ever done. Stop implementing pointless things to the game that have no benefits. Easy solution 1st continent is improve gold rewards.
    Choices of solutions:
    • Again delete the nightmare in the first continent or improve the idea you were trying to implement ( Getting gold if that really was the case).
    • Repeating is the of all learning. So again we do not need those freaking items that drop from nightmare instances to hug our inventory by another 10-20 spaces . Add a new tab to inventory or just make them quest items.

    1. Let us talk about a small thing that most of the people who play turning events would really appreciate . Some of you remember the event that gave you a level 50 character with a chest of many good rare items to start off. Yeah that was real cool until you saw all the items that hug your inventory now are with "WIS" on your "STR" using character ....... . I studied coding for websites and i think even with some base knowledge i can code such an option to the chests . Pick your option "STR" set of items or "WIS" set of items. I'm totally not happy about refining all those wasted items now into stones and having to buy a weapon myself that is outside of reasonable price range.
    Choices of solutions:
    • Just add an option to pick what stats you want for the items you get from the chests...... is it really that hard?

    1. Oh god .... autopathing. Did they create this feature to make us go crazy? Everyone knows what i mean, pretty much over half the time you autopath yourself to some location and you see yourself stuck in some door,crate,barrel,wall. I feel that they created this to make us first infuse us with rage and buy those wings that instantly teleport you onto any npc on the map (which is a great item imo if it didn't have 7days limit "All hail the glory of webzen coins!).
    Choices of solutions:
    • Make the pathfinding/autopathing use the roads not generate random math of what is the speed of sun in 10 years. You suck at it! By coding a path into every main city there would be no more of getting stuck.
    • Or much easier. Make the environment items fade out when you get close so you can go walk through them.

    1. I don't play this game 24/7 first off because stamina reasons and second resurrection scrolls(or i get tired of it ) either way when i came back to check out the new badass transformation of warrior it made me realize following. Worst balancing ever , i feel like throwing all my chars to the corner and playing warrior. This is so unfair to players that play hard rewarding characters for PvE reasons not PvP. So lets hypoteticly say i love Assassin class. I play him in every mmorpg. I come to c9 and totally want to roll for Assassin or even Shadow but oh my god how much "get rekt" you get from mobs because if you do not 100% master the class you can never compete with the best PvE classes. Here is the spot where you would definitely comment ( Play other char then and stop QQing . Assassin is meant to PvP)...... So can i ask to get insta max leveled by webzen then? No it doesn't .. right. Improve the stats for the classes that have hard time in PvE compared to the others and after you get your PvP gear and other items then go PvP all you want.
    Choices of solutions:
    • ^ As stated Improve the stats of skills and base stats of the classes that has much harder time in PvE content than others.

    1. XIGNCODE: Yeah the same program that is running while you play your dear C9 to “protect” the game from hackers and such. This program is the source of all problems – Random crash , error , dc etc. There are limited cases where yeah your video drivers are not up to date or it is caused by your computer. Constant crashing or getting an error. If it hasn’t happened to you then you must the lucky chosen one. If they don’t fix that useless Xigncode then they will never get those players back who keep leaving because the game is so unstable.
    Choices of solutions:
    • An idea nonetheless - Change the "Gameguard"/"Shieldguard" program.
    • Or just fix the problems but i guess that's too much work because the tickets people keep sending are neverending.

    1. Old classes - So most of you should know that Warrior got an amazing update (at least in my opinion). Pretty much all the holes he had were filled with great and satisfying spells.Knowing that i really wish they would also improve the other older classes. If i remember correctly assassin got a dmg boost for his Force Bomb skill and everyone started playing him because of that (which is pretty stupid reason to play a class).Every class should be equally balanced for pvp and pve, not be classified as pvp only or pve only class because alot of you people cry that there are not enough people playing this game.Of course there isn't, this game is the last of the list to be classified as "player friendly" because everything that you do hurts you in some way or does not let you get further into the game.People simply leave this game and never come back because some of those listed points are enough for them.
    • Balance old classes to stay on par with the new classes because it's even unthinkable to make a ranger to play pvp against mystic but it should be an option nonetheless.
    • Balancing does not mean that you add a huge % of numbers to an old existing spell while this is still an option it feels simply reduntant to see assassins playing a class only for 2 spells - Whip and Force bomb (those are the 2 damaging spells that 1 shot in intrusion). Add spells or improve the existing spell features.
    NB: This does not apply to webzen but mostly to Japanese devs.

    1. Events - While somethimes i love webzen for doing few of the amazing events that they do, those events are mostly once a year on their anniversary.We have had insta 50 characters with boosting chests and we have had insta 20 characters with 100-500% xp boost during the event.Which is all great and tandy but i feel that all the other events are mostly pointed towards the "cash" players.Honestly i would not like to bash about it but i have to.Webzen is living of on microtransactions but that cash shop they have is stupid and unreasonable.Cash shop is meant to boost you or give cosmetics, something that can help you on your journey.Right now all the updates that come from japan are not coming to us as "drops" from mobs but rather than a "fxxk you" we want you to buy it from our cash shop. I hate that and i want to hear the reasoning behind this. Players that use their parents money to buy all those cash shop items get overwhelmingly better than the standard players that collect gold and try to buy "close enough" items from auction house (even though those items cost you more than you can allow).
    • All i can say is please try harder to make satisfying events that do not feel overused and actually are meant for both cash and standard players.

    Saga to be continued. Sorry for misspelling or I don't know bad english? English is not my native language. Oh and please ignore the order numbers the forum keeps messing it up after save.

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    Originally posted by Bleededeagle View Post
    The rare book drops on the ground that you have been trying to farm for a long time. The random loot gives it to your friend and you can’t trade it. You leave empty handed and with rage.
    What's the problem leaving the book for those who need it and exiting a stage instead of random-looting it?


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      Totally agree ! But i don't think that even someone from the GMs will look this thread. Anyway hope we will see red post ^^


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        Originally posted by Sequestor View Post
        What's the problem leaving the book for those who need it and exiting a stage instead of random-looting it?
        The problem usually lies in the random people who join the party or worse case the inventory is full. When random people end the instance most of them rush to the chest and open > loot books . Meanwhile you have your inventory full from all that instance stuff , there is no roll option with timer like i dunno Aion? WoW? well most of the bigger mmorpgs out there.


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          Originally posted by Argon View Post
          Totally agree ! But i don't think that even someone from the GMs will look this thread. Anyway hope we will see red post ^^
          I'm glad to have people supporting me ^_^


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            Cool points, would support some.
            Assassin isn't weak in PvE by the way.
            "Quote." -Person

            +15 battle maiden tower F1-F40 speedrun:


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              Originally posted by AntiGravity View Post
              Cool points, would support some.
              Assassin isn't weak in PvE by the way.
              Yeah Assassin indeed isn't weak in PvE mainly thanks to Force bomb +l45 upgrade. I have to say i should have used a better example . Lets say Shadow , i play him and i do well with combos the thing is the damage just isn't there to actually kill mobs fast enough.Heard that Taoist isn't great for PvE either and so on.
              It's just not rewarding enough to play classes you love that are designed to PvP in PvE and such making you just roll other class.


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                Taoist with focus on Magical skills may not be great in PvE, but I wouldn't make that argument for Physical Taoist. And before someone says her UFS is crappy, need I remind you that so is Gunslinger's and he's great in PvE despite that one flaw.


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                  i have some additional suggestion regarding to the improving the game

                  guild warehouse is where a players sharing item to others but due to kindness they start to abuse it e.g (a player join on guild and then take all away the items and then leave )another situation where a commoner store a item (ex. excess skillstone, Materials to craft, alchemy/cooks buffs) and then looking the members compose of them are commoner so it have no choice to put in master rank and then he/she need it in case of emergency while the guild master is out

                  possible solution
                  add some icon where the guild master can see the ranks so that it will prevent some theft
                  add some item rank " Owners Only" where only the item owner has a right to get and guild master has a right to take or destroy the item
                  The additional settings for CTRL U and Zoom Wheel Functiom
                  Ctrl U and zoom is very useful in doing some picture or video making dungeons so my main problem is you cant see your life or damages that you dealt or some warnings sign on DG

                  possible solution
                  CTRL U can be found on setting that you can toggle/ untoogle the following
                  ​- Life of enemy if there is soul set
                  -icons/ skills icon
                  -other more
                  so that it will improve the gaming experience

                  the zoom in button can become you are in the game hiding the character instead your only seeing the path (its okay if its not improve the zoom button)


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                    I doubt they will do anything, topics like this popped out alot back then.
                    I only wish them to make a lv.50-59, lv.60-69 - pvp option.
                    ASAP fix DeathMatch AutoBabalance Bug for many years and they still didn't care to answer or lift their fingers.


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                      thanks for u nice idea...GM and VL will respond u post 1000years from now.Goodluck my friend ,if u free come at sea server vimpeli channel 3,i feel the comunity of c9 is coming back for real ,im happy look at them chat at world chat.thanks to gm give us the good event ever after.In my whole life i never see this event.

                      BTW IM MR.TROLL>>>>>>>THE TRUTH


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                        I'm well aware these kind of topics/posts get have a high chance of getting ignored. I still felt that if i don't do anything then the the chances of getting my ideas across are not more than 0%.
                        There are many games where C9 could learn from. If you intend to make a game with a completely different functions in PvE and PvP then so should alot of the things be different. Look at Guild Wars 2 where you create yourself a level 1 character so you can explore that vast world of PvE but when you enter the PvP you are instantly level 80 (max) and you are equal on par with the players you compete with. All that matters now is your own skills and how you build yourself. There is progress and you can even level trough PvP. Nothing! like c9


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                          u better talk nice about c9 here because bad cops was everywhere...hahaha....btw the event the lastime i told u was the THE BOTS GOLD SELLER,NOT THE PLAYER!! poor c9 nowdays...


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                            I Really wish the stamina system to just get wiped out..I'm really an addicted gamer which does have a life but one of those days i just wanna keep on playing while relaxing on my house ( sundays for example ) i playing unlimited that day..and i do wish this kind of system just to get rid off as i wish to keep on playing till I get tired, not the game to make me buy with real money stamina potions ( While my money is for my food as we living in a poor country ) or to wait till 7 am which means, tommorow.. i also already getting struggled to get skill stones and keeping my in-game money intact.. I have a really huge frustration about what i have to do in this game just to play it right and what is wanting me to keep on playing it.. I really wish and i hope they do get rid of this system.. Without it, i really do believe that more people would play it cause this game really is addicting to be with and without this system, everyone would adore it.

                            If you guys want to get money for things,add more store items that could potentially help us to our gameplay
                            such as to make a scroll to makes us go 20 level instantly with all those quests till then to be done so we can instantly change our class to what we want.. you can make this to go over 4.000 if you like as its something that i assure that MOST people would want to do instead of grinding all day long for a second character to get another class

                            All i wish for this game is to get rid of the stamina system and thats it.. i beg you :c


                            • User1
                              User1 commented
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                              +1 stamina system... cos raebin consumes too much stamina or make it like stamina increase as lv increase

                            • TehAngelOfCrazeh
                              TehAngelOfCrazeh commented
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                              Maybe even to restore all stamina in every level aswell or something...but i still believe getting rid off this system would be beneficial for all of us! The game would be much more enjoyable without you concern about how much stamina you have all the time and how many times you can play on dungeons + with friends too ( cause as i know,playing with friends consumes it much faster )

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                            just add an item like magic seal unbinder for books .. problem solved.. webzen earn money for that as well and player get what they wants


                            • Tsuchiryu
                              Tsuchiryu commented
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                              Or just make the Magic Seal Scrolls we already have work on books too. Simpler and no need to make a separate item just for that. Besides, it's not like people request these as much as they do Chaos Stones and especially Magic Primers.