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[Suggestion] Survival Mode with a different concept

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  • [Suggestion] Survival Mode with a different concept

    Originally posted by Tmystery12 View Post
    Another suggestion... Isnt all the people who can complete survival cause they have low damage (yes survival is about damage not survive, cause if you only survive the time kick you out of the "dungeon" with ur death.)
    So... what webzen think in ADD AURAS to survival?? I think it should be a nice help to players
    You inspired me to propose an idea to the current survival mode which depends on the strength of players and their abilities to clear survival within the allotted time. Well, how about you change that concept to something more pleasant for players to clear survival and with more chance of re-playability. I believe time constraint should be removed for clearing survival. However, in order for players to receive better rewards, they need to clear survival within a specific time. For example, let's say that the average time for clearing survival mode is 40 minutes, and if a player clears it beyond that time, he gets normal rewards + Kingdom Legend (as in Sarad's and Raebin's). But if he clears it in 30-40 minutes, he gets normal rewards + Kingdom Legend + enhancement stones. Similarly, if he clears it in 20-29 minutes, he gets normal rewards + Kingdom Legend + enhancement stones better than the previous one. Rewards can be random, it doesn't have to be weapon enhancement only, but also armor and accessory enhancers.

    Besides, who would use Transcubes when the number of people with unique accessories can be counted with the number of your fingers! And not all of the different unique accessories can be enhanced with Transcubes. It's like survival is made only for the rich and Pay-to-Win players! I also suggested to use Transcubes for another purpose (Click Here).

    The new concept of survival will still maintain the idea of needing stronger players, but at least it won't deprive people from getting the least desired reward which is Kingdom legend. Re-playbility element will be encouraged as there are better rewards to go after.

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