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Suggestion> Training Potions in Cash Shop

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  • Suggestion> Training Potions in Cash Shop

    I think the idea of introducing training potions into the cash shop permanently will be beneficial for both Webzen and end users. I mean something like Ultimate Training (600% EXP) and Training Potion III (300% EXP per day) should be available in the cash shop but normal ones (Training Potion & Extreme Training) can be still gotten from survival.

    Grinding just to reach high level is pretty boring especially if you just want to test something or you want to bypass all continents because you have done it so many times. These are the types of items that should be originally available in the cash shop and not Pay-to-Win items like Unique accessories and Souls.

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    Hurts nobody, helps everybody, brings money to the table.


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      I'd also add Reserve Stamina Booster, too. It doesn't seem to break the game balance, yet somehow creates some level gaps. But that's insignificant in my opinion.

      Note: PC Cafe doesn't count because you can only use it once a day, unlike Reserve Stamina Booster which increases the amount of stamina as much as you want.

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