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    Originally posted by JoJoestar View Post
    That's why I ask the community to add links to their suggestions here. I can't track everyone's suggestion. Anyway, your post has been added under Overall Gaming Experience category. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hopefully, WEBZEN considers our feedback in improving the game

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      Overall Gaming Experience

      I dunno how to add anything to the list itself >> NAB



      • Seraphiel
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        You can't edit a post you haven't created yourself :P
        Added under Overall Gaming Experience

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      Please rethinking about drop rate and combine skill-book many players have quit in Lv60 only veteran player who still play in 6 Contenine.
      So we request to GM please make some Event or change drop rate to make it easy to get skill-book for the new player. I don't mean perfect but rare.

      -Juymelvea (SEA)Acharon


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        Guys, since the max Enhance level was greatly increased for our armor, HONESTLY , most of the players will appreciate if you REMOVE the enhancement locks from our armor for those who had it before the maintainence. I repeat - this would be fair , because +5 - +6 locks on Master/ NM armors x6 - is what almost 80%-90% of players had. And now we need tons of Primer first , and only then we can "enjpy the new enhancment system" . Would be so nice of you !! ( simply because all those who get their armor now are having huuuuge advantage, since their armor wont be blocked at this 5-6 lvl and they will save their Primer )
        Hope this message will be heard ! Thx in advance


        • Yurippi
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          They cant do that, since besically all these years people spent money and time farming for their weapons enhancement, i know some people who are upset because they spent alot for +7 armor and now they raised it to +9, if they mess with weapons the paying players are going to disappear and there will be no c9 for free players to play

        • [GM]Visor
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          Your post has been transfered to its corresponding thread "Suggestion Box" . Thank you.

        • Kanuu
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          The increase in armor defense was not a bad idea, simply poorly implemented, it could have been done better. Let's just hope that in the future they make better decisions, on similar issues or it could mean that more players leave the game.

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        Here's my suggestion that IMO will benefit all C9 Players... And I even wonder why C9.. maybe never really think of this concern..

        So my suggestion is:

        Please Make Reserve Stamina Booster [10 points] ---> CONSUMABLE CATEGORY so that WE CAN ASSIGN THEM TO QUICK SLOT....

        It's quite a waste of time to open your INVENTORY then RIGHT-CLICKING the Stamina Booster, why don't just make it available to be assigned to quick slot then it will be a time saving activity.


        • Seraphiel
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          And with 30sec cooldown so that we don't accidentally use it multiple times at a time.

        • Hansel96
          Hansel96 commented
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          Yes! right, and repair tools too, make them as "Consumable"

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        A new pvp mode : inspired by DragonBall Super rules

        Ringout - Deathmatch mode or Battle Royale mode.
        max 20/20 players New map can now be created, 5 team of 4x or 4 team of 5x.
        Each team carry a mark near their name tag or on the Mini-map.

        All players cannot kill each other (Full HP) but only can ring out to disable the players and killed by gravity.
        All SuperArmor skills + Transformation + Skill Block effect will be cut down to 3sec duration max. (No matter how much skillpoint they put into)
        So ppl have to use their head instead of charging in brainlessly.

        Limit the grab skill of "All" Grab skill to semi-SA frames instead of iframes. Yes you can't abuse it in this mode.

        > In Battle Royale mode (everyman for himself), webzen can also use their zombie rules but not with stats buff.
        When time passed 5mins (each 5 mins of a 15mins time limit, there's a time counter)
        Lowest score player will get Buffed up (Cursed) with "Infinite SA" and HP now getting drained 1%HP per 2 second for 1 life (round) of that player.
        ) Yes ! they can go all out and take revenge on every1 else. Oh ... they need skill to survive too. haha don't expect easy way out.
        > In Deathmatch mode, when time passed 5mins each player of their team with lowest score will get the buff.

        I hope if you consider making My suggestion come true, it will bring new light to the game.

        C9 is a true pvp mmorpg.
        From a veteran of c9 Deathmatch player.
        thx for reading.


        well a bonus for pve lover :

        Please consider to create a new Type of Mob/Boss that can only get hurt from certain type of dmg. (DOT damage)
        This will add a twist to the weapon enhancement madness. You can't kill them by normal way
        Only Bleeding can kill or Burn/Poison/... can kill. Otherwise it's 1 damage capped.

        1 more, please allow us to make Random MAP in the Arena! Deathmatch especially!
        it's so easy ! a basic function that i asked for 6years.

        Have fun !


        Last Suggest for PvP balance : "1 stone to rule them all" - Sauron's Stone.

        Similar to Valiance cancel, add 1 special pvp stone.
        This one with 30% chance per hit! if 1 person equipped it to his weapon. All stats/effect bonus from yourself and the person get hit will be erased for 60 second.

        Included : souls / auspice / item effects / uniques / weapon magic enhancement

        with this stone, there's 30% chance of completely fair game ). Webzen u still have 70% to force player to buy cash.
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          Block bad pings from tournament and ranked pvp!!!
          Aииαвєℓє - Bladedancer - AWL500 - Akene Server


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            I do have many suggestions already but for now, i'd just like to know... Why palladiums have to be character bound!?
            After the last jump event, a lot of jump characters haven't had the chance to obtain good palladiums and for that reason, people like me, will be losing a lot of buffs, even with runes it's still not easy to get more stats, people that had the chance to get palladiums on their main characters will always be stronger than those who just have runes.


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              I still play this game only for funny combat. So much potential to be a great game. Biggest problems of this game> clones, movement not connected to the surface (ground), not so many inventory slots, overpriced items, not so many different armor sets (types) with different states and some annoying quests. What i like: spell effects (only some classes), combat, music, easy to play, good graphic, can play even on older machines that is super indeed. Yeah, i as well hope for some changes (hope this game not end like dragon nest did- got the new publisher cherry credits that is more worse that the first one).


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                Overall Gaming Experience: