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[Suggestion] chat gold sites spammers and block list

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  • [Suggestion] chat gold sites spammers and block list

    I'm sure everyone has noticed that in the last few days there's like one or two new gold spammers each day, and if like me you block every last one of them the block list will get full so fast and then to block new spammers you will have to unblock the old ones but if this keeps up the ones you unblock will still be spamming so the hole thing becomes pointless.
    why is the block list limited to 20 ? why not make it 100 or even limitless ?

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    Someone suggested before to add 'Add to Block list' just by right clicking on the bot name in Chat Box. That should save a lot of time rather than doing it this way 'Right Click > Copy > Press O key > Click on Block list tab > Paste > Add to block list'. That's a pretty long procedure especially that blocking people doesn't not apply to the whole characters in your account. It becomes a pain when switching to another character and then go through the same procedure.

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