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suggestion (please put different gears in the game)

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  • suggestion (please put different gears in the game)

    Webzen, I come across this topic to try to change something that leave both the happiest players and the increase in profit of you, I ask you to change the current gears of W Coin shop, because words can not describe how some are so ridiculous and other simple, the genius who had the bright idea to put them there, should be fired! (no offense)

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    yea i agree. i know most players ar casual scrubs, whit a rly random taste, like running around looking like santa, or some kinda anime character.. or just like... beatch outfit, but damn that is so random for a fighting game imo..
    there ar way to few cool outfits in the game. i whana look majestic or beastly like im some cinda demon warrior, and yea ofc there ar good costumes for that aswell, but only for fighter. and deffenetly never in the cash shop. last time we saw a cool costume it whas dainlard / Devil sets. i mean common if you weald a big ass sword what do you whana look like ? a random dad whos in hes T-shirt looking like you have been sitting in the coutch all day or a holy epic warrior sent from the darkness ready to slay 100 men ?, well obviusly since most ppl here ar scrub casuals they whana be that lazy daddy but for us pro gamers we whant a tought character.

    this is the best i have sean so far annyway/ wish there whas more cool costumes like this. or atleast simular, but yea...

    The start of this video is precisely how i see it:​
    [ Guy ]

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    Got Steam+Skype, Pm me if you whana play/talk together =)) !


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      That mix looks like Demon which came from 90' year
      And also costumes are costumes means they can be either Beach costume or Dainlard Set and if you think there's low ,,armored'' gears there are remodels for armors which look good too.