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    goodnight, I write here because I did not find way to send that suggestion to Webzen directly.

    I played both sevencore as the C9, the sevencore leave because I got bored with the passage of time, the reason was that he had nothing different to other games of the same type, the features are the same as ever, large maps, landscapes beautiful, characters that depend on the number pad to launch skills, etc.

    also probe the C9 and I liked the handling of characters, to combine chaining attacks and combos, the keyboard / mouse mixture, make the game more active, but on the other hand, enter the same map several times just changing the difficulty to do the quest also gets boring over time.

    my suggestion is, why not design a game with big maps like sevencore, but with handling characters C9?

    personally I think many would agree with this, as it helps more to the relationship with other players to find out there up lvl and you realize they are good players who can serve your guild or also go about doing fights mass somewhere map, among other things that can be done in an open map.

    Sevencore, as I said before has good maps, but will be wanting to move characters as in the C9 to make it more attractive to those who play.

    as far as I have seen no games as I propose, and that I have tried several games without finding something that really motivates spending time lvl up.

    hope you can take my suggestion into consideration, and if they make this game really invite me I will be the first of the new server